Ran Online Private Servers Top 100 List

Abyss RAN Classic

Episode 7, 4 Class. 210 Max Level, 167 Max Skill, Classic Server, Balanced all class.



Young Bloods Ran Classic

Classic Gameplay 200 Max Level 167 Last Skill Quest Based Hunt Based Low Rate Server Very Active GMStaffs Come and join Us Now

Myths Ran Classic

WELCOME TO MYTHS CLASSIC RAN Episode 6 Features NO FULL DONATE NO PREMIUM SERVICE HUNT YOUR OWN UPS YOUR OWN Item Link Item Mixer v.2 Official Random Value Direct Value Hack Shield Protected Character Simplify Iwas LagHang 100 Balanced Gaming Official Old School Gameplay Quest based server Pots based server 4 Balanced Class Swordy, Brawler , FS , Archer Skills up to 167 Like Official Hunt your Own items Set Weapon Pk Streak Hp Bar Targer Info Official Chat Old Map and Old Mobs Max level 210 NO REBORN NO BIAS FREE TO PLAY NO EDITED NO HIDDEN DONATION NO STATS DONATION Speacial PK...

kalayaan klasiko


most wanted ran ep10

MOSTWANTEDRANEP10 RENEWAL Server Features EP10 Server 8 Class Magician Official Ran GS Gameplay Midrate Server 100 NO DONATE SETWEAPON Donation via Services Only Hunt Your Own Items Staring Level 100 Max Level 270 No Reborn 11 Max Ups Pots Based Item Crafting for AccessoriesArmorsWeapons Very Well Organized Unli Mobs Freebies 9 Permanent Set BackPackSPBPTP ETC OFFICIAL NOTIFICATION WINDOW OFFICIAL ITEM COMPOUND SaintPowerPlant Soon Reform Randomizer Based Item INFO OFFICIAL MAP WINDOW No FreeFD sipag kaylangan dito.. Monthly Last Man Standing Reward Special Rare...


EP10 Gameplay Hunt and Crafting Server Stable And Reliable

Your Ran Game

Newly up server 1week All donate is huntable and craftable POINEER GAMEPLAY Nondonor vs Donor 101 possible 100 online every day Max Level 260 skills upto level 237 7 Balanced Class system Combo Based starting level 100 No Reborn Strategic gameplay Item Crafting for Accessories Very Well Organized Unli Mobs Freebies 9 Permanent Set BackPackSPBPTP ETC GUILDCLUB PACKAGE 167 skills is via npc 177-237 skills is via hunting PVPS Tyranny,Sw , Royal Rumble. Midrate gameplay Hunt Based Gameplay

Wrath Online Galing

Wrath Online Episode 10 Magician Class Balance Server Hunt Your Own Item Server No item Donation Server Refines ,Costume and Consumables Only Support Official Renewal Skills Tyranny spp Soon Lead Club Battle SchoolWarPVP SuperiorWar Max Level 300 Auto Learn Skills And Many More.. Friendly Community Active Staffs Join Us Now httpswww.facebook.comWrathOnline httpwrath.havens-network.com httpforum.havens-network.comhome

Asgard RAN Classic

Active Staffs - Max Skill 147 - Max Level 155 - Starting Lv 1 - Lv 155 Set Max - Official Quest System - PVP Events Everyday - Vote System Gameplay - Pure Classic Interface - Stats Based from Official EP2 - Skills Based from Official EP2

Bloody Ran Online

250 Cap Level Up to 250 Skills BabyRan Skills Party Leveling Questy System Hunting 4 Balanced Class MID RATE NO REBORN

Bes Ran Gaming Network Episode 9

Episode 9 Combo Based No reborn Level up Reward System Max level 350 Hunt based server Crafting System Dual Sealed and Randomizer Updated items All Skills Unlock from level 7-237 Party Leveling Global Party School Wars Tyranny CDM CW Daily Events Boss Hunt Legit Girl Owner httpswww.facebook.comPiggy.Prinsesa Regen Based Dedicated server Scheduled Maintenance to ensure server stabilit

Nexus Ran Online Classic EP2

-No Reborn -150 Max Cap Level -4 Class Server -Hunt your own items/skill -+9 Max Refine Upgrade -Old Skills (147 Max Skill) -CW Every Wed & Sat -x10 Experience -x5 Item Drop -x5 Gold Drop -Map by Map Leveling -Bosses drops cool items.

