Top 100 Silkroad Private Servers

Edoiwen Online

Server info -- Edoiwen Online Open 03122016 Free Silk Experience Rate 250x Party Experience Rate 300x Gold Rate 50x Drops 65x Alchemy 3.0x

Play Sro - Old School, High Rates

Cap 110 OLDSRO Rates 100x - Race Chinese and Europe - Battle Arena enabled with higher reward - Mastery 330 - Experience x100 - unique character context menu - And more FIND OUT NOW

Sro Nay

Welcome to the New Private Server SRO Nay Race CH - EU Level Cap130 Mastery Cap390 Skills New Skills Lvl 130 20 Reverse return scroll 28 Days Rabbit Grap Pet 100m Gold 200 Silk - Only the first week Forgotten World Enabled Capture The Flag Enabled - Every 2 hours. FortressWar Hotan Jangan Constantinople Bandit FortressWar 2 times a week Saturday 0700 GMT2, Tuesday 0700 GMT2 FortressWar Registration Everyday - 0600 AM - 0500 PM New Coin System All avatars to date are added and working. All Fellow Pets added. New Quests Old Job Suits added. 100 Magic Pop Success until...

Elyson-Online 100 Cap Ch Only Old Schhol

Dagree 10 EXPSP 40x PT Exp 50x GoldDrop 5x Chin Only Mastery 300 Fortress War .. Hotan Only Elyson-Online New System Alchemy 2x Drop Rate 8 x Trade Rate 35 x IP Limit 6 Auto Equipment Items Stacks 1000 1 Silk Per Hour after Lv 100 CTF Arena Manager Work Uniques Every 20 Minute DW Cave Have Mobs Lv 100 And Unique Lv 100 Drop Item Mall Coin System - Gold - Silk - Job Point New Npc For Avatars - Moon Weapon - Sett Sox System New Area Telporte For Job And More .. We Are Waiting For You

Spice Silkroad Online

Hello, players we want to announcement our new prıvate server.We are on beta versıon for now. but on 9 april (next saturday) we will open our new server officially. Here some information about our server data: 32 GB RAM 1000 GB Disk Space Unlimited Trafic DDOS Guard 1 Gbit Speed Xeon İşlemci( processor) 1000 Kişilik Kapasite / 1000 capacity Oyun ile ilgili Destek Var / We have 4 game master about the help our players. And now some information relevant to our game: Server adresi:Spice Sro Online Spice Sro Online İndirme Adresi (Download adress):Spice Sro Online Spice Sro Online Tanıtım...

BlackRose Sro Free silk

Free silk, Cap 120, arena survival , high rates , Eu/Ch , new skills , new weapons ,

New Silkroad DarkEnergy

New Sro DarkEnergy 2016-2017.. New Avatars , Pets , Devil S , Latest in Silkroad Online I hope the link here facebook for more information httpswww.facebook.comSilkroad-DarkEnergy- 762669843835953posts

AsinSro l Free Items 25 l Coin System

Cap 110 Skill 10mil Gold 500mil Silk 10k Free Item 25 Free Premium 20 System Coin New 4x Scroll Honor And Gods Blessing For Coin Fortress War Work Look poll Battle Arena Work Collect Asin Coin Flag Work Magic Pop Disabled Auto pot Work Stones can be stacked 100unite D11 Added Adv D15 Free Job Guild penalties Disabled D11 Wep 10 Jangan Black s Free D11 Set and acc 10 Jangan Pro Free New Avatar Scroll INt , Str 10 Uniqes Drop Asin Coin and mops lvl 109 drop silkgold You Can Get Gold From Job To Buy Stone For Stats Scroll For Stats 100 In New Npc New 10 Scroll For Titel Name In...

LastRoad 135CAP 15DG

LastRoad is high cap server with middle rates. Cap 135 skills 135, 15dg for coins in shop, silksh, silks for unique kill, job arena


Oil Online l CAP 120 Degree 12 l Free Silk l Balacned System l Daily Events l Weekly Events l Free 2 Play Free 30 ITEMS l New Scrolls l New Job War Based l New uniques


Cap 110 D 11 PVE Races CHEU Masteries 330 220 Exp Rate 70x Exp Party Rate 75x Drop Rate 8x Gold Drop Rate x5 All Towns Opened Alchemy IS Hard Max Plus 12 No Adv Auto Events Enable Bot Allowed FGW Enable Fortress War JanganHotan

Mega-SRO Cap 130 Free Silk 14D

Mega-SRO High rate 130 cap Silkroad server with unique system, New Look 2017 Weapons, unique skill system, unique Auto events, daily events, friendly GMs and much more Join us now Free Silk Free Items EXP 200xSP 100xParty EXP 250xDrop 200xGold 15xBerserk 10x General Move Speed 2x


dg11 Cap 110 System Coin Silk 1Silk 1h


The Ragnarock team welcomes all new arrivals and players of the server. This server currently has the cap lvl 120. The current rates of the server are EXP Rate x100 PT Exp Rate x120 Gold Drop Rate x10 Item Drop Rate x60 This is Just a preview of the Server. The best way is to testing it yourself


