Ran Online Private Servers Top 100 List

Zodiac RAN EP 10 - Forbidden Update

No Pay to Win - Magician Class - 8 Class Renewal - Max Upgrade 11 - Latest RanGS Gameplay - Latest Sky Weapons More - No Donate Acce Weapons Sets - Game Will Focus on PVP PointsEPVP - Lost City - Forbidden City - Abandoned City Custom Maps


- 2008 GAMEPLAY - 4 Class Swordie, Archer, Shamman, Brawler - 155 Cap Level - 7 - 127 Skills Only - x2 Exp x1 Golds x2 Rare items - Middle Hole LAST MAP - Quest Base Skills and Scrolls - Free Map Gates No quest needed for gates - Hunt your Own Weapon and Armors

LaiyanZ Gaming Network

LONG TERM SERVER DITO MAY FOREVER DAHIL DI KA NAMIN IIWAN AT PABABAYAAN FREEBIES 50K VP AND 500 EP NO REBORN Now Officially Up Server Features LaiyanZ Gaming Network - The Ultimate Pinoy Ran Server Newly Up Server Please Like Our Page and Join to Our Group For Updates High Rate Gameplay Server Information Babyran Easy GAMEPLAY Club Wars School Wars Donor vs Non-Donor Possible Regeneration Based Combo Based Easy Leveling PK Streak Kill and Death Official Babyran Skill Max Level 350 PartySolo Leveling Updated Hackshield Updated Gameguard Lag Free Item Compound Command...

Sweety Ran Online

Advanced EP7 4 class balanced with 10 items and NO DONATET SET FREE ALL SKILL HUNT YOUR OWN - 100 Refining up to 15 no joke regen items huntable 15 donated items on drop only Max Lvl 300 Easy Level and high EXP GOLD DROP RATE chat support 247 helpdesk

Rage Classic

4 Class Balanced-Starting Level 1-210 Max Level-Skills Up to 167-Club Wars MonWedSat-Level based system on Maps-TyrannySchool Wars Ready-Anti HP-Freeze-Auto kick on cheaters-Advanced Hack Shield-Global shout on cheaters

Crusaders Ran Online EP9

Server Features Crusaders Ran Online EP9 Free 15 SET Weapon Access Wings Toy New Market No Reborn 350 Max LEVEL balance 7classes Unlock All Skills Item link Infoview Regen Based Combo Based Dex attack speed 20 Max upgrade No donate set and weapon hunt your own item PK Streak Enabled Club War Royal Rumble every 4hrs School War every 4hrs Item Mixer Anti Skills HP Cuts Enabled Active and Friendly Staffs No BIAS Donor vs. Non Donor 100 Possible

Vicious Classic

Vicious Ran Classic 4 Balanced Class 150 Max Level Skills Up to 147 Up to 135 Max Set LOW RATE SERVER NO REBORN HUNTABLE ALL ITEMS Quest Based Starting Level 1 Max Level 135 Max Upgrade Ingame 9 Active Market System Active Player Vs Player Warfare Hackshield Protected

Versed RAn Online Ep7 Classic Gameplay

5-Class Balanced Server 210 Max Level Normal Class 195 Max Level Extreme Class 167 Max Skill Only 9 Upgrade Hunt your own Low rate Server 2009 Gameplay


Come and join the US Sin With US official Gs gameplay with a twist of extraordinary feature. lots of freebies and events

WePLAY RAN - Episode X 8 Class Server

260 Max Level 100 Starting Level 237 Max Skill with Skill Effects 11 Max Ups SPP Tyranny Wars Freebies Upon Creation Guild Package Dedicated Server 247 Cheap Donation Pure Hunt Server Hunt Crafting Club Wars Activated Dungeon Party Easy Leveling.

Welcome to Hena Ran Classic Server

Server Features 4 Class Server Shaman,Brawler,Swordsman,Archer 7-167 Skills Hackshield Protected Balance Gaming Combo Based Server Vote Points System Game Time System Right Click Function Pots Based Server Quest Based Auto Suryun Target Information School Wars with Auto Reward To Be Announce Clubwar MWS 800PM to 900PM Pure Classic Rate Lowest Donation rate No Reborn System Max Level 210 3 Stats Per Level PK Counts PK Streak Ep9 Interface with Mix Ep7 Interface 247 Online Friendly Admins and GMs Growing Community 7 Complete Weapon DexInt and Pow 7D 7 Newbie...

