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Funzmu S6E3 Gold edition || 65k || Ultimate

Welcome to Funzmu, were a community build by muplayers who enjoy to make the perfect muonline. We started by premium muserver files tweaked and perfected all ingame balances and finally added custom features for a better gameplay experience.[/b]

Mu Cusco S6 EPX

Exp600500xDrop50LevelReset400 Puntos Por Level 57Max Stats65000 Auto-reconect ActivadoBarra de HP monster Comandosaddstr,addagi,addvit,addene,addcmd,reset,changeVote por credits

RELAX-MU - Gold X50 - START 26 November

RelaxMu - The Battle Has Just Begun Season 6EP3 Exp 50x Drop 30 Balanced PVP 32,767 Stats NO Lagg Vote Reward System Exchange hours online for credits Vip System NO- Webshop NO- XShop GR Bonus System Lotteries Daily Exp Events Everyday Events with GMs Achievements Join Us

ArtemidaMU Season 6 Dynamic XP 9.Dec

Artemida Mu Season 6 Dynamic XP x150-x50 Max 30 RR Max 10 GR. Every Reset600Points Every GR1000 Spots All Map wCoins for Events, Admin Event , and many way on website. Spots All Map. 2017

Exp9999 Drop 80 Client Anti-Hack, Season 9 Episode 3, wCoins, CashShop, Item Shop, Vote Reward, Refferal System, Marry System, Duel System, AutoParty System, Events, Level Road, Balanced Classes, Balanced Zen and Item Drop - JOIN US

MU Titans 1.0M Classic

MU Titans Servidor de MuOnline 24 horas, Reset Pontuativo, com salas Vip com xp elevado, comece a jogar Top Rankings So Premiados, todos os eventos funcionando Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, Devil Square e Castle Seige . comandos exclusivos como reset entre outros

MuDream S9.5, Fun 5000x, Get F.O. via GR.

Version Premium Season 9ep5 Full, Experience 5000x, Balanced PVP, Big spots Get Full Opt Items with Grand ResetsStart at 1th December

AlterMU x1000 opening 3.11.2016 at 2000 on MSC

Dear players, we invite you to open a server that is really worth your attention. Opening a new server AlterMU x1000 Dive into the wonderful world Opening 3.11.2016 Friday at 2000 on the Moscow time Main characteristics of the server - Version Season 6 Episode 3 Premium - Experience gained x1000 with a smooth decrease to x350 - Drop 90 - Maximum level 400 - Points for Reset DW DK ELF SUM - 600 Points MG DL RF-700 - Maximum stats 32767 - Max Reset 130 - Grand reset with 130 resets - Maximum Grand Reset 50 - Level for guild creation 300 - Level for joining the Gens 50 - Level...


HOY VIERNES 2200 Inauguracion MU-Predator 97D 99i Clasica Versin 97d 99i Experiencia x20 Drop 30 Web mu-predator.servegame. com junta el .com Server 247 Estabilidad Spot, Shop y Competitividad en el juego No hay pj Arreglados, Te Esperamos


New Seson 12 Episode1 New Map Nixies Lake new Holyangel Mastery Set new Darkangel Weapons new


EARN REAL MONEY playing your favorite game Mu Online. We guarantee you an exciting world full of mysteries and adventures

Astral Mu Season 9 1000x Grand Open 1 November

Mu Online Season 9 Full Files 100 all character BALANCED Exp 1000x WEBSHOP Vip Astral Mu Tips MG character Spots on Minimap Players Market website and Game New pets Moon system 4 different languages on the website

DemonicMU - Season 3 Episode 1

Versiune Season 3 Episode 1 Exp350xp Drop65 Level reset400 Points Level 56 Bless bugOff Max stats32767 Ancient Excellent FO Exchange online hours for credits Free Credits WebShop Grand reset system Castle Siege On

Relax-Mu.Net 97d+All Seasons!

