Ran Online Private Servers Top 100 List

Rogue RAN - BBR Gameplay

Server summary - Cool Freebies upon creation - Pure BabyRan Gameplay - 5 Class Extreme gaming - BabyRan Items Set, weapon, accessories - Regen based - Combo based - Build up your own character - Hunt your own items - Item Link - View Character To avoid edited - Reborn System - 100 DONORS vs. NON-DONOR possible JOIN OUR GROUP FOR MORE UPDATES httpsweb.facebook.comgroupsrogueran

Lexus Ran online

Looking for Balance ServerHunt Base Upgrade Own Item Newly Up Experience New and Awesome Server Come and Join us Register Now Download Full Client March 3, 2018 Website httplexus-gaming.online Official Facebook Group httpswww.facebook.comgroupsLexusranonlineclassic Official Fan Page httpswww.facebook.comLexusGamingNetwork LEXUS RAN ONLINE EPISODE 7 CLASSIC GAME FEATURES NO FULL DONATE Active Staff Admin GM Developer DesignerPlanning 210 Maximum Cap Level 7 - 167 Skill Like Official 4 Balanced Class Maxinum Upgrade Level 10 Tyranny Wars Every 3 Hours Superior Wars No Dual...

Hive Ran Online Ep9

247 Online Dedicated Server, DDOS Protected Server, Premium Services, Hunting Base Server, Big Boss Party Hunting Drop Tier Crafting Materials, Mini Boss Party Hunting Drop Tier Crafting Materials, Crafting Base Server, Starting Hive Freebie, ItemsForStarting,Tier Base Build Up Weapon, Set and Accessories, School War, Club War, Club Death Match, Max Level 300, Starting Level 100, Stating Stats 300, Guild Package T3 Full Items, Active GMs.

514ErynRAN Online

Midrate Server Lv270MaxLv 7to237MaxSkill 30StatsperLv 10SkillpointsperLv Base Hunt System , Pots base , 100 Guarantee Long term Service , Compound System , Official Gameplay Come join us

iPLay Ran Online 9 Class

SERVER FEATURES 9 Class System - Official BabyRan GamePlay UIs and More - Balance Game Play - Low PC Requirements Lag Free Server - Unlocked All Skills - High Rate Server - No Over Power Skills - Reborn Enabled - Combo Based Server - Freebies Upon Creation - GameTime to EP - Long Time Server -

RAN Online EP7 Classic

210 Cap Level Up to 167 Skills x10 EXP Party Leveling Quest System Hunt your own Ups your own 4 Balanced Class NO PAY TO WIN BUYSELL PHP ALLOWED


- 300 Max level - 237 Skill - Reborn system - EP9 Gameplay - Hunting your own items - Regen based - Pots based with cooldown time - Combo based Sidestep Gaming - Royal rumble - Old SchoolWars - EP10 Cool Items - Upgrade system Like BABYRANBOSSRAN JOIN KA MUNA SA GROUP PRA UPDATED KA httpsweb.facebook.comgroupsrockonranep9 LIKE MO NA RIN ANG FANPAGE PARA MASAYA httpsweb.facebook.comrockonranep9

Fury Ran Reloaded

Fury Ran Reloaded -150 max lvl127 max skill -4 balanced class -Hunt baseQuest base -Classic leveling -E-games Gameplay -E-pointsE-cardsVote points system

Ran Cosmo Classic

QUEST BASED SERVER, 230 CAP LEVEL, 207 FINAL SKILL, TYRANNY WARSSPP, SUPERRIOR WARS, CRAFT BASED SERVER, NO DUAL LOG IN, NO Cheats Auto Pots, Game Guard Protected , Boss hunt based server, Random item value rv, Character Info Preview No Doubts on stats , Official Ran Online PH Items, Easy Add Stats Ex. DexValue, Tyranny War Every3hrs, Superior War SundayEvery3hrs, Club War MWF, Party Leveling spot by spot, Party boss hunting.

Ares Ran Classic PH Ep7

SERVER LAUNCHED MARCH 4,2018 Ares Ran Online Classic Ep7 101 Balanced Gameplay 200 Max Level 100 Sync Gaming 4 Balanced Classes No Reborn 10 Max Upgrade Skills Lv.7 - Lv.157 Pow, Dex and Int Pure Hunt Base SKILLS CAN BE BOUGHT AT NPC OPEN MAP NO NEED QUEST 247 Online Hackshield Protected Gametime to Vote Points EP to Vote Point No Edited Items No Bias Staffs Tyranny SchoolWar PvP SuperiorWar Club War

Bangbang Ran Online

SERVER FEATURES Active Owner and Admin 7 Balanced Class Highrate Gameplay Regen Combo Based 100 Starting Level 270 Max Level Unlock All Skills Open Map No Reborn 15 Max Upgrade Gold Color Rando and Sealed Card Skills Effect Enable Hackshield Protected Donor vs. Non Donor 100 Possible ADDITIONAL FEATURES Official Interface Official Map Window Item Link View Character Info Additional Character Info Item Crafting Enabled Hunt Based

Firefly Ran Classic

5 class, classic server come and join us now

Sourire Ran

7 class server No magician and Shaper 2012 - 2013 Gameplay, Free from donate server No Pay to win 230 max level, 207 max skill Can be hybrid build Gametime to Cpoints, Vote to Cpoints so many many freebies




The Best and Newest Ran online 2000 Times Rate,Full Class,All New Skills Learned All Free 50 Items Drop in Game,We have same as offical New Maps,Invite To Ride,Battle Islands,Lead Club Battle,Club Battle,CDM,Mail Box,Attendance,Tyranny,Range Enhance,Forbidden Tower,Free Reborn,Newest PVP PVE,Activity,Lottlo Game,Capture The Flag,Dimension Laboratory.