.Cap 110 .Deggre 11 .Race Chinese European .EXPSP Rates 20x .Gold Rate 20x .IP Limit 3 .Holy water temple drop rate 10x .Alchemy Rates 1x .Free Silk 1 silk per hour .Fortress war Jangan .FGW Avaliable .Event so-ok Avaliable .Magic POP Disabled .Battle Arena Available .Auto Event Available


THEF VS HUNTER-TRADER ... JOB PVP 1 KLL REWARD 15 SLK AUTOMATIC PVP 1 KLL REWARD 15 SLK AUTOMATIC JOB CON SYSTEM THEF ROB REWARD JOB CON.. A FIRST IN THE WORLD 100 HLAL ONLNE.. HOME -EVENT Hilal Online REGISTER http92.222.234.50default.aspxsregister DOWNLOAD http92.222.234.50default.aspxsdosyalar httpi.hizliresim.com2nrrgE.jpg AUTO TEM SSTEM 7 DG YE KADAR MEVCUTTUR httpi.hizliresim.comr633Qa.jpg OLD CAPE SYSTEM httpi.hizliresim.comr633j3.jpg MERCENARY SYSTEM httpi.hizliresim.comQvaaJj.jpg PVP 1 KLL REWARD 15 SLK.. JOB PVP 1 KLL REWARD 15 SLK httpi.hizliresim.comvXbb8m.jpg ...


Server cap 130 Skills 130 Race ChineseEuropean Battle Arena Working System Coin New Style Weapon New Uniques New Scrolls New Events items with char Max Plus 20 With Advs r FortressWar Allowed Jangan

Arcanos Online

EXP SOLOPT 1x2x MAX CAP Lv120Skill 120 Equipment Degree 12 Gold Rate5x Item Rate10xSOX5x Alchemy Rate 2xMedium Job Rate 5x Fortress Jangan Capture Of Flag Battle Arena Gm Bot Event

eternal online

CAP 110 Race CHEU EXPSP X15 EXPSP Party X20 Gold X1 Drop X2 Alchemy X2


Cap90/Pve/Free Silk/JobSys/MidRate /1silk-1h/ Coin Sys/ Supporter team online 24/7 /Only CH

Integrated Online

Cap100, ChineseEuropean , Original system with medium rates, Unique ranking, Job ranking, 247 Online Support, Schedule for events. More information on Facebook Page.

Season l Online l Cap120 l PVE l System coin l Old School

Hello all Basic Information Cap 120 Skills120 RaceEUCH Exp 5x Automatic Equipment D1-D9 First 5 Player Get Lv 120 get 200 silk GoldDrop,Trade has been increased. Alchemy - x2.5 MaxStack - 5,000 Silk Per Hour - 1 Fortress - Jangan Only Until Reach alot of players Server Files - VSRO.188 -------------- Automatic Equipment -------------- Auto equipemt is a feature we have added it to our gameplay to help you while Powerlevel. our auto equipment will be from Dg 1-9 normal Items 3. ----------------------------- How To Get Sun Dg13 C Attck Unqiue Attack Unqiue Normal Get coin coin gold coin buy...

GiantSro 80 Cap 3 System 11.04.2016 Start

web site : facebook adresi : job system isro system title system sizi 3 sistemi birleştirilmiş özel tasarımlarla dolu bir servera davet ediyoruz 200+ hazırda bekleyen playerlar ile oyunumuza sizde katılın Genel Bilgiler ip limit: 4 Artı Sınırı: +12 stal limit: 500b Academy : kapalı exp rate :50 Master Skill : 300 sp rate : 50 Stone Shop : Aktif drop rate : 10x FTW : Jangan Her Hafta Rank birincilerine 10 tl hediyedir Hunter Rank Thief Rank ...


Info of Server Servidor PVPE SILKS HR Segue a Baixo, o Sistema Do Serve Obs Podera haver Mudancas By Equipe Nova Era Sro Sistema 12D and 13D Weapons 13D SUN FGW Set 13D SUN Gold Coin e Silver Coin NPC Nova Era SRO D13 Accesory 13D SUN Arena Coin PC Nova Era SRO D13 Sistema 12D Sun Nova Era Sro Weapons 12D SUN Drop No Mirror Dimension 120 120 Hell Blod Set 12D Sun Drop No Mirror Dimension Moob 120 120 Hell Blod Accesorry 12D Sun Drop No Mirror Dimension Moob 120 Hell Blod Race Ch EU Level Cap120 Skill Cap 120 Starting Lv1 EXP Ratio 150x EXP Party...

Final SRO - New Server - New System

Start With Reward - DG11 Egy C - Cap 110 - New Pets - New Uniques - New Scrolls - New Avatars - Coin System - New Weapons - Premium items in shop - Many Players - Daily Events - Auto EventEventBot - Nice Community - FRIENDLY GM - No Lags and 247 Online