Gaming top 100 list -

Xtreme Gamers WoW

3.3.5a, Blizzlike x1 Realm, x5 WotLK Realm, x1 Cata Realm, Free to play, No donations required

Mu Israel

New server. Language English. Exp 15x. Good mob spots. Hard server

Specii-Metin2 Server nou pvp-pvmhard

Ratele 300, costumeweapon, insotitor, mount-uri noi, sistem realizari, cu Shop, shop-offline, evolutii Arme4 Armuri4 Accesorii2. Costume cu bonusuri pvm, pvphard. Server-ul este pvm-pvphard, esarfe, curele,pet-uri noi, multe altele.

MistPS - New OS-PK Server need staff

Active pking - perfect combat, gambling, many bosses and minigames. Oldschool PvP experience

GodOfWar Old School

Cap 100 OLDSRO Race Chinese and Europe - Gold Drop 2x Start Items Yes Start Gold SP Yes Tradegoods Enabled Magic-Pop Disabled Alchemy Rate 2x Max Plus12 Not Adv FORTRESS WAR Enabled, god balance and autentic files BlackRogue

Oldwood Perfect World

Exp x300, Spirit x300, Money x2, Quest Exp x50, Quest Spirit x50, Quest money x10 Celestial Sage and Celestial Demon on your choice. Custom daily quests. Working dungeons. Reduced Nation Wars map. Eastern Daylight Time. For more details on these, please check out website.

Space Strategy Zyperax

Game based on Xterium engine. High rates, admin is very active. Features Expeditions common and Hostail Balanced hostail sector Special planets with high bonuses Check Galaxy 5 Arsenal Market Governors Balanced battles Free AM giveaway Join and check by yourself

Trinix-Ran Online EPIX

NON BIASED GAMEPLAY 100 CHEAT FREE DONOR VS NON-DONOR COMBOREGEN BASED 9 Characters Useable 30 Max Upgrade 270 Max LVL CLUB WAR, SCHOOL WAR, CDM, Royal Rumble Activated All Skills Activated Crafting System No Rebirth Code Top Up System Game Point to Vote Point Friendly And Honest Non-Biased Staffs. Secured Server. Mid Rate Server, EXP - 70, Drop 80, Gold 60, Crafting System Come and Join Us

Storm Gaming Cap 80 CH only Oldschool MOON GOLD SUN DROP HARD

SERVER INFO Storm Gaming - Max Plus 12 - EXP 15 X - PT EXP 25 X - SP EXP 15 X - DROP RATE 10 X Team Storm - GMTrillian - GMLucas Silva - GMMrAwesome

PoE Orbs, Buy Path of Exile Currency Items -

Buy Cheap Path of Exile Currency Items on SAFE INSTANT DELIVERY 24x7 Customer Support. Various PoE Orbs waitting for you and enjoy the game.

Exillium Sro

CAP 110 DG 11 - ChEuro - EXPSP 50x - EXPSP Party 60x - Trade Goods - Magic POP - Max. PLUS 12 - Events - PC Limit 8


pomem polislik

Grand Chase Ran Online

GRAND CHASE RAN ONLINE EP11 Gameplay Cap lvl 260 max skill 237 Skill links Combo Combo base and Potion HP Cut Anti Pots Debuff 100 Huntable items Craft System School War Every 3 hrs Royal Rumble Every 2 hrs Club War Everyday 7-8pm Game Time Points Enable Vote Point Website Enable X Y Weapon Desolator Set Linneage Accessorie Randomizer Enable NOTE 1. All Bug user will be Account and IP banned Permanently without warning 2.Admin is not responsible for Player Hack account issue 3. Hacker will be banned Permanently without warning 4. Trash talk is allowed is part of the game but Show...


