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ReligionMu - OLDSCHOOL

Versin 0.97D Experiencia 1000x Drop 40 Todos los eventos disponibles para la versin. Somos un servidor con esperanzas de ser distinto a los dems, queremos crear algo bueno y duradero y quisiramos que nos regalaran su confianza y tiempo. El Soul no est en las tiendas, al igual qu no poseemos BlessBug. Por tanto el zen tambin es escaso. El reset cuesta 50 millones. Quitar el pk cuesta 100 millones. Arreglar los puntos cuesta 500 millones. Viajar a StadiumARENA cuesta 100 millones cada viaje y slo puedes entrar a nivel 300. Para jugadores OLDSCHOOL y amantes de MU Online, queriendo revivir...


WebSite : Forums : Quest Items : XileRO Android : Home Town: Prontera Max Lvl: 255/70 (3rd Adv. Jobs) PK Server - 1k/1k/2k rates (XP/SP/Drop) - Custom Rates Commands: @go, @warp, @who2, @storage, @gstorage, @autoloot and @mi, /stat+ amount Server Specs: 3.2 QuadCore , 32gb Enhanced DDR3, Linux OS, 1gb/s Dedicated line, Customized eAMod Deticated Super Server ...

2 moons Browsergame

2Moons - is a space strategy game with hundreds of players simultaneously trying to be the best. All you need to play is a standard web browser FireFox is recommended A space strategy game in real time. Play along with hundreds of Users. No downloading, it will require only a standard browser. Free registration weekly free dark matter


Was euch auf FrostWolf-WoW erwartet: Benutzerfreundliches User Panel Täglicher Support Serverkonzept: High Rate (15x +) Funktionierende Raids / BGs Originalgetreue Contenteröffnung und anspruchsvolle Bosse Moderne leistungsstarke Server Einen WotLK-Realm, (PVP) Aktives Entwicklungsteam und wöchentliche Serverupdates Charaktertransfer und Fraktionswechsel auf unseren Servern Alle Flugrouten Großes Start Packet (Im Start NPC wo ihr Startet)

Metin2 Laganas

PvP Mediu Lvl max 105 Rate automate Vineri 200 Sambata 500 Duminica 1000 - Al 5-lea caracter Lycan - Sistem Offline Shop - Sistem Alchimie - Sistem Esarfe - Sistem Curele - Switchbot F5 - Fast Equip F6

GERRoyal-Streets Altis Life

Arma 3 Altis Life Server Wir stellen hier unseren Altis Life Servers von vor. Wenn du auch Lust auf Roleplay auf der Map Altis von Arma3 hast, besuche uns einfach auf unserem Teamspeak 3 Server oder auf unserer Webseite - The Best Revelation Online Gythil Store provides cheapest Revelation Online Gythil and Power Leveling service with fast delivery. 100 Security Guarantee.

V2 Last War

Max Level 166 x10 EXP x60 SP x10 Gold x30 Drop Custom x10 P1 Pet x400 ish P2 Pet


PlayExclusiveSro Basic information Indicators Free silk,New Unique,job quests,Classic Game play,New ,Job Cave,Coins Level 110 - 110 custom skills totally new animations Server Information Pvp Server Cap 110 Coins Gold System Solo EXP 300x Party EXP 350x Drop Rate 3x Gold Rate 4x Free Silk 10k Races Chinese and Euro CTFWorking Job Temple Working Arena Working Unique Rank Working Academy Removed Mastery Skill Level For Chinese and Euro Mastery Skill Level For Chinese 440 Mastery Skill Level For Euro 220 FreeSilks Yes -Arenas Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan, Samarkand, Cons.,Jangan and...


Hello everyone We are Velorium, we try to provide unique content and a fun experience for everyone to the server. We listen to our players and their needs, we do intend to do what you all like, only if its possible to do


*Server Rate* XP:5000 SP:5000 ADENA:5000 PARTY XP:5000 PARTY SP:5000 PARTY ADENA:5000 *Enhant Rate* Safe Enchant: +7 Max Enchant: +25 Normal Scroll: 85% Blessed Scroll:90% Crystall Scroll:100% Augement Rate:20% *Raid Boss* Drop:crystall wep s Drop: crystall armor s Drop:book

Vete-Ran Online Classic EP7 4 CLASS

Are you tired of looking for a server that suits your Veteran Gaming skills Are you tired that your choices is either episode 2 or episode 9 Do you want to experience the days of fun and be reborn with the people that have the same skills as you If so, We all invite you to join the glory of the veterans.

