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Shaiya Critical

Shaiya Critical EP 5.4 Typ PvPvE Kill rate x1 EXP rate x300 keine Dbuff-Lapis PvP-Belohnung Gratis-BelohnungShaiya-Points vote, spenden Max Level 70 Max Lapis Lvl 7

Main Town - Kamael Village Maximum Level - 85 XP RATE - 1000x SP RATE - 1000x ADENA RATE - 200x DROP RATE - 1x All classes have new high five skills added Enchant Rates Safe enchant 3 Max enchant 20 Normal Scroll - 65 if broke weapon crystalize Blessed Scroll - 75 if broke weapon return to 4 ...

Trixion WoW

Come join the fun of our unique 85 funserver 60-85 High xp ratesCustom InstancesCustom eventsScripted World Bosses Unique-MallFriendly StaffProffesionsXmog


n uniques appear everyday at 1100 pm QWhich fortress war working AHotan only QHow i can get luck skill buff Ayou get it from the king hyungno ghost and the king mole uniques QHow i can get TS Magic Scroll Ayou get it from isis , anubis , Arabian shaitan and roc QHow i can get Lucky Gold Scroll Ayou get it from medusa , Arabian shaitan and roc Qwhat i can do with ice trophy Ayou have to collect 2000 ice trophy and change it from GM to weapon 20 100 stats QHow i can get Egy A items Ayou get it from normal shop inside jangan town with 1 gold Qhow i can get job coin Afrom job temple mobs ...

AlbionMall Sell Cheap Albion Online Gold

As you know, is an online store, offering cheap Albion Online Gold for the gamers,

Shop of Exile Buy Cheap exalted orb

Cheap Path of Exile currency shop. 247 Live chat and cheap exalted orb. Buy every item in game with instant delivery

Runescape Legacy - Best Android RSC Server

Completely free runescape classic server that you can play on your android, PC, and more. Active community

Perfect World Private Server

Blog ini bertujuan untuk Sharing Game Perfect World, Berita Game dan lainya



Dynamite server

Servidor blizzlike -Rate.XP.Kill = x30-Rate.XP.Quest = x50 , servidor español con Staff cualificada!

Strong WoW

We are a instant level 255 server with 13000 custom items, quests, bosses, events, player any class on every race, and lots of other great custom systems. Come join

Twinstar Wow server

Wow Private Server // Cataclysm 4.3.4 xp Blizz // Wotlk 3.3.5a xp Blizz // 2.4.3 xp 0-12 // All pvp pve server // no lags // 3000 players minimum // profesional team // no bugs


-Server Info- @ High Rate Server: 8k/8k/80x Rates, @ Base Lvl 255 / Job Level 120 @ ASPD 196 @ Anti Freeze 100% Valkyrie Armor

BH-718 || Kill The Hunter Or Die As A Target ||

BH-718 is about Bounty Hunter crater back in 2008. Combined 2 different systems 2008 BH craters and 2010 pvp worlds together. you loved 2008 bounty hunter crater? or 2010 pvp worlds? Best 718 server so far with 250+ Active! PLAY NOW - Exellent donators benifit! - AutoVote rewars & AutoDonations! - New/Old items look in 1 cache! by using ::look - Perfect pk Zerks/SummonTanks/Pure nhs/HybridTanks/Dh - new items as SOA/DominionGloves/Gano/ and every 2014 item! - Dragonfire Shield with Special Attack! - Flowering & Dicing for Hosting Gambling - Pest Control Working Exactly Like...

Infernus All Your Rsps needs

Looking for a great community Enjoy Pking Enjoy Gambling Maybe even just going for max cape Well you have come to the right place Insane Pking, Pvming Gambling, Come stop by you wont regret It


Welcome to MuLegendZen We are the most professional MU Legend Zen seller. We dedicated to provide cheap MU Legend Zen for you.

PandoraMU - Season 8 Episode 3

500x medium rates / EXP boost for new players / Keep stats at RR No FO donors / All characters are PvP balanced / No agility bugs Spots via Minimap / Castle Siege every weekend / No custom skins Professionally developed with a helpful staff and friendly community

Mu KINGDOM - Season 9

Premium Season 9 ep 2 Two different worlds x100 and x7000 Auto Party Auto Reconnect Muun System Events Premium website Reset Reward Market Grand Reset No FO items CashShop Active community Stable Online Long Term Running more than year Low x100 on March 8


The most unique Silkroad Online Private Server out there Try Pvperz now Join the best Silkroad Server ever created D11NEW WEAPONSNEW SKILLSNEW PETS NEW AVATARSNEW WORLD


Versão: 4.3.4 Latência: 20 ~ 80 ms Rates do Servidor: -Experiencia: 15x - 25x(evento) -Itens: 10x -Gold: 5x - 30x -Missão: 15x -Profissão: 1x - 2x(evento) -Reputação: 1x - 2x(evento) -Eploração: 10X

Evolution Sro Best Silkroad Private Server 2016

Cap130 Startlvl1 Start Gold2B StartReverse11 StartGlobal11 Drop Arena From Mobs In Baghdad FTW JanjanHotanBanditContistapole Work Full Help From Gms And Supporters FW Every Friday Event So-ok Every 2h Event Plvl Every Day Event Uniques Every Day Pvp Event Every 3Days


Osiris is a 639 RSPS designed off of the popular Hydrascape engine. Developed currently by several of the original team members from 2007, Osiris is quickly developing to be one of the most revolutionary and advanced servers of 2017. FEATURES 25 Skills to train with skill capes, master capes, and completionist cape with particle effects Always stay busy with 20 bosses to kill with realistic rewards and drop rates Dozens of boss pets For both pkers and skillers including Wild Wyrm, God Wars Pets, Slayer Pets, and more Realistic, balanced combat system with PK tournament leaderboards and rewards

Silkroad Game Privete Server Silkroad Privete Server Server Information: Diablo-Sro Server Free Level Cap:130 Mastery Cap:390 Skills : New Skills Lvl 130 Item Cap: D15 Exp:800x PartyExp:900x SkillPointsExp:400x Gold

Server Information: Diablo-Sro Server Free Level Cap:130 Mastery Cap:390 Skills : New Skills Lvl 130 Item Cap: D15 Exp:800x PartyExp:900x SkillPointsExp:400x Gold Drop:15x Item Drop:25x SoX Drop:200x Alchemy Rate:+15% Job:Old System 150x Botting:Allowed New Characters: Diablo-Sro Server Free 5 Pegasus 1000 HP (X-Large) 1000 MP (X-Large) 10 Drug Of Typoon 10 100% Resurrection scroll 3 Berserker 20 Instant return scroll 1 4-Week Skill Gold Time Ticket 11 20% Damage Increase Scroll 11 20% Damage Absorption Scroll 11 Reverse return scroll 28 Days Rabbit Grap Pet 10m...

Mundo Lotus

Um servidor rate baixa que visa atingir ao publico amante do perfect world de uma forma unica, centrada, divertida e com a qualidade e transparencia que sempre tivemos Seus dias de diversao comeca agora, venha se divertir com a verdadeira essencia de um rate baixa

Shaiya Future Battle DDOS PROTECTED

Shaiya Future Battle is back up, With one of the best DDOS protected dedicated servers, One of the best secured servers out there Most custom sets youll ever see on any server, instant levels, PvP, Amazing site custom made We are a fully fixed ep 54 server Come check us out today