BRAND NEWS The best newest OSRS

SHAIYA MYTH join us now

Episode 5 PvP, Grinding, Faraming and Boss Hunting, Max Level 60, Max Lapis Lv7, EXP Rate x500, KILL Rate x2, No Custom Items, Ending equipments Lv60, No Lucky Charm, No Knockout Nostrum, FREE 30 Days CRR, PID, EE, Shaiya Points can be obtained through Vote, PvP Rewards and In-Game JOIN US


Cap110 Race ChinsEurop...Pve Skill Mastery 110 Max Degree 11 Alchmey Rate Max Plus 15 With Adv Alchmey Rate Max Plus Item 15 With Adv ExpSP Rating 50x Party Exp SP Rating 60x Server Capacity 1500 Slots Free Silk 2 Silk per hour IP PC Limit 10 Nova Drop From Mobs 101 TO 110 Pet inventory Isro System Exchange Gold Limit 1 Billions Stall Gold Limit 100 Billions Server FilesvSro DDOS Protection Yes Website Protection Yes Backup Dedicated Yes Server Location England Advanced Elixirs B Available Devil Spirit Available 15 Sox Egy A Only Nova Isro System Fortress JanganHotanBandit Battle...

XEvil can break 99 types of captchas

This message is posted here using XRumer XEvil 4.0 XEvil 4.0 is a revolutionary application that can bypass almost any anti-botnet protection. Captcha Recognition Google ReCaptcha-1, ReCaptcha-2, Facebook, BING, Hotmail, Yahoo, Yandex, VKontakte, Captcha Com - and over 8.4 million other types You read this - it means it works Details on the official website of XEvil.Net, there is a free demo version. Check YouTube video XEvil ReCaptcha2


SERVER INFORMATION Version SEASON 2 Experience 8000 Item drop 80 Points per level 57 Maximum Points 32767 Max level 400 Level for reset 400 Clear Inventory No Clear Skills No Clear Stats No Grand Reset 100 resets 5400 credits

ZenMU.PRO Season 8 Modern x100, STARTED OBT

ZenMU.PRO - a young, ambitious project for MMO-games MuOnline Season 4 Modern, created by experienced developers in the field of MMORPG with professional technical support. The latest features of the gaming universe, creative innovation, revolutionary approach to the old content - all that can be found with us. Our project presents you a unique server Dynamic Experience Aincrad x100. The more you play, the more interesting is the game and the gameplay. Basic information Server scores x100 with a dynamic experience system for resets. Rate Drop 50 The Chronicles of the Server Season 8 Modern ...

SeaSon-Online Cap120 PVP System Coin

Server Cape 120. Coin Silk System . Play to win server. Silk Per hour

BronzeSro - The Pedigree Of Perfection Cap 110 New School Balanced Long Term

Hello guys to Bonze Sro Online if you are searching for play2win server then you are at the right place After you login to our website you will find acc char panels which will be useful while you are plvling till lvl 110 every 10 lvls you will get a reward gold more pages slots coins and silk items New Custom Teleports you can find it at baghdad oh yea we have Baghdad working with mobs lv 110 All new avatars pet uniques added New Npcs at Alex South for cool goods like new scrolls Uniques Titan Room you Can teleport to this Room From Hotan to kill...

Candy Longju Official International Server

Official Candy Longju Private Server. Unique Gameplay. Max lvl 127.

IPlay.GG x10 H5 Grand Opening 1st March 2018

RATES Experience - x30 Skill points - x30 Adena - x15 Drop - x10 Spoil x7 CONFIGURATIONS Auto loot enabled except bosses Subclass maximum level 80 All Three occupations are at 0 cost and can be taken from Kidmac Johnson Located in every Town Olympiad, Sieges, Territory Wars will be set to follow original gameplay Offline Store can launched via command .offlineshop there are no specific regions Auto potions enabled for elixirs, all known HP potions- Waiting on Community confirmation There are no Mana potions, you can use Toggle Mana regen 130MPsec- Waiting on Community confirmation...


100x Exp,Sp 20x Drop 110cap

Mu Kirosho S8Ep3

Servidor de Estilo Unico y Hard, Exp x25 Dinamica, menos exp si tienes mas resets. Sin venta de items. Todos los items son originales. 46 Puntos por nivel. Vip 1 Bronce 7 Dias Gratis al registrarte. Reset al nivel 400. Max. 125 resets no borra puntos