WoW Private Servers - Top 100 Server List


Welcome to the rabbit hole see how deep it goes come join us we are 100% free to play RPPVP server we are a english/danish world of warcraft Wotlk server friendly staff olways in a good mood oure rate is Rate XP Kill X10Rate XP Quest X10Rate XP Explore X10


Wow server. 3.3.5a realm. Good, professional staff. Custom World bosses. Vote gear and donor gear. Well balanced. Need dedicated players.

New PvP PvE 3.3.5a server. all instance works. xp rate:kill 10x quests 15x explore 1x .

ArenaWoW.PRO - WOW 3.3.5

Unique free PvP WoW 3.3.5 server. Excellent serviceability. Solo Arena 3v3 and 1v1, 2v2 arenas unique system. Factional battlefield, fully operational inst. To list all the benefits, it is easier to go and see


Un Servidor Privado con una ideologa diferente, otro punto de vista, en el cual nos sumergimos en un mundo tanto PvE como PvP para que siempre tengas algo que hacer y disfrutes cada segundo que pasas en nuestra comunidad divirtindote, tenemos muchas cosas implementadas para hacer de esto, algo nico, te esperamos.

Equniox WoW

Patch 3.3.5| Instant Level 70| 71 Talent| Custom Quest, Scripts | Cross Faction Battleground. Come on!!


German Server Nice Ping Daly Updates Top Rates Vote Shop Armory Weekly Events and more join us and have fun.

Dark-Azeroth l WotLK 3.3.5a

Dark-Azeroth ist ein 3.3.5a WotLK Blizzlike Server, der Content wird nach und nach freigeschaltet. Content zu 99 gefixxt, bei dem alles zu 100 Blizzlike abluft. - Starterpaket 300 Goldstcke T5 Set. - Chartransfer Gildentransfer bis zur Gegenstandstufe 200.

Warkings WoW 3.3.5 Instant 80 PvP Fly Everywere

Our Server is Instant 80, everyone can Fly Everywere, Starter Gear, World Teleporter, Starter Area and Jukebox. Gain honor dueling, your health and cooldowns reset before and after the duel. PvP Token System, we have a PvP Token Reward System, when you have a honorable kill you receive PvP Tokens

FreeDom-wow 1.12.1

100% free to play wow private server ! with 2 realms pve & pvp 5X exp rate come join us !

History-WoW Private Server 1.12.1,2.4.3,3.3.5

History-WoW private Server supporting the old versions of World of Warcaft 1.12.1 Vanilla | 2.4.3 TBC | 3.3.5. Wotlk! Join us to play for free!

Wrathlords Gaming 255 Funserver

255 funserver, all class all race patch custom items custom bosses and custom instances. Friendly staff. 24/7 up on a stable core. And the most important thing is that you having fun here!

JFA - Battle

3.3.5 Patch - Instant lv80 - International quality - PvP Tournaments - The best hungarian FUN server

MMOReactor - WoW Emulation Forum

This is a mainly a WoW Emulation Forum, and Graphic forum however we have offtopic chats as well. You can advertise your WoW Private Server, recruit staff, ask for help, discuss graphic design, offtopic here! Make sure to check out the forum and learn more about it.


Nocturnal-WOW : 3.3.5a PVP Server / Free Tier 10.5 [ H ] and Arena Season 8 Sets / Active Community / Recruting Gamemasters / Active events / Full scripted raids and instances / Join us now :


WotLK server, 2 realms 20x Blizzlike and 1x Blizzlike PTR, Wintergrasp working on PTR soon on 20x realm too. All scripted. New server looking for fresh community. Friendly staff. Join today.

GonzyWoW 3.3.5 WoTLK FuN, PvP

Patch: 3.3.5a | Token & Coin & Kredit Rendszer | 1v1 Aréna (Magyarországon először) | Aréna Spectator | Cross Faction Battleground | PvP Island | Transmogrification NPC | Scriptelt insták | Mindenkit várunk szeretettel!

Ancient Azeroth

Brand NEW and the best progressive WoW Server. Experience the Vanilla, TBC, and WOTLK experience all in ONE Server! Blizzlike-raids. Customizable Rates. All level 60+ content converted to level 80. Active Developers. The battle has just begun...

OFFICIAL getMaNGOS | Classic, TBC, Wrath

OFFICIAL Blizzlike Mangos servers provided by on behalf of the getMaNGOS project! Experience expansions with our own in-house migration system Supported by

Darkiron Mist of Pandaria 5.4.8

Mist of Pandaria 5.4.8 4X with normal ~ Drop rate 7X, Join us now

* Undying WoW - Vengeance of Egorius *

* Instant 80 335a PvE/RP/PvP Realm * Fully Custom Map * Custom Lore & Story Line * World PvP Questing Areas * Custom Cinematics * Legion Artifact Transmogrification & Druid Forms * Over 300+ Custom Mounts * No Overpowered Items * No Custom Items * Vanity Upgrades *

Beta - Illuminated - 4.3.4 - Blizzlike - Funserver

Castle Lightwolf Open Beta 100 Blizzlike. Server is in Beta and we are actively repairing and working on improving the 100 blizzlike experience. Currently the server needs extensive testing. We will be releasing a bug tracker to help track bug progress soon. Proudpine Outpost Open Beta Instant 85 Free-for-all Funserver - Custom World PvP System - 17 Custom Daily quest in a fully scaled zone. Quest descriptions in progress - Custom Scripted Battle for Halaa world PvP zone - 5 World Bosses and 3 more in development. - Fully Custom Scripted bosses coming soon - Completely...

Inception WoW 20 Twink - 3.3.5 - BETA

[3.3.5a] [WOTLK] [Battlegrounds and Arenas] [Stable Dedi] [Never before seen Mall] [Excellent Staff] [Balanced Gear] [High Up time] [Custom Quests] [Friendly Community] What are YOU waiting for?

Eternyum 3.3.5a Progressive

PvP PvE Pathfinding vMaps High uptime Experience lag-free gameplay Active team of developers BGs working Arenas working Talents working Scripted instances Join Us

World of Sickly Dread

Blizzlike and fun private server for WOTLK. Get Lich King gear and other free mounts. New races and gear.