RuneScape Private Servers - RSPS Top List


Venom-X is the top pre-EOC RuneScape Private Server We have a busy and friendly community. We have over 30 minigames and bosses for you to enjoy, as well as full dungeoneering and construction


Our Server has a Unique Teleport System. Teleport to All Skills including Construction. Many mini Games. Plenty of Bosses. Chest and Clue Chest Drops from all Monsters. 4 different modes Normal, IronMan, Ultimate Ironman, Expert mode with different xp rates. Events on Weekends. Crushed Star.


Register your account at and click on the Play now button to join the game EternalScape Open Beta Currently we have a Linux VPS available from a very good friend, donations are welcome to keep us up 24-7 A few features Fixed a lot of small bugs that where present. Three different types of gambling games. Boss slayer tasks for all new OSRS bosses up to Skotizo. We are going to add new data PVP at G.E with timers, and two new PVP areas in Falador Lumbridge. NPC drop tables Boss killing log. Better Slayer with options of difficulties between combat levels. PKing with the Bounty...

RuneMise - 400 Online

Unique bosses, Unique economy, Easy farm.

Project Ilyneos Eco PvP

Project Ilyneos is a brand new Runescape Private Server. Economy PVP Server, Fast Combat Rates, Slower Skill Rates. Frequent Updates, Dedicated Server, Great Staff, Amazing Gameplay. Join Ilyneos Now

Rune-Destiny - Economy - 163 data - new

-163 data dragon platebody, staff of light -15 bosses zulrah, skotizo -unique home -perfected skills -pets - 10 minigames - lots of updates -hiscore modes ironman, hardcore ironman, osrs