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LosTrav World - Best Travi Server !

LosTrav World - The best travian private server ever ! We run v4.4 with our unique features !.


| TravianX.LT | X500 | Lithuanian and enlgish languages|


The best counter strike 1.6 server!!! Steam community group ->>> relaxz0ne Come join us and have fun!!! Connect - x5000 x80000 x500

Well established servers with active staff and bug-free games. Currently three servers open - x5000, x80000 and x500. Few but not too many mods or features. And Free Gold of course. Enjoy

1030 WARS

1030 Wars has made some changes. Uni 1 will re-open soon. I will reward those who register for the Universes with DM as my way of saying Thanks for the support.

Runerebels-2006 remake (over 2 years of development)

With over 2 years of development and over 150,000 lines of code, Runerebels is the most persistent and developed 06 remake ever to be done. Why should you join? Runerebels is not "just another remake", it is referred to as THE remake. We are very professional with what we do and while other developers don't even touch their work, our staff is on daily to make sure the players get what they once experienced. Although many have been in development, Runerebels has been persistantly developing since 2011 with the vision of nostalgia in the back of our minds. We never put anything before the...

Sopedu SRO PVE CAP 110 Start 1000 Silk

110 CAP - EU CH - Medium Ratio - Vote 4 Silk - Free Silk - Old School - Auto Events

Travian-Infinity x999999999999 FAIR-PLAY 2014

A new server , with no bugs/lag , with cone system , evasione , farmlist, real system battle , come and join us !

Producers & Traders

Come in the world of Producers and Traders and become your own boss. This game is all about: Building Build your own empire out of many different buildings. What do you want to do? Stock farming? Agriculture?


Server Mega Fun ,Level maxim 250 ,new armours,new arms,new maps,new mobs and new items.

OverConquer Classic 1.0

ClassicPk / PkTournament / No ninja / +12 Plus / Exp Balanced / Max Level 135 / In ShopMall / Events Diarios / Server Classico 100%

AmdWoW 3.3.5

AmdWoW l 2006-2017 l 3.3.5a l VIP1-7 We offer balanced classes, exquisite PvE and PvP content. We offer affordable prices, active professional staff. We maintain daily updates ensure a clean community with a reputable gaming experience. Join us today, and fight for the path of glory

Destroy MuOnline Season 3 Episode 1

RO Season 3 Episode 1 Exp x100 Drop 65 PPL 567 MaxLevel 400 Max Point 32767 Exchange System WebShop Vote Reward Lottery System Scramble Event Friend System Item Upgrade System Castle Siege On Market System Grand Reset Master Grand Reset Vip System

Legend of MU Online

Se.6 Ep3, Se.12 Ep.1-2 Exp x5 x500, New Items Monster, Reconnect system Auto Party, Off Level Off Trade, many Websites modules. Welcome to Our Server

Mics Ragnarok Online

99 70 Pre-Renewal Server - 150x-150x-Custom Drop Rates - Competitive PVPWoE server - All official gears - Play classic pre-renewal with just quality of life improvements


Season 3 Ep 1,exp 100,drop 80,al events work,friendly GM,Events every day,Join Us And Play Your Favorite Game Romania

Travian gamby x10000/x50000/x.....

Spacial server:x10,000 surpise when you sing up you will give 600 gold per id but this round language in server is thai and next round in jan 2015 language in server eng ( no lag no delay 100%)


Full Season9 EXP x120 Drop 75 Newly Open 1St of May 2017 wCoins Rewards For Events Killing Special Mobs Join Now Mu ORC Good Spots,Shops,Support More


Server italiano Ogame. Se volete potete richiedere la creazione di un nuovo universo e una volta valutata la richiesta procederemo nell'accontentarvi!

GGames - Play Flash Games Free

GGames is the best online gaming website where you can enjoy a pool of games. You can play free online games from different categories like Arcade, Action, Puzzle, Adventure, Shooting, and more. Each game available at GGames is a masterpiece of amusing sounds, stunning graphics, and excellent game features.

Beta - Illuminated - 4.3.4 - Blizzlike - Funserver

Castle Lightwolf Open Beta 100 Blizzlike. Server is in Beta and we are actively repairing and working on improving the 100 blizzlike experience. Currently the server needs extensive testing. We will be releasing a bug tracker to help track bug progress soon. Proudpine Outpost Open Beta Instant 85 Free-for-all Funserver - Custom World PvP System - 17 Custom Daily quest in a fully scaled zone. Quest descriptions in progress - Custom Scripted Battle for Halaa world PvP zone - 5 World Bosses and 3 more in development. - Fully Custom Scripted bosses coming soon - Completely...


Hola, les presento el Server Latino 100 full PK, lvl 83 Facil lvl up, Armadura 7 8 9 y joyas 1 2 mximo, tienen un Npc de Item Gratis para seleccionar, War martes, jueves y domingo, Batalla de Clan cada fin de semana, CSW los domingos 10k de Cash clan ganador, evento BDW, chaos y mucho ms nete ahora a LATINKO

MU Titans 1.0M Classic

MU Titans Servidor de MuOnline 24 horas, Reset Pontuativo, com salas Vip com xp elevado, comece a jogar Top Rankings So Premiados, todos os eventos funcionando Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, Devil Square e Castle Seige . comandos exclusivos como reset entre outros


Jr Gaming Network IX Official Gameplay Starting 100-260 Level No reborn 7 Class Balance Server 7-237 SKill Complete Freebies No Donate items Hunt Your Own Official Skill Combo Base Item Link skill Effect Like PULLPUSHHP CUTHP DRAIN. ETC Item Preview Character Preview Right Click Function EquipUnequipped Item Compound System Latest Item Friendly AdminGMStaff Long Term Server Huntable All Items PVP Club War Royal Rumble Tyranny Saint Power Plant Daily Events Weekly Tournament

Zodiac RAN EP 10 - Forbidden Update

No Pay to Win - Magician Class - 8 Class Renewal - Max Upgrade 11 - Latest RanGS Gameplay - Latest Sky Weapons More - No Donate Acce Weapons Sets - Game Will Focus on PVP PointsEPVP - Lost City - Forbidden City - Abandoned City Custom Maps