Gaming top 100 list -

UnrealWoW Level 100 WotLK Funserver

Come join the fun of our unique 100 PvP funserver Custom Instances Custom events Scripted World Bosses Unique-Mall Friendly Staff Proffesions Xmog

RuneMise - 400 Online

Unique bosses, Unique economy, Easy farm.


The Best and Newest Ran online 2000 Times Rate,Full Class,All New Skills Learned All Free 50 Items Drop in Game,We have same as offical New Maps,Invite To Ride,Battle Islands,Lead Club Battle,Club Battle,CDM,Mail Box,Attendance,Tyranny,Range Enhance,Forbidden Tower,Free Reborn,Newest PVP PVE,Activity,Lottlo Game,Capture The Flag,Dimension Laboratory.

Fiesta Reborn

120 Cap Production system Reborn Coins Balanced gameplay New Quets Exp Low Drop High Money Easy Beta Phase


Runeline is a well known server that has been around for over 5 years it has evolve into an old school type experience with 100 pets and bossing amazing benefits features for members , server is new and a lot of content for free to play feel free to join our community


No bugged skills, add command, 100 siege working siege pvp portals included, 1v1FFA, Vote system, Ban system, Working brokerwebshop, Working transformation skillsarchdaeva, Free pure 25 plumes, Dual race, Donate system can donate to be a GM and more

Mortal WoW 335a 255 Level

255 Level Cap Tier 1 to Tier 161v1 Arena All Classes for All Races 50000 Custom Items Amazing Custom and scripted Instances Boss Custom Quest...


Am 10.03.2018 um 0900 Uhr Startet der neue Server Lunatic-SpaceShip. Wenn ihr auf ein einigermassen normal Speed Uni steht dann seit ihr hier genau richtig. Spiel Geschwindigkeit 20 Ressourcen Geschwindigkeit 20 Flotten Geschwindigkeit 2 Flotte ins Truemmerfeld 75 Verteidigung ins Truemmerfeld 0 Maximale Galaxy 4 Maximales System 400


Jeux Flottes x100 Ressources Cdr Flottes85Dfences50 venez nombreux jeux en volution


-Server Rates- - RateXp 1000. - RatePartyXp 1.5 - RateDropAdena 2000. - Drop 1x. - Spoil 1x. - Safe enchant 4 on all - Max Enchant 25 - Normal Scrolls 20 80 - Blessed Scrolls 20 100 - Crystal Scrolls 25 100 Note From 20 to 25 you can enchant only with Crystal scrolls. Cryscal scrolls can be obtained only from vote rewarder npc in Giran

World of Silkroad High rate 130 cap Silkroad server , unique skill system, Free d1 to d12 Context menu, daily events, friendly GMs and much more D13 skills 130 Fast support 247 Experience rate 100x Party Experience rate 200x Gold rate 60x Party 2x more Item rate 100x Party 2x more Alchemy rate 20x Join us now bots allowed The flavour of the Original Silkroad its HERE


Servidor Latino tiene jugadores de idioma spanish full PK, jugadores de servidor usko C-weast, lvl 83 rapido, relog master, Armadura roseta 9 , weapon 11, joyas 2 mximo, tenemos evento invasin War los martes, jueves y domingo. Batalla de Clan todo los sbados, evento CSW todo los domingos, evento BDW, chaos y mucho ms nete ahora a LATINKO 2018 Servidor Latino has Spanish language players 100 full PK, server players usko C-weast, lvl 83 fast, relog master, Armor rosette 9, weapon 11, jewels 2 maximum, we have War invasion event on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sunday. Battle of Clan every...

