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RF Joker

Come Join Us RF Joker Online Fairplay Gaming, Open Beta On 23 October 2017, Max Level 55, Exp x100 - x200, Drop x10 - x15, Premium Hackshield, Premium Datacenter, Active Guild Honor, Active Game Cp New Future, Active Mail Mau blessing Auction Relic Elve, Only Cash Coin Donation.

RF - GAMER Start 15-09-2017

2017 RF-GAMER.GQ MMORPG RF Online RF Online, CCR Inc. - .


Cap 66 Exp 5000 Animus 9999 Easy Upgrade 6 no weapon breakno talic wipe, Pvp points per minute, custom pvp weapons, MAU gets Exp NO QUEST 50 56 GM PT Game Cp and More in Game

RF DeVante

60 CapMid-Rate Grind System All Items in-Game No Pay to Win 247 Gaming Staff Online

RF Brasil - Servidor Nascional

Servidor "Nascional" RF. ----[Hard]---- XP: 6x - PT: 4x - Drop: 6x - Sell: 2.5x Drops especiais Servidor HARD 100% RPG Itens Donners disponiveis através do GameCP (Gratuito) Sem Corrupção Venha fazer parte dessa familia RF Brasil.



Empire RF PvP 2017

Empire RF Online private servers, Experience Rates x50, Drop Rates 5x, Animus Rates 1500x, Loot Price 10x, Loot Speed 10x, PTSkill pointsForce x300, Maximal Level 55, Shop in-game Enable, PVP Max 42.000 Day, Accounts Free gain GP for time Logged, New Maps Added, Active Team, Every Day events, New quests. Join now

Rf Reload SemiPvp

Aqui a diversao e garantida


Version2.4.3.2 Golden Age Golden PVPLevel Cap 66Gain 20 Cash per Minute Played gameExp Rate 1500xAnimus 1000x Mining Rate 200xAll PT Skill GMBuffs 4980secQuest 50-56 OFF20 de cash ganho por minuto jogados

Ultimate RF Online

HIGH RATE SERVER - Exp 5000x - Drop Rate 5000x - Gold Rate 5000x - PROMO - FREE Jadens - Cash Shop NPC - NO PK RULES - PURE PVP

rf online private server pvp

MIDDLE SERVER RATES - Max Lv : 66 - Exp : 14.0x - Drop : 18.0x - Animus : 15.0x - Max Upgrade : +7 - Enable Quest : 50 & 56 - Middle Rate Upgrade - Dragon Armor OK - Many Event & Friendly GM - InGame Events - Cash shop FIX in progress - 3rd Job in Development - Mastery Skills/Force in Development

RF OriginS

Join us and be the best Without donation of weapons and armor. Server free to play. No lags Adm and gm online No bugs Lvl max 55 Only skills gm and nothing more