97d+All Seasons! 9999x More than ~40 custom items! GrandReset 20000 Credits Reset 5 Credits Deposited stone 4 Credits

Global Mu Online Season 11 Join Now

GlobalMu Mu Online Season 11 Episode 5, 2 Worlds, Exp x50, 2exc opt max, x99999 MAX, Box12345, jewels, wings in shops, Epic bosses, Great Boss drops, New MUUN pets, Web Market, Grand Resets, Freebies for Newbies, Advanced AntiHack 247 Online New server x1000 3exc max grand opening 3 June

Linkos MU Online 99b+

Version: 99b+ Experience: 9999x Drops: 100 Bless Bug: ON Box in shops: ALL Points per level: 10 Reset level: 350 (reset points) Points per reset: 2000 Reset cost: 10M PK CLEAR cost: 10M

Furion Mu Season 9 Ep.2

Furion Mu 247 super stable 300x EXP, 65 DROP, PPL 100, FO Items Grand Resets Vote Reward Balanced PVPClasses Advanced Anti-Cheat No Lag 5 LVL Wings Join now in our growing comunity

Mu Online Season 11 Grand Open 9999x

Premium IGCN Files, Premium DMN CMS Website, Season 11 Episode 2, wCoins, CashShop, ItemShop, VoteReward, Referral System, Exchange online hours, Market System, Marry System, Balanced Characters Party Exp Zen Drop, Level Road, Interesting Gameplay, Events

Mu GGWP! S8+customs

S8 - custom events, custom reset system, play with me! and more come and u will se yourself!


Nuevo servidor de mu online internacional. Este es un servidor Slow administrado por profesionales, es muy estable, tiene muchos usuarios online. Si te gustan los servidores duraderos MU SHARO es el server que buscas

Angelsmu S9 New x250 Grand Open 3 December

AngelsMu Season 9 Full, Great drops, Mu Roomie, Moon system, New pets, Spots on minimap, Players Market on website, Grand reset, Vote rewards, Newbie friendly server x250 Server No Webshop, Grand Opening 3 December

Virtual Mu Season 10 Episode 3 Premium Server

Virtual Mu Season 10 Ep3, 2 Servers, Main Max Exp, BEST PVP server around 200 PPL, Max Exp, New class Grow Lancer New excellent with 9 options, New items Blood-angel New server x1000 grand opening 4 March

Epoch MU x100 - Grand Open - 9 September

-Version Premium Season 6 episode 3 -Experience 100 c dynamics up to 25. -Drop Rate 55 -Maximum stats 32767 -Statues per level 577 -Master of Experience 10 -Adjusted PVM PVP balances -Get the top item, wcoinc-participating in the events and killing the bosses. -Every 10 resets you get bonuses in Wcoinc. -6 new stones -Jewel of Exelent, Jewel of Level, Jewel of Skill, Jewel of Option, Jewel of Ancient, Jewel of Socket -New sets that can be obtained by killing bosses. -Noob map with low monsters for recruits. -New bosses -Adjusted PVM PVP balances -For every hour spent in the game you...


DarkMuOnline Season8 E3 XP 150x,Drop50 Max stats 65000 Reset Level 400 Grand Reset 50 Resets , Gr reward 4000 credi, MU Helper Working Events All Full Working,Friendly GMs Uptime 247 Vote Reward,XShop fully working Many events on server,Join now

UNDERWORLDMU Season 10 Episode 3 x9999 Server

UnderworldMU x9999 Game Server Information Mu Online Season 10 part 3 Exprerience x9999 max Experience with party 80 Drop Rate 100 Points Per Level 567 Goblin And Wcoin Points Enable Arena Map Enable Box Of kundun 12345 Npc Enable Zen Drop Max X Shop Enable. Vip Enable every event New Set Ancient Bloodangel For All Class available at npc lorencia Easy Itemsreset Max reset 9999 Max Grand Reset 9999 30 credit reward Every Reset 3000 Credit reward for every Grand Reset