WoW Private Servers - Top 100 Server List

WoW Maniac BR

Servidor brasileiro, baixa latncia, hospedado no Brasil, com uma staff disposta a ajudar, promoo instante 80 T9HC 20k de GP, para os novos jogadores, venhas e traga sua guilda, Venha e procure-nos para ajuda-lo. Temos um processo de migrao para guildas. Rate 12x

UniaBR Servidor 3.3.5a Brasileiro

Inauguramos dia 03 de setembro. Site completo, sistemas exclusivos e hospedado no Brasil Media de ping 15ms. Pouquissimos bugs e disponivel 24h com um otimo suporte. Contamos tambem com SSL para garantir a seguranca dos seus dados em todas nossas ferramentas

AmdWoW 3.3.5

AmdWoW l 2006-2017 l 3.3.5a l VIP1-7 We offer balanced classes, exquisite PvE and PvP content. We offer affordable prices, active professional staff. We maintain daily updates ensure a clean community with a reputable gaming experience. Join us today, and fight for the path of glory

Beta - Illuminated - 4.3.4 - Blizzlike - Funserver

Castle Lightwolf Open Beta 100 Blizzlike. Server is in Beta and we are actively repairing and working on improving the 100 blizzlike experience. Currently the server needs extensive testing. We will be releasing a bug tracker to help track bug progress soon. Proudpine Outpost Open Beta Instant 85 Free-for-all Funserver - Custom World PvP System - 17 Custom Daily quest in a fully scaled zone. Quest descriptions in progress - Custom Scripted Battle for Halaa world PvP zone - 5 World Bosses and 3 more in development. - Fully Custom Scripted bosses coming soon - Completely...

Blood Rose

1.High-quality gaming world 2.Wide Internet channel 3.Adequate part of the administration 4.Transmogrification 5.Different shares

Offender WotLK crossrealm BG FUN 3.3.5a server

With all classes working, fully working icculduarnaxx PvP arenas, solo que 3v31v1, tournaments after pvp season etc.

Valhalla - Legion

Welcome to Valhalla, the first and best private World of Warcraft Legion server Blizzlike Legion - Flex rates - PvE PvP - No pay to win - Fully working Demon Hunter starting zone - Class halls - Artifact system - Dynamic leveling - Weekly fixes

Forgotten Lands

Forgotten Lands è un server completamente gratuito di World of Warcraft L'obiettivo dello staff è fornire a chiunque volesse provare questo ormai famosissimo gioco online un'alternativa completamente gratuita, accessibile quindi a tutti e fornire quindi un'esperienza di gioco il più possibile simile ad un server ufficiale. Per quanto possibile quindi il server cerca di seguire le meccaniche di gioco dei server ufficiali valorizzando sia l'aspetto PvP che l'aspetto PvE del gioco. 10x EXP Raid - PvP Completamente funzioanti

AdeX WoW 4.3.4 Cataclysm Unique Server

[Instant level 85] [Unique Concept] [Haste Capped Server] [Custom Content] [3000+ Custom Items] [Custom Bosses And Dungeons] [Custom Battlegrounds Rewards] [Custom Mall] [Custom Quests] [Balanced Classes] [Constant Changes] [Unique Systems] Join Free Today!

Magic WoW PVE 1.12.1 RP Friendly

Blizz like rates / Role-Play Friendly / 2016 Release / No Pay To Win / Lag free / DDOS Protection / Community Driven!

Ghost-Net - World of Warcraft - BlizzLike

Ghost-Net provides you with the best Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a experience available. We are an old community, dating back to 2007, and we are still living on, going strong. Join now and live the dark adventures of Northrend and beyond, and also be a part of the best WotLK blizzlike server out there.

