Top 100 Silkroad Private Servers

Hyperion Online

Hyperion Silkroad private server 120 CAP 120lv Skills New Auto Events 13d items 100x Exp 100x SP 10x Gold Vote for silks Coin System Special Upgrade system Active Job Custom items and more Join US

Sro Ultra

Nivel Cap 100. Skill Cap 100. Raza ChinoEuropeo Maestrias Chino - 300, Europeos - 200. Experiencia 15x Skill Experiencia 15x Party Experiencia 20x Item Drop x15 Item Sox Drop x5 Gold Drop 10x Job Rate 20x Alquimia Rate x1 Servidor de Alto Rendimiento. Proteccin DDoS. Servidor Estable.

Terium Sro

Server Capacity 1000 Slots. Server Files VSro Files. Server Purpose PvE PvP TRD FW FGW Server Cap 110 Server Degree 11 DG Mastery CH - EU 330 220 Alchemy 2.5x Max 16 with ADV SOLO EXP 100X PARTY EXP 300X ITEM DROP RATE 80X. SOX DROP RATE 15X Job rates 80x SilkHour 2 Silk H from 110. Fortress war Yes FGW Yes Botting allowed Yes

Silkroad Erius

Server Silkroad Erius Inauguration 200418 -Exp 20 SP 30 -Server Lenguaje Spanish,English ,Portugues. NO CORRUPTION. Cap 120 DG13

NayRoad Cap 100 Only CH

Free 2 Play - Play 2 Win - Free Silk - Vote System - Auto Events System - FW Jangan - Bandit - Hotan - CTF - Battle Arena - Job Cave - Max plus 12 - Exp x10 - Gold x2 - Drop x3 - Trade x35 - and More...

Gladiators-Sro New Server

Race Chinese -Cap 105- Mastery 315 - Experience x30 - Party Experience x50 - Skill Points x50 - Item Drop Rate x100 - Gold Drop Rate x50 Battle Arena On - Dedicated Server - Online 247 unique Auto events, daily events, friendly GM and much more Join us now