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Bet Muonline

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NcAion 3.6 Free server

Aion retro free server from Asia,Here is the world of Southeast Asian players, we are waiting for you here

Cap110 D11 Old Pvpers Every Hour Arena

Cap110 D11 Old Pvpers Every Hour Arena First 150 Player Doanter Free

OLDravian - Old-School Travian Broswer Game

Hello join our community becouse we are growing up fast play and win prizes

RxC Ran Online - 6 Class

Welcome to RxC Ran Online 6 Class Edition. Enjoy pure pvp battle. We have Guildwar,Club Death Match and School Wars. Please try it now ! Thank you.

Strock onlinePVECap110D11EURCHN Old SchoolPlay2Win

Start Lv 1 - Rates Exp 70x Party Exp 90x Drop Items 50x Drop Gold 20x Fortress Avilable Forgetten World Avilable CTF Working Old System New Area New Scrolls New Avatars Play2win

Shaiya Victoria III

Server PLEN,EP 5,Exp rate x30,kill x2,a lot of events, Classic sets, Debuff lapis, Max enchant 15, Donation for laze, Active Staff Team DDOS Protected, PvPPvE system, max lapis lv7,ele lv2, Join US

Ran-Kean Evolution

RanKean-Evolution Server Info beta test - EP9 - 7Class - Right Click WearUnwear - Pk Streak Pk Dota System - Rolling Wheels. - Animated Wings. - Mob Gen Notice. Boss Respawn Announcement - Official Chat UI System. - SkillTray Lock Function. - New SkillTrayTab F4. - PotionTray Lock Function. - Official Loading Interface. - SMS Mail System UI Only - Costume Combine System. - Option Set system - Fixed Major Glitch Bugs - PullPush Function Fixed - New Inventory UI - Fixed Loading Thread Bugtrap random map - Bike Color Fixed - Bike Booster - Fix ABL rotating - School Logo on Character Window -...

DougScape BETA Economy

DougScape BETA is a brand new economy server made by a brand new developer.I've got tons of bosses, some of which are custom. Check out the forums for more information.


ToGra is free browser game style Ogame . This is the best uGamela and Xnova on the web Craving to be a stellar emperor, you are a good strategist, want to conquer new planets, galaxies, and be at the forefront of star players - sign up.

Maxi-KO Myko Server - Level Cap70

Maxi-KO Myko opening at 14-04-2017 Come to Join Us Old Skin and New Quest System with max level 70, Regular Weekly Special wars, Daily Two BDW, Two FT and Two DM events, Ice Zone events, Caos Zone, Lastman, Collection Race, Stay online and earn NP, Special AntiCheat, great PK Join us


Many servers, 100x, 1000x, 1000x, 100000x etc... No bugs/lags, lots of free gold!

Narcos 667 - Customs, Dicing, Bossing

Narcos 667, brand new updates every day, custom bosses, items, and zones. With personalised and custom dicing, fully functioning PVP, and a wide range of bosses and PVM monsters. Theres something for everyone

Mutay Flyff

Mutay Flyff V19 -- Stable V19 server with all features official eflyff have -- Lots of Custom Items -- Lots of Custom Systems -- Rates x25 -- VIP System -- SimpleHardcore mode -- Recycling -- Prestige System -- Scratch en Roulette -- Custom Shops -- Teleporter -- Pet Filter -- Party Finder and many more features Come check our website and sign-up


The biggest international server - Over 5000 players daily - Enhanced graphical environment - Dozens of new quests - Daily events - Earth Dragon - Offline Shops - Shop Search- Achievement System - Ingame support - Multi-language Game Guide - Vote4Coins - Continuous updates


We are a very unique custom 317 server with a friendly community, and regular updates

WhyNow Travian T3.6 450x

Server Speed 450x Troop Speed 300x Evasion Speed 300 Map Size 150x150 Village Exp. Fast Beginners Prot. 5 hrs Medal Interval 7 Days


RisingWoW is a World of Warcraft private server supporting client version 3.3.5a.Currently we have a blizzlike realm with 40x rates.Our goal is to provide our users with a bug-free and great server so they really can enjoy playing on our server.We are in need of a bigger population to improve gameplay between everybody and to activate PvP and instances.We are currently planning to make a new roleplaying realm as well. Read our forums for more information about this great server.

SroPlus Online

SroPlus Online New Special Dg11 Cap120 All New Skills1m Silk 10m spNew Egy B Weapons Style Auto Equipment SystemNew Hero Title SystemUpgrade System EGY A To EGY BGold Coin Silver CoinSpecial Weapons Glows And Colors Delay Events all Week Special Rewards

Mu Zeus Season 8 Ep 3

Mu Zeus Season 8 Ep 3 ACUMULATIVO Exp 900 Drop 80 Bonus De Cadastro Crie Conta e Ganhe 15 Dias De Vip 0 Pontos , Ganho de Golds por hora on , e Caa a Dourados e Boss Dando quantia De golds Sem Venda De itens Full Somente Novas Joias Novas Joias A venda No Game Por Golds

Classic Override

170 Cap Level, Skills up to 157, 4 Balanced Class, Quest System, Pure CLASSIC, LOW RATE NO DONATE ON PERMANENT ITEMS.


OSRS Based rsps with almost full raids and almost full inferno, all up to date content, constant updates and dedicated team

Nevareth Cabal Online - Romania

Server creat de catre Elder, fondatorul primului server de cabal romanesc, CAOR din 2008. Low Rate Season Concept Abandoned City

E-Travi Travian private

One of the best Travian server since 2012 year. We have 50x server with no bugs, and very friendly admins.


Free To Play Episode 4.5 server Exploits patched No Dungeon But Cryptic Throne Max Level 60 Max Lapis Stat 35 Auction House in Every Main City Free Item Mall Enchant Rate high Op Hammer Also Get from Iris and Raigo Repeatable PvP Quest Fortune bags drop Op Hammer Can be Found through Mysterious charm Linkin Chance High No Debuff lapis Some Nos GRB 3pm GMT sunday. Balance between donators and non-donators.