Gaming top 100 list -

JJ Networks - Episode 10

RAN GS style Skill link effect X5 drop rate, X3 exp rate 8 balanced class Including Magician Skill renewal for all class Hunting and crafting based Lvl 260 Max level FREE 270 skill points upon creation Crafting and hunting system NO STATS DONATION

The Reunion Reborn

Blizzlike with some custom scripts for transmog gear, teleport npc in major cities, fishing. We have custom events and giveaways. Custom patches for your client. Come join our growing server.

Oldmyko Old Knight Online Myko Gaming 62 lvl Legit

Odin ServerBeta 23082016 OFFICIAL 04092016 4 september 2016 1400 PM GMT 2 Panel Forum Download httpwww.oldmyko.comHomeDownload Facebook www.facebook.comforevermyko IMPORTANT LINKS DOWNLOAD httpoldmyko.comHomeSearchMonster LIVE SUPPORT httpoldmyko.clubsupportschat.php UPGRADE RATES httpoldmyko.clubshowthread.phptid2429 GAME QUESTS httpoldmyko.clubforumdisplay.phpfid20 EVENT TIMES httpoldmyko.clubshowthread.phptid2431 GAME MACRO httpoldmyko.clubshowthread.phptid2473

Harmony RO - Deva

Midrate 25x 25x 10x - Keine Donates - Renewal 16.1 - Doram und Rebellion - Achievement System

DreamRan Classic

DreamRan Classic Balance Server Max Level 150 No Reborn No Premium Services 100 Hunt your Own Upgrade Your Own Newbie Player have 7 Set and 7 Weapon X8 EXP X8 Item Drop Easy Hunt

Break Through Classic

Original Quest with Best Reward Para sa mga Players na hindi kayang mag-donate Para sa mga Players na naghahanap ng gagawin Para sa mga Players na gustong kumita in game Para sa mga Players na ayaw mag donatenaming group. Official Page httpsweb.facebook.comBreakThroughClassic Official Group httpsweb.facebook.comgroupsBreakThroughOfficial

SOD Pirates Online

11 months running No Wipes No Resets 20x Solo 20x Party 3240x pet exp. New Features, New Glows, New NPCs, New Maps, Friendly and Nice Staff, Class Balances New Maps New Bosses New Events New Quests Max level is 135 Max Rebirth 5



Gamer Social Network

Join SocialKicks - Tons of Games, even more Gamers. Register and Play for Free! Win Prizes! The Gamer Social Network.


Ironman mode - choose your skill rate, 4 game modes bosses minigames gambling Not pay to win Eco-PvP-PvM, allSkills, Prestige, Construction, Player Shops, Massive content, Active community, Fullscreen client, and so much more content 4 Game Modes Ironman mode choose your skilling rate All Skills are Trainable Farming rakingPlantingHarvesting all VegetablesHerbsFlowers Ironman shop Construction duel anywhere training areas Location System Random Events system Trivia arena Sunfreet and Pest Queen Clanwars off-hand drygores RuneSpan Minigames ALL NPCs drop charms clue scrolls Customs...

Hive Ran Online Ep9

247 Online Dedicated Server, DDOS Protected Server, Premium Services, Hunting Base Server, Big Boss Party Hunting Drop Tier Crafting Materials, Mini Boss Party Hunting Drop Tier Crafting Materials, Crafting Base Server, Starting Hive Freebie, ItemsForStarting,Tier Base Build Up Weapon, Set and Accessories, School War, Club War, Club Death Match, Max Level 300, Starting Level 100, Stating Stats 300, Guild Package T3 Full Items, Active GMs.


255-120 - 5k-5k-1k - 255 Max Stat - 195 Max ASPD - Hunt, Quest, PK Oriented Server - Protected from DDoS - Gepard Protection - Hosted in Asia


Season 12, Exp 20, Drop 30. Opening Soon EXP 100x and EXP 500x. No Full Items, long term server. Brand new server. Custom, stable and fun. First 100 accounts will receive a special prize. Play To Win



Vetus Mundus

Choose between humans and gargoyles which are completely seperated from the human world, learn new skills like mysticism, imbuing, throwing or spellweaving. OSI-like but with many own feature like the fascinating criminal-system on Ter Mur or the castle siege system on Felucca. Explore many dungeons including the underworld and abyss dungeon. Skillcap 800 900 after one year, Statcap 225 250. Only Felucca is PvP and PK land. Shard language is German, but English speakers are welcome. Join one of the biggest German freeshards and its friendly community. A dedicated staff awaits you.


Cap 130 . Dg14 . CHIN EUR .390260 New System Area Skill Vote System Coin System Auto Event Daily Event Free Download

Stellaron OGame

Meet the successor of ONOVA OGAME. Stellaron is a browsergame based on classic space strategy OGame, but with higher speed. Make allies or fight against enemey empires

Dark MU Season II Original

Dark Mu Season II Original - EXP 150x,Drop-60,Bless BugOff,Clear StatsYes,Clear Skills Yes,Clear Inv. Yes,Clear ClassYes,Boss System,Limited Stats for every class,PVPPVE Balance,Chaos Card Fixed,Custom VIP System,Vote System,Custom Quest,Cash Shop, and more... JOIN US


Adena and experience for PVP As an interlude, but the graphics are better No attributes and skills 80 S-grade maximum. Start at level 75. A lot of interesting things


Redesigned, Build speed 5x, Fleet speed 1x, Ressource speed 5x

Reborn Tales Online

Reborn Tales Online is a new version of Undead Pirates Online, friendly GMs, Active Staffs, Daily Support, No Lag Guaranteed Gameplay New Apparels, New Sets, New Bosses, New Quests, New PK experience, classic gameplay, easy-medium server easy to catch upJoin us now

CPG-Networks EP9 7class Ran Online

CPG NETWORKS RAN ONLINE EP9 CLASSIC X MIDRATE Invite your friends here Come and Join Us NO TO SPOON FEED NO TO DUMMY FB ACCOUNTS ANTI-BOGUS Event days will be Friday to Sunday Mixed eventsPiso event, Slot event, Mobs event, PK event and many more CPG Networks Server Features Well Manage Server Smooth GamePlay HackShield Protected Advanced DDoS Protection Reliable Stable Playable Sustainable 1yr Contract sa Vps Long Term Server 7 Balanced Classes Max Level 300 up to 237 Original Skill Max Upgrade 15 Open Map No Map Quest But with Level Requirement Bonus Time Gauge Hunt based system...

Vortex Gaming Online

Vortex Ran For PC and Laptop SERVER FEATURES Starting level 1 Max Level 260 8 Class Midrate Server Ep System Ep to VP allow VP to Ep allow Max refine Upgrade up to 15 No Donate ItemWeaponAcce Reform,Sealed System 247 Dedicated Server All items can hunt mix in game

Pandora Ultima Online - Dedicated Server

DEDICATED SERVER - AOS.ML.SE.SA.HS.TOL Online Over 7 Years All Expansions using the latest Client. A community size that feels just right not overwhelming. No Skill Cap Easy Skill Gains You start with a house and mounts. From Gardeners to Serial Killers. Who will you be Welcome to Glory.