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Fenix Mu x10 x500 x5000 - 15 December

Fenix-Mu Season 12, Servers X10, X500, X5000 , New Events Lord of Ferea and Knicks, Dark Angel Items, Blood Angel weapons,, Grand Resets, Vote Reward , Unique Features, Offline Exp, Guaranteed Stability and High Performance

Halloween Mu Networks

Exp 400x Drop 35 Lvl Reset 400 Vip Reset 350 Pronto Dominio . Com Los Esperamos

WarningMu 97D

Host from Europe Greece Server Private DDosProtection Server Exp 100x Server Drop 75 Monster HP 100 Jewel of Bless Bug OFF Mana Shield Defence rate 15 AT START Level Resets 350 on WebSite or in Game In Game type reset Clear Skills on Resets No Clear Points on Resets YES Clear Inventory on Resets YES Market WebSite No

Welcome to Tosa-Mu

Welcome Tosa-Mu, GRAND OPENING x1000, Season 12 Episode 2, Exp x1000 DROP 50 3D CAMERA, New Map Ferea, New monsters, New events Lord of Ferea and Knicks, Dark Angel Items, Blood Angel weapons, New Socket Items, New Pentagrams, Max Master Level 420


FRESH DATABASE SEASON 3 Ep1 Exp 50x BOX1 IN SHOPS HOT Players can wear any sets from any class HOT , Never restarted 247 WINGS 1 In Shop, Bless Bug OFF , FREE CREDITS FOR ALL MAX LVL 400 PPL 57 - keep stats Search Jewels NO-LAG SUPER FUN SERVER COME AND PLAY

Los Amigos 99C

Los Amigos 99C Experiencia 600x - Drop 50 Wcoins gratis cada 10 minutos y por Reset


Season 6 Ep.3, Exp 500X100X10X, Drop 30. No Full Items, No Web Shop, No XShop. Long term server. Brand new server. Custom, stable and fun. Play To Win

Mu Dkb Server 97D

Exp 800x - Drop 35 - Mobs HP 100 - Reset Lvl 350 - Pts x Lvl 57.

Mu PvP Season 9.2 Grand Open 1.12.2017

Season 9 episode 2 exp x60-30 dynamic Grand Open 1.12.2017 Well-adjusted game balance Off attack system Off trade system Gens system.

Elion Online S6Content 3x Custom Client

Elion Online is a fully re-created Game Client and Server with grafic improvement, better performance, HD resolution and shadows,Exp3x Drop35, Servers in Europe and South America,Big Opening TODAY 10PM UTC Time.


SERVER INFORMATION Version SEASON 2 Experience 8000 Item drop 80 Points per level 57 Maximum Points 32767 Max level 400 Level for reset 400 Clear Inventory No Clear Skills No Clear Stats No Grand Reset 100 resets 5400 credits


Server Season 2 Medium Exp 500 Drop 60 Reset lvl 400 Reset stat add 1000 points and 500 credits for each reset


PowerMU Grand Opening 24122017 1400 PM 1 Server PVP Server PowerMU Server is From Moldova Version Season lll Episode l Experience 99999x Drop MAX

TaxiMu Reborn

TaxiMu is backWe have 3 servers now,season 2 and season 9 and soon we will have TaxiMu Origin for androidCome and join us,Premium AntiHack,NoLag,No GL sets,1000x,drop 80,Great drops,Castle Siege

ZenMU.PRO Season 8 Modern x100, STARTED OBT

ZenMU.PRO - a young, ambitious project for MMO-games MuOnline Season 4 Modern, created by experienced developers in the field of MMORPG with professional technical support. The latest features of the gaming universe, creative innovation, revolutionary approach to the old content - all that can be found with us. Our project presents you a unique server Dynamic Experience Aincrad x100. The more you play, the more interesting is the game and the gameplay. Basic information Server scores x100 with a dynamic experience system for resets. Rate Drop 50 The Chronicles of the Server Season 8 Modern ...

Balkan Mu

Version 99.62T1.0M Exp x100 Drop 75 MaxLevel 400 resetLevel 350 PartyBonus Exp Max Point 1 Cell 32767 sky event 11 random ex WebshopCashShop No Rebuilded PvP Balance 99


New Seson 12 Episode1 New Map Nixies Lake new Holyangel Mastery Set new Darkangel Weapons new


Version Premium Season 12 Full epi2 GRAND OPENING COMING SOON Experience500 Drop 50 Maximum Stats 65000 Points Per Level 577 PVP server end mor REGISTER NOW

ReligionMu - OLDSCHOOL

Versin 0.97D Experiencia 1000x Drop 40 Todos los eventos disponibles para la versin. Somos un servidor con esperanzas de ser distinto a los dems, queremos crear algo bueno y duradero y quisiramos que nos regalaran su confianza y tiempo. El Soul no est en las tiendas, al igual qu no poseemos BlessBug. Por tanto el zen tambin es escaso. El reset cuesta 50 millones. Quitar el pk cuesta 100 millones. Arreglar los puntos cuesta 500 millones. Viajar a StadiumARENA cuesta 100 millones cada viaje y slo puedes entrar a nivel 300. Para jugadores OLDSCHOOL y amantes de MU Online, queriendo revivir...

Undead MU - Season 3 Episode 1

Undead MU - EXP 99999x Exp 9999 Real PVP Season 3 Balance Easy Gameplay Daily GM PVP PvE Events Grand Resets BOX12345 In Shops Wings 1,2,3 All Jewels In Shops Good Prizes For Events Active And Friendly GMs Welcome to Undead Team

Mu Revolution

Mu Revolution Season 2Ep1New Items Original 800x 40Grand ResetEvents With Dropper Jewels BC, CC, DSAntiCheat Advance Guard Premium247 ONLINE