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PvMPvP Custom Gear, Weapons, and Items. -- Fixed XP Rate -- Lottery, SOF, Custom Shops

Empire-Sro - Cap 110, Old school, EUCH, Auto Events

Empire-Sro D11 Pve Server Mid Rates Jop Based Silk For Vote Silk Unique Reward Silk Per Hour System Silk Coin Silk Scroll Auto Equipment System Auto Plus Notice Daily Events Special Npc New Title Scrolls New Avatars New Pets CTF Battle Arena FGW Max Plus New Jop System jangan FTW Start items Protected System.

DDSPK OSRS-133 Data - ECO - Raids - 21 BOSSES

ombat EXP x80 Skilling EXP x40 Home Location Edgeville Whats DDSPK DDSPK is a oldschool type of a private server. DDSPK has a well-built economy. The server is great for bossing and skilling and in the future pking. Experience rates are challenging - not too fast or too slow. Items are mainly obtained through monster killing and skilling instead of buying everything from shops thus making economy really stable and interesting. Features Bosses King Black Dragon Sea Troll Queen Barrelchest Corporeal Beast Dagannoths Kings Godwars Bosses Armadyl, Bandos, Zamorak Ancient Gorilla Kraken...


NovaFans is a space strategy game with hundreds of players simultaneously try to be the best. All you need to play is a standard web browser

WoWZealot - WoW Cataclysm Private Server

WoW Cataclysm 434 Blizzlike WoW Private Server - Striving for Quality, Retail Experience and Proper Scripted Content - Motivated Developers - Scripted Zones - Vashjir Unlocked at Launch - No Pay to Win - Releasing 15th September

Spectra Road

Cap120DG13EXP80xFGWJob warCoinTrade-Low ratesPC limit 2Auto event2 SilkHourFriendly staffWeeklyMonthly UniquePVP events

RevSro D11 Pve

old school like isro coins system free silk Auto Event Auto equipment old jop system

PKLegacy - Flawless Switches,Eco,Bossing,Gambling,Alot off content

Come join now Alot off rsps combined in one

Raze-Ran Classic

RazeRan Classic FeaturesNO FULL DONATENO PREMIUM SERVICE HUNT YOUR OWN UPS YOUR OWN 4 Class Server Classic Server 210 Cap Level. 167 Last Skill . x3 Ultima 3Days Freebies . Board 7Days Freebies . Hunt your own items. No donate Items. 9 Max Upgrade in game. Pure Classic Gameplay. Balance all classes. Quest based system. Boss Hunt. Party Leveling. Club War 800PM - 900PM MWFriSatSun. Royal Rumble 500PM - 600PM Everyday. School Wars Every 3 hours Everyday. Tyranny Every 3Hours MTWTHF. Superior Wars 3Hours MTWTHF. Wear Unwear right click function. Item...


SHAIYA REVOLT Haydi 1-15 heyecann bizimle yaa Kutsal setler npcde Pet , Kanat grevleri 2 adet 15 pvp mapiminz klasik ve apu 2 3 tane boss eit eit kostum , pet , kanatlar SP binekler 12 infaz sabiti Haftasonlari etkinlik show FFA haritamiz Hem Trke hem ngilizce web sitemiz ve clientlarimiz 3 adet gzel mi gzel bossumuz Oyuna para yatirmak istemeyenler iin farm alanimiz Klasik ep 4.5 skillerimiz Orjinal shaiya setlerimiz Orjinal oynani dengeli klaslari ile Shaiya Revolt sizlere amansiz bir pvp deneyimi sunuyor. Hala ne duruyorsun Hemen indir , ye ol Revolt ailesine katil Yeniliklerimizden...


Ultravian is a new speed server 1000x --- Server Speed 1000x Troop Speed 100x Evasion Speed 100 Map Size 25x25 Village Exp. Slow Beginners Prot. 5 hrs Medal Interval 1 Days Server Start 15072017


Information for Realm BloodWar New style in Version Patch Wotlk Uptime ServeR 99. More than 1000 bugs fixed.

Aion Eclipse BR

Aion Eclipse 3.9 um servidor de Aion Online que mescla o PvP e PvE Com um excelente ping Junte-se a ns nessa grande aventura

Fuzzy Sro

Fuzzy Sro New Private Servers CAP 130 D15 First 100 Player will get D14 FB reward


Degree 11 Cap 110 Fortress War PVE Battle Arena Capture The Flag Job Temple Daily Events Weekly Events

Mu BludStone - Season 6 Episode 3

NombreBludStone GamesVersion Season 6 Experiencia 1500 Drop 75 Experiencia Master 1000x Max Level 400 Max Level Master 400 Reset Nivel Requerido 400 Zen10.000.000 Puntos por reset 500 Spots En todos los mapas.

PoE Orbs, Buy Path of Exile Currency Items -

Buy Cheap Path of Exile Currency Items on SAFE INSTANT DELIVERY 24x7 Customer Support. Various PoE Orbs waitting for you and enjoy the game.


Cebols Ragnarok Server PK

PK Mode Start On lv 99 and above Expjob expdrop item 100x100xCustom Maximum Level 175 Maximum Job Level 60 Max Attack Speed 198 Max Stat 255 Freebies Item limited time only Custom NPC Custom Map Custom Item


Server,information PVP,Server Cape,110 Coins,System Old,Avatars New,Avatars Emoji,Scroll Legend,Scroll Daily,Events Weekly,Events Death,Bone,Roc,Event Honor,For,1Gold Premium,30,For,1Gold Model,Switch,For,Gold-Coin Avatars,For,Iron-Coin Iron-Coins,Droping From - Mobs Gold-Coins,Got From CTF - Battle - Uniques

Draynor - OSRS w Raids Inferno

DRAYNOR A cozy home centered around PvM, PvP, and skilling - with a friendly community, dedicated staff team, and professional outlook. ----CLICK TO PLAY NOW

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SpirusWoW - 1.12.1 - 2.4.3 - 3.3.5 - 4.3.3

Choose between the following game versionsWoW Zero 1121WoW Two 243WoW Three 335WoW Four 444Hosted on Dedicated Servers with Fully working content, weekly updates and double xp events

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Time-Sro Back Agian l Cap 100 l PVP

Server Information PvePvp Server Cap 110 Coins Gold System Solo EXP 300x Party EXP 350x Drop Rate 3x Gold Rate 4x Free Silk 10k Races Chinese and Euro CTFWorking Job Temple Working Arena Working Unique Rank Working Academy Removed Fortress War Hotan