Gaming top 100 list -

Mu Arya Season 6 Episode 3 PlayToWin

Season 6 EP3250x3 Server400 User ONBalanced PvPFree PcPoint WingsFREE 1000 In StatsEasy Exc, Vote RewardSuper Stable 240710gbs Cero LagFree PcPoint Every Day65K MaX stats

Margonem MMORPG

Join us in dynamic, 2D, fantasy game! Explore the vast world of Margonem MMORPG, visit all nine towns, slay thousands of different monsters, accomplish hundreds of quests, equip yourself with countless weapons and armors, meet friends, brothers in arms and finally speak up on forums integrated with the game!

Beyond Aion 4.8

Retail-like with custom improvements, PvE PvP, increased rates, no VIP, no Gold Packets, 247 online, Events various bonuses, frequent Updates, qualified Support

RAN Online EP7 Classic

210 Cap Level Up to 167 Skills x10 EXP Party Leveling Quest System Hunt your own Ups your own 4 Balanced Class NO PAY TO WIN BUYSELL PHP ALLOWED

Die 4te Offenbarung D4O - Free to play MMORPG HacknSlay

Die 4te Offenbarung D4O ist ein kostenloser D4O Server mit einizgartigen Charme und einer tollen Community. Betrete jetzt die Welt von Althea und beweise deine Faehigkeiten. Dieses Spiel bietet ein einzigartiges Skillsystem mit jeder Menge Freiheiten


Genesis Online is a brand new server which brings you the true old school experience that you always dreamt of. Its a gold based server with medium rates, cap 90, lots of fixes and balancing and no coin systems Take a look at our website for more information.


Wartringer WoW Server 3.3.5.a We are a new server with excellent experience from previous projects WotLK Realms 3.3.5 XP changed to HIGH Level 80 No server failure High PVP quality ICC scripts are functional and error free including GUNSHIP

Shaiya Desire

The best Shaiya server you have never seen before Epsiode 5, Max Level 70, EXP Rate x50, KILL Rate x2, Max Lapis Lv6, Elemental Lapis Lv2, NO Custom Items, Active and friendly staff team. Start your adventure Today


Jeu Spatial avec pleins de nouveauts.Vitesse x10, dbris 30 Def et 70 Flo.Ouvert depuis le 1 Novembre 2016.Nombreux Bonus.Forteresse, Loterie etc...MAJ rgulire.Jeu entirement gratuit.

DeluxeWoW 3.3.5a Custom Level 100

New Server 3.3.5a Custom English battlegroundVIPaccount RateInstant80 LevelMax100Mall zoneTeleporterHearthstone 3800 CustomsItems Enjoy

Gamer Social Network

Join SocialKicks - Tons of Games, even more Gamers. Register and Play for Free! Win Prizes! The Gamer Social Network.

Fury Ran Reloaded

Fury Ran Reloaded -150 max lvl127 max skill -4 balanced class -Hunt baseQuest base -Classic leveling -E-games Gameplay -E-pointsE-cardsVote points system

Vetus Mundus

Choose between humans and gargoyles which are completely seperated from the human world, learn new skills like mysticism, imbuing, throwing or spellweaving. OSI-like but with many own feature like the fascinating criminal-system on Ter Mur or the castle siege system on Felucca. Explore many dungeons including the underworld and abyss dungeon. Skillcap 800 900 after one year, Statcap 225 250. Only Felucca is PvP and PK land. Shard language is German, but English speakers are welcome. Join one of the biggest German freeshards and its friendly community. A dedicated staff awaits you.


