Server Info FrontierMU Online Version Season 9 Episode 2 Security LiveGuard Not yet Available Community Guilds, Events, Tournaments, Castle Siege, Wars Stability Server is always online with only a few minutes of maintenance pre-announced Launcher Enabled with Auto Update Function Website Feature rich, yet simple and user-friendly website PVP Server, Arena map non PVP Starting Points 10000 Starting Zen 500kk Fast Healing Cooldown 247 Dedicated Server One of the best Data Center of the world 99 Stability 247 Support Service Email TicketForum or Directly post on our Facebook Page Easyfun game-play Rates Normal Experience 9999x Master Experience 5000x Jewels Drop Default Zen Drop 9999x Chaos Machine Default Events Boss Kundun Drop Ancient Items Reward 50 Goblin Points Respawn Cooldown 30mins Location Lorencia Square Boss Silvester Drop PentagramElemental Items Reward 250 Wcoins Respawn Cooldown 180mins Location Lorencia Square All Event Active with 100wcoin Reward Each Reset 100 Credit, 15 Gold Credits, Reward Grand Reset 10.000 Credit, 1000 Gold Credit Reward 100 Reset Required to Make 1 Very friendly and active AdminGMForum Moderator Freebies 150k Wcoin, 150k Credits Requirments Post you IGN in FrontierMU Facebook Page 1 Facebook AccountIGN 1 Single Claim Policy Promo valid until February 1, 2018

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