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Destrega Ragnarok Online

Play Ragnarok Online for free at DestregaRO Balanced server gameplay, No Pay2Win We are a 1000x1000x400x high rate private Ragnarok Online server Trans Class only, Episode 13.2 Encounter against the unknown, no custom wings. no Pay2win. See you soon


Server version Season 9.5 Experience rate 500x Drop rate 20-50 Exc. drop rate 1-15 Reset level 400 After reset Stats keep NO JEWELS IN SHOP Add stats commands addstr addagi addvit addene addcom Server heave grand reset. Max stats 65000


brand new 317 server with bossing instant pking and fun staff try us out

Wow King Monster blizzlike 3.3.5a

El mejor servidor PvE Blizzlike creado y mantenido por desarrolladores profesionales con una pasin por World of Warcraft. El mejor software en la parte superior del mejor hardware. Baja latencia. Mayor tiempo de actividad. RDF, Arena, Wintergrasp y Raids funcionan al 100. PvE activo y PvP


OSRS Based rsps with almost full raids and almost full inferno, all up to date content, constant updates and dedicated team

Nevareth Cabal Online - Romania

Server creat de catre Elder, fondatorul primului server de cabal romanesc, CAOR din 2008. Low Rate Season Concept Abandoned City


80,000 Players | Since 2010 | Maximum Perfection | No Bots | No Lagg | Vote4Silk | 130 CAP | 13D | OLD JOB SYSTEM | ARABIA UPDATE | 2-3B Gold per Trade | Skill Reset | Stat Point Reset | MAX +20 | Upgrade any Weapon to the next higher Degree | JOIN NOW


Trumpscape is the best customizable server combined with the best customizable client available. We can personally assure that weve made Runescape great again while priding ourselves on our many unique and custom features to an already fully working OSRS server. Our main focus is to distort the game towards a more entertaining direction while still maintaining the best parts of RS. We believe that the players should be involved in running the community and have the most significant decision making impact on our part. Your voice is valuable and will be heard over at httptrumpscape.netforum


Welcome to Vegas Ran Instant Level 150 upon creation eGames Gameplay 4 Balanced Class Swordsman, Brawler, Shamman, Archer Skills up to 127 Max level 150 Official Old School Gameplay Pots based server Item Link Dual Pet Skill 9 Max Upgrade Pk Streak Hp Bar Official Chat Old Map and Old Mobs Ran PH eGames Stats base 100 Balanced Gaming Tyranny Official Ran GS Mechanics SPP Map Superior Wars KD School Wars Club Wars Freebies Upon Creation Amplified Set 9 PERMANENT POW INT DEX Weapon 9 PERMANENT Husky Card 7D pet skills pick up money Supplies Facebook Group...


XScape was founded on the concept that we as players truly have the freedom to do anything. The founders of XScape felt that this gift was unfortunately wasted on the vast majority of servers and thus they strive to create a completely unique experience just for you

WhiteStuffMu Duble server Pvp, Non-Pvp

whitestuff mu online server sez 8 ep 3 srv 1 non pvp exp 150, srv 2 pvp 150, item drop 50 blod chastel 6, 7, 8, gives ramdom jwl, box 5 or talisman of chaos asambly , devil squer gives box of knudum, or broken horn, game event with 2 tipes of reworn, event in order every hour bring 1 event bc, ds, invasion, and so on ...wings lvl 1 in shop , webshop, vote for coins sistem and others .

RF - GAMER Start 15-09-2017

2017 RF-GAMER.GQ MMORPG RF Online RF Online, CCR Inc. - .


-All skills working -All Miasmic Spells -All Ancient spells -All Lunar Prayers -Bank pins and tabs -Custom teleports -Donator store -Chrystal bow -Loyalty store -Random events -Charm drops -Warriors guild -Pest Control -Castle wars -Clan wars -Dueling -One click screenshot -Quests -Emotes -Full slayer monsters -Perfect runescape like switching -Perfect clipped combat -Combo foods -Instant special For granite maul -Wilderness ditch -Friendsclan chat -Price Checker -Equipment tab -Bones on altar -Wilderness bosses -Spirit Tree -Potions -Donator Rank -Achievement Point shop -Full grand exchange...


Play GoonScape Now Visit Our Forums Vote for GoonScape Featured Items In Our Store View The Guides Section to Quick-Start Your Gameplay GoonScape Features This is just a quick-list, and is nowhere near all of the features our server has to offer 317 OSRS Server with New OSRS Content 25 Fully Functional Bosses to PvM Non-Combat Skilling-encouraged Rewards lead to profitable experiences on GoonScape Fully Functional Achievement Diary with Reward System Bounty Hunter PKing with Targets and PK Rewards Chambers of Xeric Raids - 10 Floors with Bosses and Obstacles to...

2 moons Browsergame

2Moons - is a space strategy game with hundreds of players simultaneously trying to be the best. All you need to play is a standard web browser FireFox is recommended A space strategy game in real time. Play along with hundreds of Users. No downloading, it will require only a standard browser. Free registration weekly free dark matter

Shaiya Destruction

Eventos semanais,Servidor especial edition,intocvel ativa aps a morte em pvp,novas montarias grtis no item mall,servidor com uma interface personalizada,recompensas de rank pink star,quests de pvp,opes de cones skill personalizada ou original,chars nascem equipados e linkados e recriados prontos para irem pvp ou drop,episodio 7,experincia lv 90, 99 free item mall e drop,anti GM edit ON,anti farm kill ON,drop ap 150 por mob em kanos,novas asas,pets,fantasias e montarias,drop 100,servidor exclusivo pvp 90,online 24 horas,Kill x80 e em eventos x160 a x250,Rank 1.000.000,Itens personalizados...

Silkroad WS - 400 FREE REBIRTHS

Features include 400 free rebirths, starter pack, stable server with advanced security, bot free realms, high uptime plus the unique Item Forge, Click the banner for More Info

Trawars (old travianx) Speed Server

The biggest and the popular Travian private servers running at multiple speeds in the world. real version 4.4, no lag and high speed experience with a lot of fun . register and have a great experience of travian with us.

Sky Pirates Online

Try a whole new experience TOPPKO PK servers with new unique features. Catch up fast in no time Sky Pirates Online Join us now.

Astral Mu Season 9 1000x Grand Open 1 November

Mu Online Season 9 Full Files 100 all character BALANCED Exp 1000x WEBSHOP Vip Astral Mu Tips MG character Spots on Minimap Players Market website and Game New pets Moon system 4 different languages on the website

Spark Online

Server 100% full PK , lvl 83 max, Easy lvl up, Armor and Weapons max +9 and jewel max +0, 100% upgrade to +8 , Start with all the items , War every day , Vote System , PUS System , Event every month and much more!! come join now!

Relicted-X - The ultimate Minecraft server

One of the most popular minecraft server with great history since 2010.

Rise Ragnarok Online | 3rd Class | GER / ENG

- Custom MVPs, Drops, Equip, Cards, Headgears [1100+], Maps & Dungeons- Special Questsystem- Mining with many Drops- Runes that can be enchanted- Unique upgrade system- Experienced and active GM Team- Weekly updates- Donation Items available with Quests o

Empire Metin2 - UltraFun 2017

Empire Metin2 Ultra-Fun Server,Max level is 250 - Rates Exp 500 , Drop 500 , Yang 500 - New Petshop, new items , new evolutions, Mode PvP-PvM - Custom Maps - No Lagg - Daily Events - Join now

1030 WARS

1030 Wars has made some changes. Uni 1 will re-open soon. I will reward those who register for the Universes with DM as my way of saying Thanks for the support.