KaIO Ran Online EP9

GUSTO MO BA LIBRE KAHIT DI KANA GUMASTOS BASTA MAY MASIPAG MAGFARM AT MAG BUY AND SELL POSSIBLENG MAGPADAPA NAG DONOTOR KAIO RAN ONLINE EP9 Well Manage Server Smooth GamePlay HackShield Protected Advanced DDoS Protection Reliable Stable Playable Sustainable All Classes Balanced Donor and Non - Donor Possible Max Level 250 Max Upgrade 25 Open Map No Map Quest Hunt based system Club Wars - 800pm to 900pm School Wars Active Official Tyranny with top winners

BalikRAN Online - Classic Server

RanPTC Gaming Style,Starting Level 120,Max Level 150,EP2 Exp Table,Hunt your own armorweapon,127 skills only,No wipeout, rollback, edit, cheat Halinat balikan, tamis ng nakaraan. TaraBalikRAN na BROFist


NEWLY UP SERVER OFFICIAL LAUNCH 22418 5PM PH TIME EP7 CLASSIC 4 CLASS SERVER INFO -175 Max Level -7 157 Skills -Map quest -Huntable Last ArmorsWeapons -Max Upgrade ArmorWeapon 9 -ComboWomboSync System -Weekly Events In Game -PARTYSOLO LEVELING -Balance Gameplay -Pots Base System -Free Starter Items -Cap Reward Items -Market System -GAME TIME TO VP CONVERTION -Vote Points To Epoints CONVERTIONCOMING SOON -Active STAFFS -Friendly STAFFS -Updated Security -No Overpower Characters -NO BIAS GAMING -NO TO SPOONFEED -MAG SIKAP AT NG LUMAKAS -WE ARE OPEN FOR PLAYERS SUGGESTIONS AND...

100 Ran Official

RAN TOP 100 server! add your site for free and get more players! eto ang sariling atin!

Gomi Ran Online


VirtualRan Online

Balance Gaming Ep10

Kaido Networks

COMEBACK IS REAL CAP REWARDS 7 DARK LUNAR SETS RANDOM RV 7 ASTRAL WEAP RANDOM RV KAIDO RAN IS ABOUT TO RELAUNCH MARKET SYSTEM ENABLE Max Level 210 Skills up to 167 Open Map No Map Quest But with Level Requirement Bonus Time Gauge Hunt based system Club Wars - 800pm to 900pm School Wars Active Official Tyranny with top winners Right Click Function EquipUn-Equip Character Viewer Anti Edited System Target Character Information Player Kill Streak Add Stats Command Item Preview Item Link Battle Field UI Item Crafting Dual Pet Skill Premium Services Available Illegal 3rd...

TheWorldBeyond - Online

All Game, ALL DAY 247 Dedicated Server Unlimited Reborn Exciting Gameplay

Scourge Ran Classic Server

RAN Online Episode 7 GRAND OPENING SOON No Edited Items No Bias Staffs CAP REWARD PER SCHOOL ScourgeRan How to claim PM me on my Facebook -username -Charactername and your screenshot httpsweb.facebook.comscoourge.ran 1st to 5th Player reach level 210 -205 or 202 set9defence20HP 0.09 6th to 10th Player reach level 210 -205 or 202 set9defence10HP 0.05 11th to 20th Player reach level 210 -Weapon Ritbow For Archer10attack10 -Weapon GanJang For Swordsman10attack10 -Weapon Deadly Staff For Shamman10attack10 -Weapon White Lite Tiger Gaunt For Brawl10attack10 This is just example...

Ran Earth Online EP9

For more info pm me at my facebook account at ran.earth@yahoo.com or search Lucy Soriano thank you.

HellRaisers Ran Ep7 Classic

INTRODUCTION TO HELLRAISERS - LOWRATE - Low PC Requirements - Max Level 200 - Skills up to 167 - 4 CLASSIC - QUEST AND HUNT BASED

Ferozity RAN

Ferozity RAN EP10 Ran GS Based Ep10 Gameplay NEWLY OPEN SERVER NO NEED TO PAY TO REACH THE TOP STRICTLY No Donate ItemsRandom Values, NO BIAS. Official Website httpferozity-ran.com Download Link httpwww.mediafire.comfileba1aue3htap9noaFerozity-1.exe Official Facebook Group httpswww.facebook.comgroups857297371093014refbrrs Server Rate Exp x30 Item Drop x5 Gold Drop x3 Starting Lvl 1 Cap Lvl 260 Max Skill 237 Server Features 8 Balanced Class Renewal Magician Class Skills can be unlock via Gold Max WeaponArmor Upgrade 11 Crafting System Sky Weapons Y Desolate Sets Thru Craft...