Warlords of Draenor | Mythicwow 6.2.3 WoD

Full support latest patch [6.2.3] - content fully updated and working [vignettes and treasures, world effects, scenes, pvp + pve sytems] - Daily improvements and pro dev team - blizzlike experience - Fully working and Balanced Classes - multiple language support - Friendly Staff - Np lag, 99% Uptime

UltimoWoW - Migraciones activas - PvP & PvE 100%

Servidor de Hispano 100% Blizzlike - Versión: 3.3.5a - Sistema de migraciones (Clonacion y transferencia de personajes) - Sistema de compra de items con votaciones - Instances 100% Blizzlike - Arenas y BG\'s 100% Blizzlike - Equipo de programadores profesionales.

OblivionWoW • LVL255 • TRANSMOG • 3.3.5a

[LEVEL 255 REALM][ALL RACECLASS][MILLION HP GEAR/DMG][MALL][Halaa working][TRANSMOGRIFICATION][Balanced PVP][We pay you with vote points for playing][Battlegrounds,arena working][Scripted instances][Custom Items,Quests][Friendly GMs/Community][TeamSpeak][Best quality]

WoW Craft 3.3.5a

255 is the level cap, High rates,custom instances, Leveling Roads, Awesome yet not too op Donor and Vote rewards,Awesome Events and great event rewards, 1000 Custom Items, PVP and Non-PVE malls, 12 milion damage with well balanced classes

WoW-Brasileiro - 4.3.4 e 3.3.5a

Neste mês nosso Realm RAGNAROS 3.3.5a Talentos x3, está com Instant 80 liberado e NPCs de Set S7 e T9 Free na entradas das cidades principais. Aproveitem

Astral WoW

335 Custom server with a haste patch Unique experience Hardcore Mode Prestige Automated Looting CataMOP textures Player Housing Transmogrification Display Maker Custom Professions Unique lore Scripted world bosses and instances Weekly updates

The Frostmourne Cataclysm Server

Pure Blizzlike (1x rates) 4.0.6 Cataclysm, 24/7h uptime, daily fixes, active dev/gm team 24/7 Blizzlike No Donate

24/7 Online Cataclysm 4.3.4 Woltk 3.3.5a Trinity Database Gildentransfer No Donate

BlastWoW 3.3.5 Funserver Realms

BlastWoW Instant 81 Funserver, High Stats, Starter Gear, Custom Instances, Custom Bosses, Custom Items, Custom Zones, Custom Vote, Custom Donor, Vip items, Vip Places, Special Events such as Easter Zone etc, Custom Patches, Alot of Custom Quests, Special Quest Rewards Super Items or Legendary Items. Special Events such as Easter/Xmass/Midsummer/Halloween BlastWoW Funserver 255, Starter Gear, Custom Items, Custom Instances, Custom Zones, Custom Events, Custom Bosses, Custom Donor, Custom Vote, Vip Items, Vip Places, Custom Patches, Alot of Custom Quests, Special Events such as...

Eternyum Community

Server Rates Quest Rate : 2x Kill Rate : 1x Money Rate : 2x Crafting Rate: 1x Gathering Rate : 1x Free Character Transfer !!!

Titan WoW



Our promise to you, we will not collect your data and use it for profit and or any other intention. We have no use for substantial amounts of personal data so we will not collect it. We do collect the necessary amount of data to maintain a balance of the core, and players and maintaining to player complaints in regards to anything. Chat logs will be stored only for the purposes of complaints regarding: spam, harassment, or any other chat log related complaint. realmlist: Core: Trinity Core (with some patches for fixes) Database: Trinty Database (with quite some fixes that we...

MaNGOSZero 1.12.1 Project of MaNGOS

MaNGOSZero is the official test server of MaNGOS for Classic Patch 1.12.1. We focus on providing the best experience for the MaNGOS community. Every bug found on this test server will contribute to a better MaNGOS for everyone. And You can contribute by just playing the game!

Private WoW Cataclysm

We offer you one of the best Cataclysm Private Server. 10x Rates, 6 Hours of Daily-Support, new Update every 14 Days. Visit and Stay!