Basic Pirates Online

Server Rates Solo Exp 15x Team Exp 30x Drop 5x Pet Growth 400x Max Lvl 135 Max Pet Lvl 61 Maps Argent City Main Map Chaos Argent BD Gems Bounty Hunter PK Azrael Gems Boss Chaos Icicle Advance Gems King Battleground Great Gems Boss Death Circle Ring Gems Boss Demonic World Ref,Kals,Uns85 Upgraded Rings,Sealed 95 Weapons Dark SwampGreat,Azrael,Kals,DS Weapons Forsaken CityGreat,Azrael,Ring,BD,Basic Necklace,Mini Rings Exp Packets from Mazes to level up Gems Gems will have a description of where they can be forged into ingame Black Dragon Gems Azrael Gems Great Gems Advanced Gems Unique Gems Rings,Hat,Necklace Gems Equipments Upgraded Equipment Unsealer System Unseal 75 Sealed Uns95 Unseal 95 Chaos CA Set Corp Kylin with BD Effect Magic Shield for Magic Classes Pet Mx Level 51 for non mall and 61 for mall Lv45 Rings Uns 85 Rings Upgraded Uns85 Rings Class Rings Apparels Tons of apparels to choose from 110 Upgrade Card in NPC All mazes are unique to having their own core gems Demonic World provides Money, Refining gem vouchers and Kal runestones Check Discord for Update Notes

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