- 300 Max level - 237 Skill - Reborn system - EP9 Gameplay - Hunting your own items - Regen based - Pots based with cooldown time - Combo based Sidestep Gaming - Royal rumble - Old SchoolWars - EP10 Cool Items - Upgrade system Like BABYRANBOSSRAN JOIN KA MUNA SA GROUP PRA UPDATED KA httpsweb.facebook.comgroupsrockonranep9 LIKE MO NA RIN ANG FANPAGE PARA MASAYA httpsweb.facebook.comrockonranep9


7200 REAL ONLINE Adena and experience for PVP The best clans are playing on Mass battles, events, mini-events, raids, sieges and much more Guaranteed quality, long work without wipe, 247 instantly support The classic ideal balance is like an interlude, but the graphics are better Event of the year - your chance to become a legend of this story The largest GvE Faction server on the Internet. x1000x1000x1000 Start 75lvl all your need PvP Exp,Adena,Materials is not a last hit system. Its based on damage done. Game Manager Massive PVP running 247 with mini-games for winning faction in...

Insane Gangsters

Wanna be the best..think you ARE the best.. then come on in and play Insane Gangsters. The missions and crimes are the best place to start, build up your money to buy weapons and protection.


Private travian server offering you unforgivable fair gameplay and enjoyable experience. Our developers team fixing bugs as soon as we got an report. and testers team testing every detail and new feature. Game completely free Join now and show your strength to other conquers

IruneOnline 110 ChnEu JobBased 20.02.18

Special CHN DMG Buff Cap 110 - Mastery CHNEU 330220 - Max Plus 12-ADV14 CTF-Ba-Roc Gate enable 1 Irune per Hour Honor Buff Via Job ActivityPlay to win, Special Npc with Premiumimmortal buyable via Arena coins AC drop at Uniques

Ares Ran Classic PH Ep7

SERVER LAUNCHED MARCH 4,2018 Ares Ran Online Classic Ep7 101 Balanced Gameplay 200 Max Level 100 Sync Gaming 4 Balanced Classes No Reborn 10 Max Upgrade Skills Lv.7 - Lv.157 Pow, Dex and Int Pure Hunt Base SKILLS CAN BE BOUGHT AT NPC OPEN MAP NO NEED QUEST 247 Online Hackshield Protected Gametime to Vote Points EP to Vote Point No Edited Items No Bias Staffs Tyranny SchoolWar PvP SuperiorWar Club War


piedvajam uzspelet SAMP-RP server, ka ari server. Un drizuma versies valja WAR3 serveris

ReforgeCraft ClassLess

Enjoy unique ClassLess WOTLK experience as you create any race class combination for base and then build on it using spells and talents from any class and whatever stats u choose. There are 2 Diff realms and custom commands, you can do any factions quests

Ran Cosmo Classic

QUEST BASED SERVER, 230 CAP LEVEL, 207 FINAL SKILL, TYRANNY WARSSPP, SUPERRIOR WARS, CRAFT BASED SERVER, NO DUAL LOG IN, NO Cheats Auto Pots, Game Guard Protected , Boss hunt based server, Random item value rv, Character Info Preview No Doubts on stats , Official Ran Online PH Items, Easy Add Stats Ex. DexValue, Tyranny War Every3hrs, Superior War SundayEvery3hrs, Club War MWF, Party Leveling spot by spot, Party boss hunting.


GWK ouvre son univers aux conqurants Construirez votre empire, crer votre alliance, rivaliser contre vos ennemis et devenez lempereur de lunivers

Bangbang Ran Online

SERVER FEATURES Active Owner and Admin 7 Balanced Class Highrate Gameplay Regen Combo Based 100 Starting Level 270 Max Level Unlock All Skills Open Map No Reborn 15 Max Upgrade Gold Color Rando and Sealed Card Skills Effect Enable Hackshield Protected Donor vs. Non Donor 100 Possible ADDITIONAL FEATURES Official Interface Official Map Window Item Link View Character Info Additional Character Info Item Crafting Enabled Hunt Based

World of Galaxy

Eine neue Zivilisation Du Startest mit einer unterentwickelten Welt, und errichtest auf dieser ein Imperium. Grndest Kolonien und verteidigst diese. Atemberaubende Flexibilitt Erstelle eine wirtschaftliche und militrische Infrastruktur, auf der Suche nach den nchsten grten technologischen Errungenschaften um dein Reich an die Spitze zu bringen. Wer bist du Bist du der der sein Umfeld terrorisieren wird Oder wirst du denen die hilflose angreifen zeigen was Angst ist