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Seth Classic 4 Class


Real World Mafia is a mafia-themed game that is based on the real world life, with real cars, buildings, businesses, power, entertainment.

Real World Mafia is a mafia-themed game that is based on the real world life, with real cars, buildings, businesses, power, entertainment. It creates a dual world where you as a player control your world, while still being connected with other players. Game Play > You will be part of one mafia clan. Real people (your avatar) will work for you and thus you will make coins in the game therefore find the best mafia clan for you and recruit your gang because a war will start soon and the winner will control more and more assets. As a parallel to the real word, these game assets are translated...


After years of KnightOnline adventure We invite you to the oldest Knight Online era . We made a decision and we are living a MY-KO .NET project to make up for your yearning. Myko project Turkey-germany-france-english-spanish-peru-denmark-usa-mainly in the country. International PVP server work.Private databases and a professional editorial team will take you to the first years of the KnightOnline World, bringing those old days to life and driving you to an unsatisfied adventure. Promotions mainly in TURKEY - PERU, ENGLAND and USA. We are aware of the madness that you have on servers that open...

MuOnlineX Global Server

Ver 1.04E Season 6 EP3 Exp 10x Dynamic Drop 30 Max Level 400 Master exp 5x Saturday and Sunday 7X MaX 5 Reset No deleted stats Sockets Excelent options Disabled No item shop, only in-game hunted and crafted items WebShop Sell your items to other players. Only buy CashShop ALL Event

CoUnleashed - Veterans Home

Latest Version- Random CPs Drop-Perfection System-Epic Warrior-Epics-Inner Power-Balanced-Online System Reward-15 New bosses every single Hour besides normal bosses-Sub Class-13 Additional Quests-Elite PK-Capture The Flag-Cross Server-New GarmentsMounts included-Prestige system-JiangHu-FBSS tour is the best choice to buy POE ORBS

I have to say that, all Path of Exile players should buy the POE ORBS from the, they will get what they want most in the game.


Invite you to play in our Russian server Dat fun is like you never seen before

Legend of Yggdrasil Ragnarok

Classic Server | Start from Eps. 5 continue Update | Max Level 99/50 | Rates 3x/3x/5x | 2nd Job Only | Old Items Database | Old Classic Job Changes | Channel System | Growing Community & Ton of Features.

Clash of Clans Forecaster

This website forecasts the amounts of unharvested mines and collectors in Clash of Clans. You can coordinate your raids using these data so that you make sure you are taking advantage of the best times for raiding. You can plan when to boost your barracks to make sure you do it when the game is entering a great period for raiding.

Welcome to the server Contex

Server Info Cap 110 Races CHEU EXPSP 10x EXPSP Party 13x Tradegoods Enable Magic-Pop Enable Capture Flag Enable Battle-Arena Enable PC HWID 6 Union Limit 3 Guild Limit 30 FWG Enabled FTW Enabled Max-Plus 13 No Advance Max Plus With advance 15 Silk Hour 1 Silks

Lineage 2 GM Server

-=ABOUT GM SERVER=- Server Rates: - Adena: 5.000x. - XP: 5.000x. - SP: 5.000x. - Drop: 5.000x. - PartyXp: 2x. - PartySp: 2x. - Safe enchant: +65535 - Max Enchant Weapon: +65535 - Max Enchant Armoor + Jewels: +65535 - Starting character: 1 LvL. and accesslevel 3 GM Features: You start level 1 with access to enchant max +1000 full inventory items Every 10 Level from level up 1-99 you unlock features for enchant and add skills Every 10 Level you unlock (//add_skill) Skills to add at your GM Character Every 10 Level you unlock to (//enchant) Enchant Items in your Inventory Areas: Town &...

Arcilium 718742

247 Uptime Active and friendly staff All suggestions are looked into Active PVPing Balanced XP Rates Balanced Economy Unique Dungeoneering and Construction All skills trainable Gambling Constant Developing Weekly Events Boss Killcount System Boss Pets Awesome Community Constant Developing Boss Pet Combining System Very Unique Ideas Ironman Mode 200M Master Capes Not Pay2Win Duo Slayer Clan Chats Boss Slayer Tasks PVM Points System Custom Bosses Custom Gear and Weapons Trivia System Team Bosses and alot more...

Fun Martial Heroes

Based off the Korean game DO Online and European/North American Martial Heroes Online. This is a private server that promises to bring this mmo back to its days of glory. With 4 classes to choose from and a lawful/evil faction choice, and several types of guilds the possibilities are limitless. Come join us now and experience the adventure.

Mystical Pirates Online

Brand New Private Server Tales of Pirates Private Server. Rates: 20x Solo 25x party 7000x pet exp. New Features, New Glows, New NPCs, New Maps, Friendly GMs, Events Weekly Come Join Us Now.

2006 Ran Online Classic Server Ep1

4 Classic Server Ep1 Gameplay 135 max level 127 skills only 9 upgrade Hunt and Quest Mode up too Prison Map Gametime Vote points and E-Points Classic CW and 2 PVP Event on July 2017

Hazard | 13D | 120 CAP | Job based

Hazard | 13D | 120 CAP | Job based, with a lot of innovative and recent features to always make you interested and not get bored.

Shaiya Kalponapa

Welcome to Shaiya Kalponapa This is the best private server around world of Shaiyas We are an unique server with many fatures if you will play with our server you will enjoy most we not have any vote reward like all servers have but you will vote to promote our server join us now


Hello every body Team Legend- Sro We have new system Jop and new avatars New uinqes Roc and medusa drop legendCoin and silver Coin And 1 immo and 1 astral You can get this coin from trader And you can buy set or acc or weapon by coins and earth. bablion


100 Pvp Server 120 Level START 13 Degre Job System Rank System


New Server Tales Of Pirates. Solo-Exp 8x Party-Exp 9x Drop-Rate 3x Fairy-Growth 700x Ship-Exp 1x httptkingzone.tkindex.php


haideti cu toti pe acest server level start 105 server PVP-Farm evoluti noi staff prietenos bonus 15 restu le aflati si voi ....... intrati si no sa regretati

Tales of Survival

Will you miss TOP1 2 -Max level 100 -Rewards Mall Apparel, Fairy Boxing and Leveling Package 2x HB 2x Nana 2x CBs -Evenimente -We wait for Tales of Survival


PvMPvP Custom Gear, Weapons, and Items. -- Fixed XP Rate -- Lottery, SOF, Custom Shops

Empire-Sro - Cap 110, Old school, EUCH, Auto Events

Empire-Sro D11 Pve Server Mid Rates Jop Based Silk For Vote Silk Unique Reward Silk Per Hour System Silk Coin Silk Scroll Auto Equipment System Auto Plus Notice Daily Events Special Npc New Title Scrolls New Avatars New Pets CTF Battle Arena FGW Max Plus New Jop System jangan FTW Start items Protected System.