Gaming top 100 list -

Interkasa MU Online Medium Season VI 4.11.2017

Interkasa MU Online SEASON VI 60x Drop 50 All Season VI Features work Full support 247365 Stable project NO DONATORS Anti cheat system for safe playing Grand opening 4.11.2017

Them Bones

Them Bones - BlizzLike - WotLK - 2xRates - Custom ServerCore - Fully working quests, classes, dungeons and raids.

Escape Classic Ep7

Experience the OLD Classic Ran Online EP7 with some modifications

Rx.NET Lineage II

Freya Hi5 // Cooperative Gameplay // Dynamic Low Rates (1x approx.) // Keeping old-school L2 gameplay alive since 2008!

Trapeze Ran Online

Server Features - NO PAY TO WIN - Balance Gameplay - Active Staffs and GMs - Max Level 260 - Max Skill 237 - Max Upgrade 11 - Rando Seal Based Gameplay - No Donate Items or RVs - Hunt your own items

Onyx RAN Classic

SERVER INFORMATION CLUB WARS MON WED SAT 800 - 900 PM GMT 8 SURYUN INUMAN FRI 700 - 800 PM GMT 8 GAME FEATURES Authentic EP1 Gameplay Circa 2006 Mid EXP Rate Mid Drop Rate 4 Original Character Classes 155 Level Cap 147 Max Skill 9 Max Upgrade 10 Max RV Quest Based Maps Hunt Based Items Bonus Time Gauge Enabled Club Wars Enabled Monthly Freebies Royal Rumble Enabled Open Beta King Of The Hill Coming Soon School Wars Coming Soon Tyranny Wars Coming Soon Scheduled Power Hour Events Scheduled Suryun Events Scheduled Inuman na Events Convert Game Time to Vote Points...

TravianZ, latest updates

Latest friendly bug-free and periodically updated Travian 3.5 clone called TravianZ. Its based on a community project and brings back the joys and torments and the nostalgia of old Travian v3 servers. They might not officially exist anymore but the spirit prevails in this wonderful, feature-to-feature complete clone


Durward Codec Online

Come to the newest hard rates server, totally inspired by the original. Released on March 25, 2017, Durward Codec had its project started in the year 2008, the purpose of the game is to maintain all the features of its original great game, the Tales of Pirates, however here you will find more than this, you will find expansion changes like new missions, maps, equipment and monsters. Enjoy, not lose time, see whats new here and you will be AMAZED


Server Season 2 Medium Exp 500 Drop 60 Reset lvl 400 Reset stat add 1000 points and 500 credits for each reset


Jeux Flottes x100 Ressources Cdr Flottes85Dfences50 venez nombreux jeux en volution


NON RESET SERVER x100, IGCN Premium, ML 200, Freebies on shop, Dropable all items, Webshop off, Xshop On. RESET SERVER x5000, Muemu, ML 440, w Freebies, Dropable all items, For more info just visits our website.

Multiverse Warriors Rebirth

When the first subspace gateway was opened, many rejoiced at the new marvel in technology. However few realised the impact of the new discovery... The military used the subspace channels for the first few years, then allowed trading to open. As the colonies grew further apart isolating themselves in cultural and personal identities, the inevitable happened, and the first Great Intergalactic War broke out. One of the factions scientists known only as Arcturus, devised a method to use the subspace technology to send the destructive energy of his cannon to virutally anywhere in the universe....

Shaiya Blitzkrieg

Episode 45 Dedicated Server - Instant Level - Kill x1 Event x2 - Easy Farm - Boss Hunting - No Debuff Lapis - NO KO Nostrum - Friendly Staff Join US

Wow King Monster blizzlike 3.3.5a

El mejor servidor PvE Blizzlike creado y mantenido por desarrolladores profesionales con una pasin por World of Warcraft. El mejor software en la parte superior del mejor hardware. Baja latencia. Mayor tiempo de actividad. RDF, Arena, Wintergrasp y Raids funcionan al 100. PvE activo y PvP

HellYeahMU S1 - S6EP3 - S10EP3

Multi-Servers Low Experience Non-Reset System Cashshop Wcoin Exchange Lucky Coin Exchange Season 1 - Season 6 Episode 3 - Season 10 Episode 3

Mafia Hustle

Mafia Hustle is a highly addictive mafia crime game. A classic text based game recreated with a modern twist.

RioSro Cap 110D11New SystemNew Skills247 onlinePvpPve Advanced Features

Pvp.Pve Server With FGW ----------------------------- Cap 110 Items EGY A EGY B EGY C New Skills New Quests ----------------------------- some hint about the game that will help you 1- with 1 gold you can get Item Nova 7 Lucky Steady ston Elixeers Free So U Can Make 2- Kill Uniques to get some of arena and V-coin Normal Uniques 10 Arena Coin Jupiters 10 R-Coin 3- arena and CTF work Arena 7 arena winner , 2 Loser CTF --- 1 kill 1 R-Coin 4- new skill you can get new skill that will help you to kill your enemey and be strong with our new quest it is will be crazy grin item info EGY A...

Raqland 1.12.1 Vanilla WoW Server

Dedicated 1x Vanilla Server 1.12.1 Fast Server No Lag 1x XP Rates No Pay to Play Non-Profit Server PVE Multi-boxing Permitted

Holy Ran Classic EP 7

Holy Ran Ep 7 Grand Opening on September 12, 2017 Tuesday PCLAPTOP ONLY Low Rate Server x10 Exp x5 Money X5 Drop 4 Classic Max Level Cap 210 Skill Up To 167 Max Upgrade 10 Quest Based System Boss Hunt Based Party Leveling System Crafting Items Huntables Items Freebies for starting creation players HolyRan Expiration Box InGame Wars ClubWars Tyranny Wars School Wars Official Group httpswww.facebook.comgroupsHollyRanEp7 Official Website


Jeux en volution bta Vitesse jeu x50.000 Vitesse flotte x20 Vitesse production x50.000 Flotte dans le CDR 80 Dfense dans le CDR 80 Vaisseau extracteur

TransilvaniaMU Season 6 Episode 3 IGCN CASTLE SIEGE

TransilvaniaMU Season 6 Episode 3 IGCN CASTLE SIEGE

WoW Private server 255

Hello everyone welcome you to the New Cascade-WoW 255 lvl fun server . Every day we make events with big reward . You can like our page in facebook to see more information about server and events

L2 Anjos

Server MID-RATE x100 Farm Server NO Customs NPC Buffer BRAZIL WELCOME

Lorious Ragnarok

GAME PLAY Pre-Renewal Max Level 9970 2nd Job Trans Max Stats 99 Instant cast 150 Dex Max ASPD 190 Gepard Shield Woe SE Fri,Sat,Sun FreeBies Normal MVP Card Loki Pvp System Costume Head Gear