Gaming top 100 list -

Beyond Aion 4.8

Retail-like with custom improvements, PvE PvP, increased rates, no VIP, no Gold Packets, 247 online, Events various bonuses, frequent Updates, qualified Support

Venom Core 3.3.5a Blizzlike

blizzlike PvE Only Low Rates Dungeons Battlegrounds Arenas Events Friendly Staff Scripted Instances Voting Rewards



Onyx - The most advanced RSPS

The most advanced RSPS Come play today with us and over 100 players on a stable and yet fun economy. PRE-EOC - 100 BOSSSES - 20 MINIGAMES ALL SKILL PERFECT STABLE ECONOMY LARGE PLAYER BASE


No bugged skills, add command, 100 siege working siege pvp portals included, 1v1FFA, Vote system, Ban system, Working brokerwebshop, Working transformation skillsarchdaeva, Free pure 25 plumes, Dual race, Donate system can donate to be a GM and more

Ferozity RAN

Ferozity RAN EP10 Ran GS Based Ep10 Gameplay NEWLY OPEN SERVER NO NEED TO PAY TO REACH THE TOP STRICTLY No Donate ItemsRandom Values, NO BIAS. Official Website Download Link httpwww.mediafire.comfileba1aue3htap9noaFerozity-1.exe Official Facebook Group httpswww.facebook.comgroups857297371093014refbrrs Server Rate Exp x30 Item Drop x5 Gold Drop x3 Starting Lvl 1 Cap Lvl 260 Max Skill 237 Server Features 8 Balanced Class Renewal Magician Class Skills can be unlock via Gold Max WeaponArmor Upgrade 11 Crafting System Sky Weapons Y Desolate Sets Thru Craft...

Holy Ran Classic EP 7

Holy Ran Ep 7 Grand Opening on September 12, 2017 Tuesday PCLAPTOP ONLY Low Rate Server x10 Exp x5 Money X5 Drop 4 Classic Max Level Cap 210 Skill Up To 167 Max Upgrade 10 Quest Based System Boss Hunt Based Party Leveling System Crafting Items Huntables Items Freebies for starting creation players HolyRan Expiration Box InGame Wars ClubWars Tyranny Wars School Wars Official Group httpswww.facebook.comgroupsHollyRanEp7 Official Website

Multiverse Warriors Rebirth

When the first subspace gateway was opened, many rejoiced at the new marvel in technology. However few realised the impact of the new discovery... The military used the subspace channels for the first few years, then allowed trading to open. As the colonies grew further apart isolating themselves in cultural and personal identities, the inevitable happened, and the first Great Intergalactic War broke out. One of the factions scientists known only as Arcturus, devised a method to use the subspace technology to send the destructive energy of his cannon to virutally anywhere in the universe....


We are an Ep5.3 server with working skills . EP 6 gears and weapons Max level 80 EXP is 250 x Custom lapis Special MM mobs All Items drop ingame We have a great and friendly staff team! More custom and interesting things are sure to come in the future

Destroy MuOnline Season 3 Episode 1

RO Season 3 Episode 1 Exp x100 Drop 65 PPL 567 MaxLevel 400 Max Point 32767 Exchange System WebShop Vote Reward Lottery System Scramble Event Friend System Item Upgrade System Castle Siege On Market System Grand Reset Master Grand Reset Vip System


Hackers Vs Police. Have you got what it takes to prove your team whos best Join For Free Today.

Clash Ran Online v7.x

Features 4 Class Balance Gaming Experience Hunt Base Upgrade Your Own Max Upgrade 10 Mid Rate EXP AND DROPS Open All Skills Crafting And Attendance System Random Value Base No Donate RV Daily Challenge Quest Disabled Party or Solo Leveling And More Unique Features PVPs SWTyranny, SWPVP, RoyalRumble,ClubDeathMatch,Clubwar Balance Game Play Player vs Player Party vs Party Guild vs Guild School vs School


RappelzTournament is a high rate private server focused on giving the users a great new unique gaming experience, with new features including customized items,maps,monsters events and more.


FB GROUP httpswww.facebook.comgroups1515758305173405


Season 3 Ep 1,exp 100,drop 80,al events work,friendly GM,Events every day,Join Us And Play Your Favorite Game Romania

KE Knight Online

V2 Server, LUNAR WAR,BDW,CHAOS,JURAID,DEATH MATCH,PARTY BATTLE. Start with chitin Chitin8,Weapons8,Jewelry1,Free Cospre. lvl 83 worms. exchange special items for KnightCash in moradon. max. chitin shell, weapons bifrost and personal

Ultimate Pirates Online

If you are looking for the Ultimate Tales of Pirates experience, Ultimate Pirates Online is the way to go. Once played, never forgotten.

Corrupted City

In the not too distant future, life in the city has changed. Politicians can easily be bought. Police are on the mobs payroll. Humanity has reached its lowest point ever. Robbery and riots rule the streets. Drugs are bought and sold on every corner. Law and order is no more. Justice is but a dream. Here, revenge reigns. You must decide your own path. Are you smart enough to find the way through Corrupted City


Join a new fresh 831 Runescape private server and play with your friends. Friendly staff and community.

Legend of MU Online

Se.6 Ep3, Se.12 Ep.1-2 Exp x5 x500, New Items Monster, Reconnect system Auto Party, Off Level Off Trade, many Websites modules. Welcome to Our Server

WoW HardCore 1x Blizzlike

The best wow 3.3.5a Lich-King Blizzlike 1x Only best players is on this server

Destrega Ragnarok Online

Play Ragnarok Online for free at DestregaRO Balanced server gameplay, No Pay2Win We are a 1000x1000x400x high rate private Ragnarok Online server Trans Class only, Episode 13.2 Encounter against the unknown, no custom wings. no Pay2win. See you soon


Server version Season 9.5 Experience rate 500x Drop rate 20-50 Exc. drop rate 1-15 Reset level 400 After reset Stats keep NO JEWELS IN SHOP Add stats commands addstr addagi addvit addene addcom Server heave grand reset. Max stats 65000


brand new 317 server with bossing instant pking and fun staff try us out


OSRS Based rsps with almost full raids and almost full inferno, all up to date content, constant updates and dedicated team