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SilentLC Last Chaos

Deutscher Last Chaos Server. Keine Hohen Raten. Cash LacaBall. uvm

Producers & Traders

Come in the world of Producers and Traders and become your own boss. This game is all about: Building Build your own empire out of many different buildings. What do you want to do? Stock farming? Agriculture?


AzerothWoW WoTLK Max Level 80Blizzlike Exp 40x, Gold 10x, Drops 10x-40x, Rep 10x, Honor 10x arena x10Blizzlike ScriptsFREE HeirloomsFree lvl 80 armor247 OnlineNo-LagAnti-DDoSFresh RealmFriendly CommunityJoin Now

L2 Unbekannt x10

Bienvenidos! 01/02/2014 -Bienvenidos a L2 Unbekannt. Hola y bienvenido a la comunidad de Lineage 2 Unbekannt! Esperemos que pasen un buen rato en nuestro servidor, sino tambien en nuestro sitio web, tenemos grandes planes con nuestro proyecto y esperamos q usted pueda apreciar nuestro equipo de desarrollo. Estaremos encantados de verlos en el game y en nuestros foros, donde podran encontrar noticias, informacion sobre actualizaciones, participar discuciones o incluso contribuir con su opinion a nuestro servidor. Para cualquier asistencia en un futuro, cuestiones, problemas, errores,...


Join a new fresh 831 Runescape private server and play with your friends. Friendly staff and community.

Frost Dekaron - The New Adventure

Frost Dekaron A9, 12 Classes, Root server, High Rates: Exp 2000x, Drop 1000x, Upgrade 75%, Maxim Level 250, 145 Weapons, New items, Custom Maps, New Bosses, PvP Arena, Siege Working, Active staff, Regularly updates. Join now

FPRO Gaming Artificial Entertainment

Server Rates 100x 100x 100x - MaxLevel 99 70 - Stable Balanced - Farming Quest Economy Based On Server - No Wipes - Friendly GMs - Transcendent Job Class And Expanded Job Class - Pvp WoE Battleground GOTM - Daily Quests -


UO Evolution [DEDICATED SERVER] [ML/SE/SA] USA shard with the most custom content anywhere! Online over 5 years! Over 450+ players Online! No skill caps, 350 Stat Cap, Fast gains, New Champs, Hundreds of custom monsters/Items, 150+Quests, Custom crafting, Bioengineering, Evo Dragons, Mature/Experienced Staff, Friendly Community 2017

Exp9999 Drop 80 Client Anti-Hack, Season 9 Episode 3, wCoins, CashShop, Item Shop, Vote Reward, Refferal System, Marry System, Duel System, AutoParty System, Events, Level Road, Balanced Classes, Balanced Zen and Item Drop - JOIN US

MU Titans 1.0M Classic

MU Titans Servidor de MuOnline 24 horas, Reset Pontuativo, com salas Vip com xp elevado, comece a jogar Top Rankings So Premiados, todos os eventos funcionando Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, Devil Square e Castle Seige . comandos exclusivos como reset entre outros

Royal KO 2017

Royal KO Worldwide Private Server, Low rates, Balanced classes, Maxim level 83, New quests, auto system events, Forgotten temple, BDW, Active GMs, MAX Shells 8. Join now

Empire RF PvP 2017

Empire RF Online private servers, Experience Rates x50, Drop Rates 5x, Animus Rates 1500x, Loot Price 10x, Loot Speed 10x, PTSkill pointsForce x300, Maximal Level 55, Shop in-game Enable, PVP Max 42.000 Day, Accounts Free gain GP for time Logged, New Maps Added, Active Team, Every Day events, New quests. Join now

Blood Rose

1.High-quality gaming world 2.Wide Internet channel 3.Adequate part of the administration 4.Transmogrification 5.Different shares

UnrealWoW Level 100 WotLK Funserver

Come join the fun of our unique 100 PvP funserver Custom Instances Custom events Scripted World Bosses Unique-Mall Friendly Staff Proffesions Xmog

Phantom Dragon Nest

Greetings from Phantom Dragon Nest. Server EXP X500 - GOLD X25 - DROP X25 FREE 200Cash per hour system, DDoS protection, Level 90 Godly gears and accessories, 1 click change job, Unlimited skill points, Nest Nest, 90 Dragon Expedition, Raid Dragon Hunter Raid, Like system that allow you to gain a pink title when you get 1000 likes, Active GMs and Staffs

Dragon Cross Flyff Pserver - No1 in Germany

4. Job, Rebirth System, World Boss System, ViP System, WingSfx, Madrigalgift, Wikipedia, Modelchange Weapon/CS, Crafting, OnlineExp, Weapon/Shield EXP, Burnout, LinkItem, FashionCombi, Old/new Glow, Awake Protect, 3D Maps, 5xGuildSiege

CasanovaNetwork Cabal


Ultima Online Classic Gaming

The Best Free Authentic Old School Classic Sphere 51a Ultima Online Server ever created - Since 2000 - Where OLD SCHOOL, is the ONLY SCHOOL - SPHERE 51a and CLIENT 1264b - Instant Full Stats 150,150,150 37500 SO NO MACROING NEEDED - RELIVE THE MEMORIES Valcor and 77 have teamed up

Lost In Time 3.3.5a Fun RP Blizz Like Leveling Double XP

Lost In Time 3.3.5a Fun RP Blizz Like Leveling Double XP. Players coming online Daily - Custom RP Vendors Items Scripted Instances Raids - Custom NPCs - Teleporters - Goldshire Spawn For All Factions - Alliance And Horde Combined - Commands SO MUCH MORE CONTENT - Dungeon And Raid Finder Are Fully Working. Along With Random BG. We Are Still New JOIN US ON DISCORD FOR MORE INFORMATION Discord.gg65ykGqs


Core-Games A3 RBA9 NON-RB Core-Games presents you a gaming network with all latest updates, Choose between 2 servers - Best A3 Server with DRAGON KNIGHT, 1000 online or New GENESIS Server with 3-bar skillbar, DK-Square, Colosseum, BULLIONS, New Players EVERYDAY Join NOW


Oil Online l CAP 120 Degree 12 l Free Silk l Balacned System l Daily Events l Weekly Events l Free 2 Play Free 30 ITEMS l New Scrolls l New Job War Based l New uniques


Cap 110 D 11 PVE Races CHEU Masteries 330 220 Exp Rate 70x Exp Party Rate 75x Drop Rate 8x Gold Drop Rate x5 All Towns Opened Alchemy IS Hard Max Plus 12 No Adv Auto Events Enable Bot Allowed FGW Enable Fortress War JanganHotan


US HostedMedium Rate Leveling ServerClassic Conquer Style with Tons of Custom Content, Features, Quests and skillsNo TalismansNo BPNo Pirate, Monk, etc9 Max2nd RB 137 MaxSeveral PvP EventsAuto Meteor SpammerEquip GamblerFast and Stable HostActive GMServer Opened May 2015

MuDream S9.5, Fun 5000x, Get F.O. via GR.

Version Premium Season 9ep5 Full, Experience 5000x, Balanced PVP, Big spots Get Full Opt Items with Grand ResetsStart at 1th December

Castlevania Cabal Online

Base Exp Rate1500x,Skill Rate600x,Craft Rate500x,Drop Rate100x,Alz Bomb Rate1x,Alz Drop Rate40x,Maxim Resets100,Points Per Reset200,Starting Class Rank11,Starting Alz1 Million,Starting Honor10,Starting AccountPremium,Up to EPISODE 8OLD TRANSILVANIA GAMESTG Cabal Online