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A long time ago there was only a single empire that existed on the continent. The country experienced tranquility and peace and did not know the conflating deadly diseases that spread around the world. Innocent people suffered as those who were slain by these beasts or choked to death by disease later rose again as undead.

Metin2CSSteam PVM

Metin2CSSteam este deschis recent. Suntem o echipa serioasa. Servarul este pvm clasic dupa cum se vede. Rate - Exp 1000 - Yang 1000 - Yang x2 1000 - Drop 1000 ArmeArmuri pana la beta. CostumeTime. PetsTime. Mape Beta Rata Fierar 50 All

Pvp Serverler MEtin2 Server

Dragon of Metin2 is a new server starting on 30.05.2014] [Rates: Exp-500%, Drop-500% and Yang-500%] [Max Level 250, Non Stop GM available for suport] [No bugs, Weekend events] [Dedicated Staff] [New Maps, new items from 2014

Meldion Online

Fully unique server. There is no GF content. Multiplying 300-1000 PvM PvP Server.


The biggest international server - Over 5000 players daily - Enhanced graphical environment - Dozens of new quests - Daily events - Earth Dragon - Offline Shops - Shop Search- Achievement System - Ingame support - Multi-language Game Guide - Vote4Coins - Continuous updates

Metin2 Laganas

PvP Mediu Lvl max 105 Rate automate Vineri 200 Sambata 500 Duminica 1000 - Al 5-lea caracter Lycan - Sistem Offline Shop - Sistem Alchimie - Sistem Esarfe - Sistem Curele - Switchbot F5 - Fast Equip F6

Metin2Sword Art

Serverul este PvM-PVP FarmRate Exp 300 Yang 500 Drop iteme 400 Fierar 100Nivel Max. 120Update nou adaugat recent Staff prietenos Va asteptam cu drag pe serverul nostru

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Specii-Metin2 Server nou pvp-pvmhard

Ratele 300, costumeweapon, insotitor, mount-uri noi, sistem realizari, cu Shop, shop-offline, evolutii Arme4 Armuri4 Accesorii2. Costume cu bonusuri pvm, pvphard. Server-ul este pvm-pvphard, esarfe, curele,pet-uri noi, multe altele.

FRmetin2 est un Top français metin2 dans lequel sont répertoriés de nombreux serveurs metin2 privés.

EmperorMetin2 PVM Medium. Daily events.

EmperorMetin2. Brand new server. Daily events, mounts, costumes and pets. NO ALCHEMY. Friendly staff, PVM MEDIUM. You will have lots of fun here. Rates 250.


Green Este Un Server Pvm-Pvp Cu Rate 900 costume frezurii sisteme noi peturii noi lvl maxim 120 cand intrati aveti sistem de bonus sa vede-ti cat e maxim pv etc


haideti cu toti pe acest server level start 105 server PVP-Farm evoluti noi staff prietenos bonus 15 restu le aflati si voi ....... intrati si no sa regretati


Hello all, I am here to present you my new servers : :D Max level : 120 and will grow with the time to 255 . -Semi-fun (New-School) -Stat : Int /Dex / Vit /Str up to 125 -Skill-Up-With Manu -Systeme Putere -Systeme Costum ~400 -Systeme Energie -New Desing stuff lvl 1 to 80 -New Weapon lvl 1 to 30 -New Skill en Biologist -Afk Bots -Honors Systeme -Stone Systeme -Pets ~150 -New Quest and all quest give you more surprise -Give basic Weapon : Costume / safebox : can give you an item all 12 hours / pets -News Maps And more Donjon -Servers : International servers but the Language is in...

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