WoW Private Servers - Top 100 Server List

EpicIT WoW

EpicIT Brings you the classic WoW 3.3.5 Experience 1000Mb/s, 24/7 No Lag Beta Tests Now Open Rewards for Beta Testers! As an added bonus to all Beta Testers, You will receive the following: 1. 1 set of Heirloom Gear (Sholders,Chest, Weapon, 1 Trinket) for 1 class of your choice to help you level. Please speak to a GM (Make a Ticket) and when a GM is online and available you will be either mailed the items or have them placed in your inventory! 2. RaF Swift Zhevra,and X-53 Touring Rocket At the end of the Beta Period The Rocket Will Be Given BlizzLike but 1.5x Exp + Gold...


German Server Nice Ping Daly Updates Top Rates Vote Shop Armory Weekly Events and more join us and have fun.

FurinexWoW Premium Server

Blizzlike, WOTLK, Advanced Rates, Skills unlimited, Advanced website features and integration, Voting, Rewards, Claims, Fully working instances and raids. Tons of custom fixes and premium working content.

Justice WoW 2.4.3 Fun

2.4.3 TBC - Fun server - Custom Bosses/item's/Quest's - Durnhold Available, NPC Buffer, VIP6 Buff's Free, Starting with 5000-7000 Weapons, Aerolite Drop in Custom Instance, Friendly Staff, New server with a lot Of Things for you.

World of Warcroft

Best wotlk blizzlike pvp server All spells work, battlegrounds are perfect We have Tournaments for Winners in the arena and Battlegrounds between the horde and alliance first 100 to join receive a weapon of their choice


++++++++++++++++++++++ Allways want to try become GameMaster?++++++++++++++++++++++++ Now its your chance. +++++++++++++++++++ Join GM server and have FUN !!! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Supports 3.3.5 and 2.4.3 wow versins 24/7 uptime +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

PandaWoW MoP 5.1

Deutsch Sprachiger Server | Mist of Pandaria 5.1 | 24/7 Online | Aktive Community | Blizzlike 5x Rates | 90 % Bugfrei | Inis, Gildensystem etc.


his evening Blizzard released the official patch notes for Patch 5.4: Siege of Orgrimmar. They're pretty much what one would expect after months of testing ... long, detailed, and they contain all the juicy details that made it into the patch's final version.

Lore-WoW 255 Custom Server

3.3.5a Custom level 255 server Loads of custom content including Cata T13 gear Custom instances including Halls Of Origination Join Today

Best Wow Server ---DMC-WoW (Fun) [3.3.5]

DMC-WoW Informations * Stable , Balanced * No lag! * Mall Non-PVP! , Alliance's Mall & Horde's Mall * Max Level 255 * All Battlegrounds & Arenas works with lvl 255 * Custom Gears * Starter Items * ViP Gear's ( Soon ) * Custom Instance's And Area's To Earn Custom Gears Realm :


World Of Warcraft private server with a community vote style of moderation. Players vote on exp rates, events, and other misc. things. Find us on facebook at


Custom Contents • Custom Events • Transmoger/Reforger • Progessive PVP • Teleporter • Professional Staff • Lag-Free • Much Much More!

SkyWoW 3.3.5a

SkyWoW | Patch - 3.3.5a | ICC 10 / 25 Working | 24 / 7 Online | Nice Ping | Nice Team | Dugeon Browser Working | Raid Browser Working | Battelground Working and any more.

United Alliance

Blizzlike WoW P-Server | Normale Rates | 4 Hauptberufe | Keine Spenden | Bugfreier Content | Aktiver Entwickler | Übersichtliche Website | Forum & Bugtracker | Charaktertransfer


We are the best world of warcraf fun server... Just join us and be happy!!! We work 24/7 ...

Nostalgia // FFA PvP // 4.3.4



World of warcraft private server running 5x many things working to much to list. Need testers.So come join us as we update.


xprate 180 Q rate 100 honor rate 8 SK/CZ/ENG comunications 100% stabillity NO LAGS) JOIN NOW !!!!

GLobaL WoW High-rate server

20x Rate No Bugs No Lag 7/24 Online

Death WoW TBC 2.4.3

Blizzlike no custom stuff and other mess all was rebuilded from scratchMoney 5 XPKill 5 XPQuest 5 XPExplore 5 RestInGame 5 Honor 2 Also players can join UNIQUE battlegrounds to play 1vs1 :D

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Hellforge Realm ][ TBC WoW 2.4.3

Hellforge Realm makes a comeback after 7 years of hiatus with a Blizzlike feel, custom settings, harder encounters, dungeons and raids! Join now!

ELITE WoW Blizzlike - [Rare Unique BC+WotLK]

Battle through the Burning Crusade in order to unlock WotLK [Level Cap 70...until we unlock WotLK] [Achievement Points][Dual Spec][All BC & WotLK Dungeons and Raids Working] This realm is meant to replicate the retail release of WotLK!

WoW Stunde des Zwielichts 4.3.4

Wir sind ein deutscher WoW Privatserver auf Patch 4.3.4. 15fach erhoehte Xp Berufe und Ruf. Vendor im Anfangsdorf mit Erbstuecken. Freundlicher Support. Voteshop und vieles mehr. Eigener Ts3 Server und Root Wir begrueßen euch herzlichst auf unserem Server


We bring to you a brand new 3.3.5a pve/pvp based server. Looking forward to having a great community and making our server as fun as possible for everyone. [24/7 online] [FIRST 25 PEOPLE TO LEVEL 80 GET 300 in a proffesion of their choosing and 20k gold!!!]