RuneScape Private Servers - RSPS Top List


New eco server join us now


Vorkath - Revenant Caves - 1B XP Capes - All Skills - Custom Donator Area - Mystery Chest


Underworld is a new RSPS needing players like you to make the community better, so come along and give our owner and developer some ideas - after all, it is a server ran by players ideas

OS-Exile - OSRS content - New - Awsome commuinty - Updates everyday

OS- Exile, hourly rewards, 20 bosses, latest osrs data, updates daily, new server


LoyaltyScape is a new active RSPS , its a mix of a 317 and a 667 we are growing daily and doing as much updates as we can we would love if you came and checked us out working Bosses, FFA mini game, phoenix, skills, dung, zombie minigame, primal trickster and much more please visit Check out our website today and join the loyalty crew

Opium-War 317 ECO server. PETS, ZULRAH, BP

Opium-War Opium-War is an ambitious and refined take on the traditional RSPS. We are a dedicated server with over a year lifespan and many more to come. ---------------------------------------------- Server Features Loot Viewer Teleport interface w history Custom Zulrah Ironman, UIM Modes. Skillcape Perks Bank x, all-but-one Achievements with Rewards Ironman specific shops Custom Itemsmodels Ecumenical Key Shift-click dropping Fixed, Resizeable, or Fullscreen modes Custom, unique clue scroll system 30 Bosses Achievements with Rewards Discord Integration Dicing Vote...

Classic Scape

PvMPvPDicingDuelArenaConstructionDungeoneeringMinigamesOSCustomsBossesFriendlyStaffGECome join Us


Hello everyone Welcome to Destiny-PS The Brand new custom RSPS We have 500 customs, Player Owned Shops, Active and Helpful Staff, Active Player Base. I do daily updates properly and weekly client updates for more content and new items. We are growing fast so join today

Elywyn Pre-Eoc OSRS Free mbox on login

Elywyn Pre Eoc oldschool Brand new server Come get ahead while you can, before it gets huge Owner always online DOWNLOAD HERE -- Content VORKATH AND INFERNO COMING OUT THIS WEEK 5718 -bosses- NEX wilderness bosses, Wildy Wyrm, zulrah, kraken, corp, custom torva pernix and virtus bosses ect. Loyalty program All Osrs items Pre eoc items Drygores Torva, tentacle, blowpipe, Divine, Primal Unique Home area IMGhttpi64.tinypic.com10csr6b.pngIMG Custom Nex bosses that have better drop rate than nex, We have the real nex as well, full fight too ...

HeartlessRSPS OSRS


Serenity - The best OSRS Experience yet

Welcome to Serenity A brand new PKEconomy RSPS, that features numerous custom content and smooth gameplay. Whether your interest is in fighting other players and bossing your way to the top, or playing minigames with your friends and family, theres a place here at Serenity for you Were constantly working to make your stay here fun and enjoyable, and the server development is player based, so all your suggestions are what drive this community When you login on Serenity you will have the option of playing a few different game styles including Normal, Extreme, Ironman, and Ultimate...


New and upcoming server Looking for GFX and Youtubers ZulrahCerberusAchievement diariesBlood money and MORE

Artex 100 Vorkath 30 online New Server Daily Updates 40 Working Bosses

Artex is a new Growing Server Striving for a active community we have daily updates aswell as tons of ingame content not released on any server we have things such as Vorkath 40 Bosses

Nova Genesis - A 742 RuneScape Emulation.

Nova Genesis is a 742 RS2 emulation, with our own twists. Wed like to offer a more stable, content packed, bug free server for players to enjoy, exp rates are slower compared to most servers to give our players an overall more enjoyable longer journey.


Join a new fresh 831 Runescape private server and play with your friends. Friendly staff and community.


Runeline is a well known server that has been around for over 5 years it has evolve into an old school type experience with 100 pets and bossing amazing benefits features for members , server is new and a lot of content for free to play feel free to join our community

Asteria X

Active Community - Perfect Gambling - Friendly Staff - Tank Boss - Flower Poker - Pristiege options - Boss Pets - Castle Wars - Upgradeable Items - Clue Scrolls - GE

GloriousRS 718RS3

The sever is 718 loading latest rs bosses and items and graphics, different xp rates with special bonuses for harder xp, 10 quests, lots of minigames including barbarian assualt and livid farm and artisans workshop, new bosses voragokalphite kingtelos gwd2 and lots more to come.

Encrypted 718 PVM T90 OSRS ITEMS

Player Owned Shops , Vote rewards , Hiscores , over 20 Bosses , MiniGame Points , Account Pins , Cosmetic System , FunPk Area spawned items , custom items , custom boss ,

SoulPvP PK Spawn server by SoulPlay

SoulPvP - PKing server made by soulplay. Kill players and monsters in wilderness to gain blood money and spend it in shops that contain all items ingame


Raid Items 20 Bosses Teleport tab click the globe FullscreenResizable Great Donor Zone IronmanUIM Mode Ironman Only area


Raids Zulrah Kraken 317 Looking For Staff

Rebel317 ll 700 Customs

Rebel317 is a custom economy RSPS, we have tons of unique flawless custom content to keep our players entertained. You can expect custom mini-games, scam proof gambling, custom quests, a lot of achievements, custom maps, unique teleportation, custom interfaces, custom items, custom NPCS, custom currency, good economy, custom pking, custom skilling, tons more Custom Home 400 Custom Items 15 Custom NPCS Teleportation System Combat System Logo Thread Design Support Signature 50 Bug Fixes 5 Dupe Fixes Custom Interfaces Client Background Improved Code Ratio Drop System Youtube...


EdgeScape is a 317 runescape private server. We offer you constant new content and updates.nbspOur hard work will speak for itself. We welcome community from all nations, Our profesional staff will always be there to help you. Edgescape has heapsnbspof content to keep you satisfied. Feel free to make yourself at home here at EdgeScape quotThe ultimate RSPSquot. EdgeScape will be offering lots of Oldschool and Newschoolnbspcontent such as Tournaments, Achievements, Prestige System, Active wildernessnbspand PvM, Challanging Bosses, Customized capes, Mini-games and Diversions,...

Project Ilyneos Hybrid

FIRST 20 PLAYERS RECEIVE FREE MEMBERSHIP 247 Uptime Friendly Staff Looking for Server Supports Boss Pets Curses 24 Bosses Vote rewards Vote bonus experience Amazing Economy Shift-Click dropping Treasure Trails 10 Minigames Quick Prayers Kill Tracker NO Lag Experienced Developers Fixed, Resizable, or Fullscreen modes as well as HD Graphics Team Dungeoneering Well of Good Will 100s of Achievements More being added every week Monster Drop Table for ALL Npcs Perfect switching Amazing Combat Vote for Membership