RevoultionSro II Dg 11 II Pve-Pvp II Funny System

Cap 110 Dg 11 Pve-Pvp Trade-Coin System FortressJangan-Bandit ArenaEventSoOk Enabled Weekly Events For Big Reward Egy A - Egy B System New Special Items New Effect Chars New Style Effect For Weapons Team Support 247 Friendly People New Uniques Drop Coins Gold Coin From Uniques Arena Coin From Mobs 109 Revo Coin From Shop Special Items by Gold Coin Revo Coin Egy A-EgyB By Arena Coin... Server has Opened 4 Years Ago We Continue In The Fifth Year We Hope You Find Fun With Us .. Regards

Eden Online Sro Cap 100 D10 CH only PVE Old School Job Coin play 2 Win

Play 2 win Free Silk Uniques FOR SILK New Special Trade Reward System COIN Auto Events FOR SILK Cap 100 CH Only Degree 10 MAX Plus 12 use ADV Alchemy Rate 1x Auto equipment

Seventh-RebornCap90Only CHCoinJob System3 Silk90minPlayToWin

Server cap90 Last gears9th Degree RaceOnly Chinese Mastery Limit300 EXP25x Item3x Gold3x SOX1x Alchemy3x Job Rates10x Monster spawn2x


LINEAGE2 PROFESSIONALS H5 MID X25 SERVER GRAND OPENING 15.7.2016 GMT 3 Unique Mid Rate Server , all will be there dont miss this opportunity FULLY FEATURED LIST la2pro.comforumindex.phptopic3-lineage2-professionals-fully-featuresentry3 ADV EVENT la2pro.comforumindex.phptopic4-la2pro-advertisement-event SKYPE EVENT la2pro.comforumindex.phptopic5-la2pro-skype-event FACEBOOK EVENT la2pro.comforumindex.phptopic8-la2pro-facebook-event CLAN EVENT la2pro.comforumindex.phptopic6-la2pro-clan-event NOBLESSE EVENT la2pro.comforumindex.phptopic7-la2pro-noblesse-event ...

Fantasy Warlords

Fantasy Warlords is a free turn-base strategy game, each palyer start with a team of 5 mercenary a fight to earn gold and experience to upgrade its units or to buy new mercenary.Play for free, now.

Paradise-sro cap100 chines only

Servercap 100 Mastery Limit 300 Race Chinese Experience x35 Goldrate x5 Droprate x10 Alchemy rate x1 IP Limit-8.


THSRO Come have fun with us --Wellcome ThSro site Cap 120 Pvp Degree 13 System Coin mob 120 All mapa Samarkand Drop100 Max plus 19 ADV New Uniques All Avatar Free All Item Freee Daily Event Server SysTem Coin Easy Server Free silk You accont not have silk Pm


Lvl 255 Cap PVP PVE Challenging gameplay Unique. Custom content. Critical Attack Skills 99 110 180 Gear Balanced Mac Available Dream Characters


The space MMO for your browser. DarkOrbit will keep you coming back for more! Explore the infinite expanses of outer space in one of the best browser-based, action-packed space shooters ever made. Fly into the face of danger and go where nobody has ever gone before - either on your own or with others. Set a course to discover new galaxies and new lifeforms.

Travmania - 100.000X - NEW SERVER - LAG FREE

Travmania is no different to the other servers, but we're not running this for your donations. We want to provide a fun and extensive travian clone for all to enjoy! Come along and take advantage of all the bot farms just waiting for you to loot them!

Blood-Sea Online

5 x Solo-Exp 12 x Party-Exp 5 x Drop-Rate 150 x Fairy-Growth 100 x Ship-Exp Online, 247 JOIN US NOW

MGT Studios WoW Server 6.2.3

World of Warcraft Warlords of Dreanor Private Server. Blizzlike with high rates. Minor bugs. Everyday update. New Server.


CENTER imghttpi.imgur.comRpaAWdh.pngimg BOldschool 377 Cache 247 Uptime RS Emu Pk Server Constant UpdatesB An immersive combination of RSPS and Runescape Emulation resulted in - Timescape The Best of Both Worlds - which provides players with a customized Private Server experience, accessible at home, as well as vanilla Oldschool nostalgia everywhere else. This server is truly the best in regards to providing players with a familiar atmosphere, as well as a progressive custom experience. JOIN TODAY Thank You -Timescape Staff SIZE4BULinksUBSIZE BClient DownloadB...