Top 100 Silkroad Private Servers


Cap110 Race ChinsEurop...Pve Skill Mastery 110 Max Degree 11 Alchmey Rate Max Plus 15 With Adv Alchmey Rate Max Plus Item 15 With Adv ExpSP Rating 50x Party Exp SP Rating 60x Server Capacity 1500 Slots Free Silk 2 Silk per hour IP PC Limit 10 Nova Drop From Mobs 101 TO 110 Pet inventory Isro System Exchange Gold Limit 1 Billions Stall Gold Limit 100 Billions Server FilesvSro DDOS Protection Yes Website Protection Yes Backup Dedicated Yes Server Location England Advanced Elixirs B Available Devil Spirit Available 15 Sox Egy A Only Nova Isro System Fortress JanganHotanBandit Battle...

PandaFx Sro

Cap100 DG10 RaceEUCH Experience rate 5x Party Experience rate 10x Gold drop coeficent 5x Item drop coeficent 6x Job rate x120 System job FTW New Donwhang