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Servidor 100% BRASILEIRO online a mais de 4 anos mid rate exp: x130 drop: x70 gold: x450 VEM JOGAR COM A GENTE!!! 200+ players on

Ultimatescape 4

We have two aims, to provide the absolutely best gaming experince for our players and to make the most legendary RSPS of all time. UltimateScape is an advanced server we have many guides on the forums explaining how to play the game


MuUniverse FREE SHARD /NO WEB SHOP/NO VIP 0Reset Exp: 25x /Drop: 70 / SEASON 8EP4 PVP & PVE Default global style Mu Roomie, Moon system, New pets, Players Market ecc...CUSTOM JEWEL Stable Online Server

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Futuresro D14 cap 140 old system new style new items booting allowed FS war hotan janjan bandit comstable trade and job for billion and job trade for items coins system for items and weapon we wish u join us to get fun

Mayo Mu EXP999999999999

Fruta, 100 SEASON 6 EPISODE 3 pvpExperiencia X9999. Drop 90. PLevel 50, no borra nada.Shop Items full. Items Agregados. acc item in shop Socket jewels level jewels exellent jewels

SamarKand Online

Hello Every Body This is New Private Server Sro Name SamarKand Online Cap 100 D10 System Old SCHOOL But we upgrade New Scrolls New Effects Gelow Weapon and More Hurry Download it


Never before seen items a PvM server in the works, many benefits of joining early

OGame Turkiye Online Space Game

OGame Turkiye Online Space Game Legendary Classical OGame New Universe on June 3, Saturday at 1900 UTC.

Pegasus Online

Cap 140 ExpSp 300 Party ExpSP 350 Drop 25 Goldrop 10 Corrupt gms No Stall Limit 500.000.000.000 500b Exchange limit Default Skill Cap 140 Level 125 - 140 custom skills totally new animations Mastery Limit Ch420 Eu280 with nornam skill levels.. like lv123,lv136 etc.. not only lv120 like other shit srv..-.- Free silk Yes Arena-s Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan, Samarkand, Cons.,Jangan and Hotan,Alexandria,Jupiter,Baghdad,GM Room Alchemy from 1 to 7 70-100, 7-12 50 12-16 isro rate


Server Old Cap With Funny System Arena New Scroll job system Guild limtid Cap 100 Skill 100


Lyrocis.Website forum. A network for gaming and information. You will find MMO and MMORPG news , games , hints, tips, trailers and more.

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1- CH EU Cap130 2- start lvl 130 3- free silk 4- start item D 14 in Npc for 1 Gold 5- skill 130 6- uniques for fun

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Silkroad Asia online

Smooth DG10 gameplay, old system evx sro, new features, auto events based, rebirth system the best, friendly GM and many more


Interlude pvp server join dont miss it. Welcome to Lineage 2 Undone PvP. Our server will be your new addiction. We worked a lot on our server to provide you the best gameplay. Our goal is to give players the best pvp experience. On our server you won't find custom items and starwars stats! Don't forget to like our facebook page for updates and news!

Aeon Ran Online

9 Character Class, Babyran Gameplay, Update User Interface, MANY MORE COME AND JOIN US


110 cap olup. Ana Sehir JANGAN'DIR. Coin sistemi vardır. Uniqelerden coin cıkmaktadır. Mısır uniqelerimizden ve Medusadan bazı hediyeler cıkmaktadır. ( bazı scrollar, global, %5 lik premium gibi ) Baslangıc 1 lvl dir. Shoplarda 1 dg-9 dg +7 sunları 1 gold'a bulunmaktadır. 101 npc +5 set ve silah bulunmaktadır. Uniqelerden cıkan coinlerimizle fıght silah ve immortal item alınmaktadır. Fgw ile power vs itemlere ulasabilirsiniz. İp Limit:4 olacaktır. Düzenli haftada 2 defa ödüllü eventimiz olcaktır. Pwp sevdalıları için 2 haftada en iyi pwp charı secilip rütbe verilecektir. Uniqe...

Lineangel Ogame

Ogame versao xnova 5.9


New growing rsps -Gambling - Amazing Pvm - Duo Slayer - Party Dung - WildyWyrm - Shooting Stars - Achievements - Drop tables - 2 Game Modes - Summoning - Custom Minigames - Boss Pets - Custom Titles - Come Play The New up and coming Rsps.

R4PG Trove Flux On Sale

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L2 Seven

L2Seven The Ultimate PVP server OPENING Today 20:00[GMT+2] A simple and clean one Just a massive PVP zone, Grand Bosses, Olympiad and Sieges. Buying free +10 equipment. Enchantable by pvping until +15. Free bogs, lifestones. Buyable active/passive agument skills, hero status, noblesse status. Ultimate classes made just for PVP.