Gaming top 100 list -

HoxTravZ T3.6

Server Speed 50x 150x 250x 500x 1000x 1500x 5000x Start Gold 1.000 Buy recourses and troops

Cyber Elites Community

247 Dedicated Server Balance Game Play No Over Damage for Donator Upgrade your Item up to 15 More Items Itemshop Soon New Items New Maps Unqiue Game Functions and Graphics Excisting Clubwars Approachable Admin and GMs

Excellence Last Chaos

All Rates Fixed - Max level - Event Shop and WebShop for Time Online - Vote for Cash - Loyalty System - RvR x85 mob and x170 char - Global Server - Updagre 100 ACTIVE COMMUNITY HELPFUL STAFF JOIN NOW

Strong WoW

Reino Mordor Idioma Castellano Tipo Blizzlike Rates x5 Parche 3.3.5a Realmist set realmlist Todas las BGs, profesiones, arenas, talentos y skills 100 funcionales Quests funcionales al 100 Todas las instances funcionales al 100 con sus respectivos bosses

Legacy4You WoW

3x Realms 5x Rates Good StaffResponse Time

Caveira - 12 minigames - 15 bosses - PVP - PVM - ECO - NEW - ACTIVE

Join Caveira now, a brand new server waiting for the right players to grow Caveira into a new experience Endless content Bork, Sunfreet, , Rise of the Six, Fight Pits, Custom Dungeoneering, Grand Exchange, Custom Items, Active Community, NEED STAFF, Soul wars, Pest Control, PartyDemon. Join now to experience the unique Caveira adventure


.Cap 110 .Deggre 11 .Race Chinese European .EXPSP Rates 20x .Gold Rate 20x .IP Limit 3 .Holy water temple drop rate 10x .Alchemy Rates 1x .Free Silk 1 silk per hour .Fortress war Jangan .FGW Avaliable .Event so-ok Avaliable .Magic POP Disabled .Battle Arena Available .Auto Event Available


Server Season 2 Medium Exp 500 Drop 60 Reset lvl 400 Reset stat add 1000 points and 500 credits for each reset


an osrs custom sever

Mu Real Xtreme Season 4 Episodio 6

Bienvenido a Mu Real Xtreme Season 4 Episodio 6 Entra Ya Juega y Disfrutas De Lo Nuevo y Mejor Dicertido Que Tienen La Temporada 4.6 Que Espera Exp3000 Drop35

E-Ran Online Classic - Episode 7

Server Features 4 Official Class Well Balance Max Level 150 Max Skill 127 MidRate EXP MidRate Item Drop Official Gold Drop Rate Official Hunting Strategy Club Wars School Wars Auto Reward Item Link Add Stats Command PK Streak Right Click EquipUnequip Target Information Official Campus Maps Hunt Based Server Hunt your own items Solo Party Leveling None Bias Server Combo Based Pots Based Quest Based Stable Server Fast Loading ACTIVE GMS AND STAFF.

MuTrkiye exp 2500 drop 100 Season 3 Ep 1 Medium server 1 2 3 4 5 Kundun in Lorencia shop

MuTrkiye exp 2500 drop 100 Season 3 Ep 1 Medium server 1 2 3 4 5 Kundun in Lorencia shop


Server version Season 9.5 Experience rate 500x Drop rate 20-50 Exc. drop rate 1-15 Reset level 400 After reset Stats keep NO JEWELS IN SHOP Add stats commands addstr addagi addvit addene addcom Server heave grand reset. Max stats 65000

KE Knight Online

V2 Server, LUNAR WAR,BDW,CHAOS,JURAID,DEATH MATCH,PARTY BATTLE. Start with chitin Chitin8,Weapons8,Jewelry1,Free Cospre. lvl 83 worms. exchange special items for KnightCash in moradon. max. chitin shell, weapons bifrost and personal

Fallen Heroes III

Start at lvl 110,Max lvl 115. Gear,weapon freebies,Join the fun here to stay


SHaedomu Season 6 Episodio 3 Nueva Config Server Free Exp 25x2Servers Drop 10 Puntos Por Lvl 78910 Server Exp vip 50x Drop 30 Puntos Por Lvl 891011 250 Por 30 Dias More Info Face Group httpswww.facebook.comgroups122017938445746

DST MSD Realm - 2017 MOD

The DSTMSD 2017 Realm Server is back. We have weekly Tournaments, Bugged and Legit PvP Ladders, and much more. The Realm is designed for PvP with new cube recipes, Great exp and more. Play Now


US HostedMedium Rate Leveling ServerClassic Conquer Style with Tons of Custom Content, Features, Quests and skillsNo TalismansNo BPNo Pirate, Monk, etc9 Max2nd RB 137 MaxSeveral PvP EventsAuto Meteor SpammerEquip GamblerFast and Stable HostActive GMServer Opened May 2015

Immoral Attack Reborn

Imagine a game where your life is full of monsters, beasts and sieges. Where destroying every monster that falls in your path is only part of your duties. Where building your kingdom and defending it from your foes is a constant challenge and where bringing down almighty beasts is the greatest challenge and ultimate reward of all. That life is Immoral Attack.


brand new 317 server with bossing instant pking and fun staff try us out


THEF VS HUNTER-TRADER ... JOB PVP 1 KLL REWARD 15 SLK AUTOMATIC PVP 1 KLL REWARD 15 SLK AUTOMATIC JOB CON SYSTEM THEF ROB REWARD JOB CON.. A FIRST IN THE WORLD 100 HLAL ONLNE.. HOME -EVENT Hilal Online REGISTER http92.222.234.50default.aspxsregister DOWNLOAD http92.222.234.50default.aspxsdosyalar httpi.hizliresim.com2nrrgE.jpg AUTO TEM SSTEM 7 DG YE KADAR MEVCUTTUR httpi.hizliresim.comr633Qa.jpg OLD CAPE SYSTEM httpi.hizliresim.comr633j3.jpg MERCENARY SYSTEM httpi.hizliresim.comQvaaJj.jpg PVP 1 KLL REWARD 15 SLK.. JOB PVP 1 KLL REWARD 15 SLK httpi.hizliresim.comvXbb8m.jpg ...

Revolution WoW blizzlike 3.3.5a

Revolution WoW 3.3.5a is a World Of Warcraft emulation work in progress with active development daily. Website is under construction but register and login page does work.

AmoreMU Season 8 3000XP

AmoreMU Season 8 EP 3, 3000EXP Auto Party Auto Reconnect Muun System Events Premium website Market Grand Reset- 10k credits FO items Active community Stable Online Long TermBOK 1 2 3 Daily GM Events Weekend Bonus

TravWar Travian Private Server

Hello We want to present to you a new, Travian Private High Rate Server .

LegendTrav - The Original T4.4

The really PROFESSIONAL Travian private server running at multiple T4.4 version