Relevation Online A Passage To The Future

Cap 115 Degree 12 Mixed Rates Old School Job Based FGW Silk per hour Auto Equipment Balance Bug Free

Encrypted 718 PVM T90 OSRS ITEMS

Player Owned Shops , Vote rewards , Hiscores , over 20 Bosses , MiniGame Points , Account Pins , Cosmetic System , FunPk Area spawned items , custom items , custom boss ,

OldSchool Rivals - EP2 Server

Private Ace Online EP2 Server. Most Balanced Gameplay! Re Discover The Last Game Play From Episode 2 ! "Non profit cash shop", you can buy just hologram cards, grind helper and rename cards Enchant Limited E10 With 100% From E1 to E10 !

Encrypted Ran Online Episode X - Tyranny Wars

Encrypted RAN - Episode X Official Server up February 22, 2018 Experience new and awesome server this 2018. Server Features 7 balanced class Max Level 300 Starting Level 100 Desolate Set Astral Weapon Continues update 11 Max Upgrade Last skill 237 Official Skill Effect Pull, Push, Stun, HPCut, Anti pots, Anti skill Pots based Combo based Hunt Craft your own items Compound system for crafting Rando Seal Dual Seal All known bugs fixed. Character preview enabled Right Click EquipUnequip item Item Link enabled 100 No donate setweaponacce Vote points, E-points, Gametime...

Dark MU S4 - NON RESET - P2W

EXP-5x,Drop65,MaxML50,2x EXP in Party,Custom Jewels,Custom Drop,Good Staff,247 Online,Play to Win,PVP Balanced,Boss system,You can find exe. anc. items on all maps and more... JOIN US


A Transcendent Advanced Job Private RO Server open on January 01, 2018. Server Rate 30x30x10x, Pre-Renewal, Max Level 9970, Max Stats 99, Insta Cast 150 Dex, ASPD 190, BossMvP at 0.01. We have full Gepard Protected.

WoW Titans Br 3.3.5a

WoW Titans Br SERVIDOR EQUILIBRADO PVP MUITO BOM ENTRE AGORA E VAMOS JOGAR O VERDADEIRO PVP Instant 80 - Itens Custom - Quest Custom - Shop Custom - Eventos Diarios - Boss Custom e muito mais...

Transcend-WoW 3.3.5 LEVEL 255



Looking for High Rate Server Newly Up Come and Join us ----DIVINE RAN---- Fresh Hot Server UP Day Feb 16, 2018 FRIDAY 800PM -EP7 5 class high rate -Regen based -Sync combo based -Level 1 starting level -1-25 rb lvl 100 -26-50 rb lvl 150 -300 max lvl -50 rb max rb -Hack Shield -skills up to 297 unique skills open all skills -Disabled Pots -15 Max ups -No Quest -Hunt base -Drop Rate Mid Rate -Gold Rate High Rate -Xp Rate High Rate -Shibuya Hunt Refines -Leveling Area and WeaponSet hunt DP3 Specialjailzone -BOSS drop gold and gt weapon costume -V-points in Website -Vote to vp -Gold to vp...

Perfect World Heaven

- 6 races, 12 classes, Free To Play, PK PVP everytime, everywhere. - Support Multi-Languages Client include English, Chinese, Vietnamese... and more if you request - Server Version 1.5.3 with 1.5.7 Items Fashions, Flyers, Rides from PWI Wonderland with Elements version 204. - Max lv 105 with 2nd reawakening. All items same with PWI. - Get free 3 times to level up 101. First you will level up 101 and you can train to 105 or reawakening. Second after your first reawakening, you will get free level up 101 and you can train to 105 or reawakening again. Final after your...

Whispering Fields

High Five LOW, HIGH & PVP SERVER, FULL GEODATA for better gameplay! All Areas and RaidBosses ready! Global Gk, GOD Armor, Weapon Setts! Dual Box, Community, Events, Donations, On HIGH rate: GM-SHOP, NPC Buffer, Long Bufftime, Join Now, we wait for YOU!


MU INDEPENDENCIA SEASON 12, Exp 500x, Drop 75,Reset LvL 350, Mantiene stats, PvP totalmente BALANCEADO, Max Stats 32500