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Ran Is Life classic

no premium sevice try it now

Shaiya Conquest ep 4.5

EP4 Shaiya The golden days are back Best of what Shaiya ep4 can offer Intense PvP, Healthy PvE, ep4 pleasant features - a mixture that will leave no one indifferent.


GameGame Silkroad Private Server oyun portal. 110, 100 ve 90 cap silkroad pvp server seenekleri ile kullanclarn hizmetinde. Sizde zaman kaybetmeden katln


MMORPG free online game Select a race and start playing. Hunt monsters summon them do alchemy forge weapons beat lords get #1 rank top spot build an army. beat your enemies. FREE FOREVER

Dawn 2055

Dawn 2055 is a free post-apocalyptic mmo browser game, it takes place in harsh nuclear aftermath. Choose one of the several roles that suits you best - an explorer trying to find expensive items in highly radioactive zones, a contract and mission runner mercenary, a trader looking for profitable trade or even a bandit killing and robbing other survivors.

Warland (First Travian Speed T4.4)

WARLAND is the first travian 4.4 private server for all you travian fans all over the world and adds new features to travian while keeping travians original theme and feeling.

Trawars (old travianx) Speed Server

The biggest and the popular Travian private servers running at multiple speeds in the world. real version 4.4, no lag and high speed experience with a lot of fun . register and have a great experience of travian with us.

New Age SRO - New Server

New Age SRO Patch 1.188v, Rates Exp 150x, Party Exp 160x, Gold Drop 15x, Drop 200x, Job EXP 50x, Trade Prices 5x, Level Cap is 110, No Lagg, New events, Active Team, Join now on New Age SRO

Shaiya Chaos

Episode 5 Relic Of Mystra PvP, Grinding, Faraming and Boss Hunting Max Level 70 Max Lapis Lv6 EXP Rate x20 KILL Rate x2 No Custom Items Ending equipments lv65 69 No Knockout Nostrum Auto Renew 30 Days Consumables SP can be obtained through vote system

Travian Pvp Server T4.4 Original Server

Travian Pvp Server T4.4 Original Server.Orjinal travian t4.4 servernda sernde yerini al ve hemen savaa bala

Furion Mu Season 9 Ep.2

Furion Mu 247 super stable 300x EXP, 65 DROP, PPL 100, FO Items Grand Resets Vote Reward Balanced PVPClasses Advanced Anti-Cheat No Lag 5 LVL Wings Join now in our growing comunity

Curse Chaos 2017

Curse Chaos Ep.3 stable dedicated server of Last Chaos with Ep.3, LvL Cap 175, Server Buff Events, Server Rate are EXP100x, SP100x, GOLD50x, PETS100x, GM online everyday, Mode PvP-PvM, great comunity, Join now

Sykura2 - Fhle die Kraft 2017

Sykura2 ist newschool PvP-PvM Deutscher Metin2 Pserver mit alle raten 200, Viele events, Neue Quests, Maximales Level 105, Viele Neue Maps, Aktive Team, PvM Arena mit Rangliste und Coins Gewinn. Jetzt anmelden und spielen auf Sykura2

Lycan Metin2 - Reborn 2017

Midschool Server Lycan Metin2 2017, Rates 1000x, Max LvL 105, Active Lycan Character, New maps, New items, Multy events, No lagg, Itemshop, Great staff, New adventure. Join now

Empire Perfect World Full Version 1.5.1

Empire Perfect World Full Version 1.5.1, New Horizons, Rates Exp. x4, Drop x8, Gold 200, SP 150, Level Cap 150. New Features, Custom content, Helpful Team, PvP System, Everyday events, New quests, new races. Join now

Whispering Fields

High Five LOW, HIGH & PVP SERVER, FULL GEODATA for better gameplay! All Areas and RaidBosses ready! Global Gk, GOD Armor, Weapon Setts! Dual Box, Community, Events, Donations, On HIGH rate: GM-SHOP, NPC Buffer, Long Bufftime, Join Now, we wait for YOU!

Furion Cabal Episode 8

Furion Cabal Episode 8, EXP 500X, SKILL 300X, CRAFT 100X, WEXP 5X, DROP 10X, ALZ 200X, AXP 25X, MAX LEVEL 190. PvP Arena, 724, Arcane Trace, SYNERGY, Friendly staff. Join now.

Soul of Shaiya 2017

Soul of Shaiya Episode 6, level-max 80 with EXP rate 1000X Kill rate is 5X PvP-PvE System Dedicated Staff for help No lagg Many events DDOS Protected. Join now


-Server Rates- - RateXp 1000. - RatePartyXp 1.5 - RateDropAdena 2000. - Drop 1x. - Spoil 1x. - Safe enchant 4 on all - Max Enchant 25 - Normal Scrolls 20 80 - Blessed Scrolls 20 100 - Crystal Scrolls 25 100 Note From 20 to 25 you can enchant only with Crystal scrolls. Cryscal scrolls can be obtained only from vote rewarder npc in Giran

Minecraft Infected

A sole player is zombified. Minecraft Infected is a last man standing mini game. Where one player is chosen to be the starting zombie.


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ProTrav Private Travian Servers

The fastest travian private servers ! WW works -Natars works- No bugs Start Gold: 200 --- Register for free !!!---- Server is running on powerful machines so there is no lag at all !!!!

CRO-Travian x25000, 200 gold, active Admins, oldschool

Speed : 25000x Troop speed : 10000x 100x100 map, fair-play, 200 gold for activating, active Admins

GamesPvP Travian 150x

Servidor iniciado em 06.03.2014 -- 21:00h Horario de Brasilia. Idioma Português do Brasil. Velocidade do Servidor : 150x Velocidade das tropas : 75x Proteção iniciantes 12 hora/s Ranking Atualizado Todo domingo 00:00h.

Apex Conquer

[Patch 5017] [First + Second Rebirth] [Max +9] [Max Level 137] [Hourly PVP Events]