Encrypted Ran Online Episode X - Tyranny Wars

Encrypted RAN - Episode X Official Server up February 22, 2018 Experience new and awesome server this 2018. Server Features 7 balanced class Max Level 300 Starting Level 100 Desolate Set Astral Weapon Continues update 11 Max Upgrade Last skill 237 Official Skill Effect Pull, Push, Stun, HPCut, Anti pots, Anti skill Pots based Combo based Hunt Craft your own items Compound system for crafting Rando Seal Dual Seal All known bugs fixed. Character preview enabled Right Click EquipUnequip item Item Link enabled 100 No donate setweaponacce Vote points, E-points, Gametime...


Looking for High Rate Server Newly Up Come and Join us ----DIVINE RAN---- Fresh Hot Server UP Day Feb 16, 2018 FRIDAY 800PM -EP7 5 class high rate -Regen based -Sync combo based -Level 1 starting level -1-25 rb lvl 100 -26-50 rb lvl 150 -300 max lvl -50 rb max rb -Hack Shield -skills up to 297 unique skills open all skills -Disabled Pots -15 Max ups -No Quest -Hunt base -Drop Rate Mid Rate -Gold Rate High Rate -Xp Rate High Rate -Shibuya Hunt Refines -Leveling Area and WeaponSet hunt DP3 Specialjailzone -BOSS drop gold and gt weapon costume -V-points in Website -Vote to vp -Gold to vp...

Onyx RAN Classic

SERVER INFORMATION CLUB WARS MON WED SAT 800 - 900 PM GMT 8 SURYUN INUMAN FRI 700 - 800 PM GMT 8 GAME FEATURES Authentic EP1 Gameplay Circa 2006 Mid EXP Rate Mid Drop Rate 4 Original Character Classes 155 Level Cap 147 Max Skill 9 Max Upgrade 10 Max RV Quest Based Maps Hunt Based Items Bonus Time Gauge Enabled Club Wars Enabled Monthly Freebies Royal Rumble Enabled Open Beta King Of The Hill Coming Soon School Wars Coming Soon Tyranny Wars Coming Soon Scheduled Power Hour Events Scheduled Suryun Events Scheduled Inuman na Events Convert Game Time to Vote Points...

Vortex Gaming Online

Vortex Ran For PC and Laptop SERVER FEATURES Starting level 1 Max Level 260 8 Class Midrate Server Ep System Ep to VP allow VP to Ep allow Max refine Upgrade up to 15 No Donate ItemWeaponAcce Reform,Sealed System 247 Dedicated Server All items can hunt mix in game

ePamRaN 2018 Classic Server

- Welcome to ePamRaN 2018 Classic Sever.. Its a Newly created Server only Up this past January 2018 and have Freindly Gm... so come and join us GAME FEATURES 4 Class No over power Class and Item Skill base on Ran PH ep7 Level Cap 210 Upto 167 Skill Quest Based System for skill Hunt Item Mode and Crafting Base Server GameGaurd Active No dual Login Club War - PVP System Tyranny Superior War are Active And many more httpswww.facebook.comEpamranonline

Thrones RAN EPX

Hunt Based - Max Lv. 280 - Start Lv. 100 - Magician Class - 8 Class Renewal - Max Upgrade 11 - Lost City Last Map - Party Leveling System - Official Random Value - Learn Skill Using Gold - Character View Function - Reform Seal Card Game Play - Sky Weapons Faultless Armors Last Items


SERVER FEATURES 7 Balanced Class Highrate Gameplay Regen Combo Based 100 Starting Level 270 Max Level No Reborn Unlock All Skills Skills Effect Enable 25 Ingame Max Upgrade Hackshield Protected Donor vs. Non Donor 100 Possible Pure Hunt Server ADDITIONAL FEATURES Official Interface Official Map Window Item Link View Character Info Additional Character Info Item Crafting Enabled LEVELING MAP DP3F ARMOR SET HUNT SR MAP WEAPON HUNT HEAD B MAP ACCE HUNT MUTANT MAP HG HUNT DP MAP ACCE COSTUME HUNT ALL BOSS EXPLORE VOTE POINTS HUNT SHIBUYA CAP REWARD I KNOW...

VirtualRan Online

Balance Gaming Ep10

JJ Networks - Episode 10

RAN GS style Skill link effect X5 drop rate, X3 exp rate 8 balanced class Including Magician Skill renewal for all class Hunting and crafting based Lvl 260 Max level FREE 270 skill points upon creation Crafting and hunting system NO STATS DONATION