Warriors Way Online Cap 90 Eu Ch Non Bot Zero Edits Custom Quests

The game Warriors Way Online is a Bulgarian long term, non bot, classic international server. We provide the game in two languagesBulgarian fully translated game client and English client.The grand opening of server Tangra was on 20.12.2016 .Warriors way online started with 90 lv cap,its based on old job system, server rates are with custom modified exp and sp ratessee bellow .We make a old school classic game server.Players can enjoy the game without using bots. Join our community Warriors Way Online - Server Tangra Gameplay Classic Old school gameplay Client Language Bulgarian English ISRO Version equivalent Legend III Roc Mountain Level cap 90 level Gear cap 9 Degree Mastery limit 270 Races Europe China Expskillexp Rate 1x. Required points for level upskill mastery upgrade reduced by 25 Item Drop rate 2x. Party rate 1.5x. Alchemy Rate 1.5x. Job Rate 1x. CTF YES Fortress War Jangan and Bandit Fortress FGW No Bots Not Allowed. IP Limit 4 Open since 20.12.2016 More - Added 6 new ROC PLUS Quests 73 - 88 Lv - SP Boost 130k SP - Added 40 new Hotan PLUS Quests 43 - 80 Lv - EXP Boost - Added 8 new Bonus Quests Common 50 - 90 lv - SP Boost 150k SP EXP - Added 8 new Bonus Quests 4 China 4 Europe for beginners 10 - 40 lv - SP Boost 26k SP - Added 2 new Quests 1 China 1 Europe Available on level 8. - Reward Grab Pet 7 days - Everyday Double EXP Event 1900 - 2300 UTCGMT 3 hours Web portal features - Forums - Ticket support system - Multi language support - Photo gallery - Chat - In Game support IGN PVOSupport

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