Xtyle RAN Online - Episode 7

Max level 300 No Reborn - Max Stats 6600 - Regeneration Server no hp pots - Combo skill gaming Attack Speed - Max refinesupgrade 25- 1-297 skill No donate skill


150 starting lvl260 max cap lvl1-237 skill can learn thru goldOfficial Tyranny and Royal RumbleRandomizer and Seal CardsCrafting

Absolute Ran Episode I - The Tower of Death

Server Open - 20161151 Mob Kill, 1 Level247 Online7 Class Type including Extreme RebootBuilt-in anti-hack systemClub Death MatchCustom BGMCustom QuestCustom SkillsDisplay Character InformationFlag WarsFriendly StaffsHunt-based SystemItem LinkLow-cost DonationLow-rate Gold DropMax Level 250Max Online Players 150Max Reborn 100PK StreakRight-click wear item functionRoyal RumbleSchool WarsSemi-official EP10 InterfaceSkills are already unlock 7 to 207



Cyber Elites Community

247 Dedicated Server Balance Game Play No Over Damage for Donator Upgrade your Item up to 15 More Items Itemshop Soon New Items New Maps Unqiue Game Functions and Graphics Excisting Clubwars Approachable Admin and GMs

E-Ran Online Classic - Episode 7

Server Features 4 Official Class Well Balance Max Level 150 Max Skill 127 MidRate EXP MidRate Item Drop Official Gold Drop Rate Official Hunting Strategy Club Wars School Wars Auto Reward Item Link Add Stats Command PK Streak Right Click EquipUnequip Target Information Official Campus Maps Hunt Based Server Hunt your own items Solo Party Leveling None Bias Server Combo Based Pots Based Quest Based Stable Server Fast Loading ACTIVE GMS AND STAFF.

Optic Ran Online

Optic Ran Online Episode 7 5 Class February 5 2017 Open Server Max Lvl 210 7-167 Skill No Donate Items Hunt your Own Items Premium Server Donate Only Active GM 247

Glory-Ran EPX Ran Private Server

Classic Game Play y Last skill 167 y 200 Max Level optional max level upto 250 y 9 permanent set y 10D9 weapon y No Reborn y No OP ItemWeapon y Balance Gameplay y Hunt your Rare item in Shibuya map GROUPhttpswww.facebook.comgroups378519802493807 PAGE httpswww.facebook.comgloryranepx

Acolytes Ran Online Episode 7

Episode 7 Server GoldDropExp MidRate 4 Class Max Level 210 Max Skill 167, Pk Count and Streak, School Wars and Royal Rumble Everyday


Welcome to Giga Ran - Episode X International Server The Best Ran Online Private Server SERVER FEATURES Balanced Gameplay Donor vs. Non-Donor 100 Possible Hunt-Based Server Huntable and Craftable Donate Items ItemCompound SystemItem ViewerRoyalRumbleSchool Wars Stable Server, NO DC NO LAG Always Online 247 GAME FEATURES Episode 10 Server Complete Updated 10 Free Permanent Freebies for new characters 8-Class Server with Extreme, Gunner, Assassin, And Magician 100 Craftable Donate Items Mid-Rate Gameplay Very Well Organized Unli Mobs Gold Hunt System Active Market System ...

RxC Ran Online - 6 Class

Welcome to RxC Ran Online 6 Class Edition. Enjoy pure pvp battle. We have Guildwar,Club Death Match and School Wars. Please try it now ! Thank you.

Ran-Kean Evolution

RanKean-Evolution Server Info beta test - EP9 - 7Class - Right Click WearUnwear - Pk Streak Pk Dota System - Rolling Wheels. - Animated Wings. - Mob Gen Notice. Boss Respawn Announcement - Official Chat UI System. - SkillTray Lock Function. - New SkillTrayTab F4. - PotionTray Lock Function. - Official Loading Interface. - SMS Mail System UI Only - Costume Combine System. - Option Set system - Fixed Major Glitch Bugs - PullPush Function Fixed - New Inventory UI - Fixed Loading Thread Bugtrap random map - Bike Color Fixed - Bike Booster - Fix ABL rotating - School Logo on Character Window -...

Chaos Ran

EP7 4 Class Server Unique Gameplay 247 UP time Official Ran Online PH Items PURE HUNTING SERVER MAX Level 210 Max Skills 167 Random Values Like Official

Vete-Ran Online Classic EP7 4 CLASS

Are you tired of looking for a server that suits your Veteran Gaming skills Are you tired that your choices is either episode 2 or episode 9 Do you want to experience the days of fun and be reborn with the people that have the same skills as you If so, We all invite you to join the glory of the veterans.